SWAT Storms Residence, Apprehending 4 Suspected Robbers


SAN ANGELO, TX -- San Angelo Police Department's SWAT team stormed into a residence on the northside just before 9 p.m., taking four suspects into custody. A standoff began at around 4:15 p.m. Wednesday afternoon after suspected robbers holed up in a house.

According to witnesses at the scene, the suspected robbers robbed the smoke shop around the corner rushed out with stolen cash and alcohol and to the residence. The standoff was on 20th street between N. Chadbourne St and Volney St. Long guns were drawn and pointed towards a house.

As the standoff lasted into the darkness of the setting at around 8:30 p.m., San Angelo police threw canisters of tear gas. Some of the canisters were thrown back. Meanwhile, police widened the perimeter and pushed the news media back. At 8:45 p.m., police launched another volley of tear gas into the home where the suspects are holed up. Neighbors say they heard police tell someone inside the home to come outside and to "think about your friends, we don't want anyone to be hurt." 

Scanner reports indicate a robbery at the smoker's outlet just before the standoff started. The suspects in the house are believed to be involved with another robbery of a convenience store earlier today in San Angelo.

Police were seen mopping up the area. It does not appear anyone was injured during the standoff or the eviction.

Police spokeswoman Cpl. Tracy Piatt-Fox declined to release any information about what transpired most of the late afternoon and into the early evening. All the information in this report is from eyewitness accounts.

Police later confirmed three were taken into custody, two men and a woman who was outside the residence accused of interfering with police. A fourth woman who was inside with the two men now arrested was released. Details are here.

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The cops just need to write in the their reports that they thought they saw them all point guns toward them and just shoot them all. Sounds like little thugs anyhow, no loss to society and probably truth be known, their families would be glad they're gone and no more tarnishing the family name with their hoodlum activities......

I forgot again who renamed you "GOD"?? Your just as much of a waste to society as they are. Your reasoning is for your own good not anyone elses. I hate the fact you think everyone must die and that the family agrees maybe cause your unwanted and unloved is the reason but need less to say you should get your head out of your fantasy world and just shut up. Dont speak for my opinions cause i have own.


The Lord WANTS you to appropriate money from the smoke shop. Lord Jehovah, Lord Shiva, Lord Buddha, Lord Allah, Lord Satan, the never knighted Charles Darwin, Karl Marx's ectoplasm, the triumvirate of Stooges, all think this is a great idea...

Or have I missed something? Could it be that this seeming cruelty and contravention of divine will, placed in our path like a lightning rod subverting the smiting thunderbolts that work the will of heaven itself, have some cause and purpose which is unseen by us and hidden from our mortal eyes?

Could it be that running down the street to rob a place and spend hours listening to some officer standing in the hot sun trying to politely talk these people out of their transgression against the laws of mere mortal men, until the SWAT team had to be called, instead of just scrapping the idea before it was carried out, was somehow less than the mysterious workings of providence? Could it be that we are somehow misguided in some incomprehensible way if we do not dissuade these young men in their bold efforts?

These mysteries tax my cognitive faculties and perplex my possibly non-existent soul.

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