Live Thought

  • No Ice for You

    The Arctic Ocean is dying. That may sound somewhat melodramatic, but there you go. I don’t make up the facts (not always, anyway), I just report them. And the fact is the Arctic Ocean is about to go belly up. There’s really not anything we can do about it, I just thought you should know. Being as how we’re all going to die, and stuff.
  • Stress

    OPINION — People cope with stress in various ways, and the past several months have been pretty stressful, what with all the riots going on, and the presidential campaigning, and Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS confirmation hearings, and my missing sock, and some random guy flying around near the Los Angeles airport in a jetpack. He’s back, by the way. The pilots of a commercial jet saw him last week, about 6,000 feet up. Or maybe now there are two of them, which would be great, especially if they get into a dogfight. Kind of a real-life Iron Man thing. I’d buy a ticket.
  • Vote For, You Know, the Thing

    Mike Rowe, the guy that did the Dirty Jobs show, often receives angry letters from people who have misunderstood something he’s said. Mike is astute and literate, and has a talent for succinctly summing up a situation far better than most, but that doesn’t seem to help. Some folks are determined to get the wrong impression, and if you look hard enough for something at which to take offense, you’ll find it, even when it’s not there.
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