DPS: Donny Leek Fired on Officers First


FORT McKAVETT, TX — The late Donny Leek is being praised in some circles as a hero resisting corrupt, tyrannical government in this country by dying at the hands of the Texas DPS. Leek was shot and killed Thursday morning after a long standoff with law enforcement.

“Government will and can kill you if you dare speak about tyranny,” wrote Susan Dantzler from the DFW Metroplex on Facebook. Leek, who was involved with the Second Amendment rights movement in Texas, and a frequent attendee at conservative rallies, is hailed by some as a hero who stood down the DPS. According to the narrative, either assumed or explicitly stated, the DPS either targeted Leek or were randomly driving around ranch roads in eastern Schleicher County looking for guns rights advocates to surround and intimidate.

Much of this was not true and these false narratives were fueled by sparse information initially released by law enforcement concerning the standoff. DPS released more information about the 16-hour standoff with Donny Leek late Friday at our request. 

Leek admitted on camera, as he was making his presentation on Facebook Live Thursday morning before he was killed, that he was in a domestic dispute with his mother and that his mother had slapped him. That was Leek’s version.

For Schleicher County Sheriff’s deputies who were called to the scene by Leek’s parents, a different story emerged. Leek, according to the DPS, was wanted for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon after firing multiple rounds from an assault rifle at his parents Wednesday evening. 

His parents fled the home into a nearby field where they were met by deputies who took them to safety.

From there, DPS was called to the scene to assist the sheriff. According to DPS:

"Once the arrest warrant was obtained, law enforcement officers attempted negotiations with the subject — these negotiations lasted throughout the night. After approximately 16 hours of failed negotiations, the suspect fired at law enforcement officers when they attempted to serve him with the outstanding warrant. Officers returned fire, and the suspect was killed.”

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