Odessa Parents High on the Devil's Lettuce & Beat Their Child to Death Have Been Arrested

ODESSA – Arrest information regarding the parents who were arrested in the death of their child in Odessa has been released.

According to the Odessa Police Department, at 12:52 p.m. Tuesday, Odessa Fire Rescue responded to the Brady Station Apartments regarding the death of a child.

23-year-old Kameron Gammage and 18-year-old Leyla Pierson were arrested for injury to a child.

According to the arrest report, Odessa officers discovered the child dead with swelling on his head and face and several smaller bruises on his head. Pierson allegedly told police she fed the child at 5:00 a.m. then went back to sleep and when she woke up at 12:00 p.m., the child was not breathing

Pierson tried to wake Gammage, who took several minutes to get up and asked Pierson what to do. Pierson told Gammage to call 911.

Both Pierson and Gammage told police he had anger issues and had strangled two dogs to death recently. He tried to dispose of the dogs so he would not get into trouble.

When Gammage was interviewed by police, he told them he and Pierson had smoked marijuana on Sunday and Pierson took a nap. While Pierson slept, the child began to cry. Gammage picked up the child and tossed him into the air and catching him a few times, but this did not calm the child.

Gammage allegedly became frustrated then reportedly dropped the child on his left side. Gammage saw the swelling begin but did not tell Pierson for fear of getting into trouble. When Pierson noticed the swelling, Gammage told her the child probably hit his head on the crib and Pierson did not seek medical attention.

Gammage allegedly told officers when he saw his child dead, the first thought through his mind was “something like he killed his kid”.

Also reported was the state of the apartment which had dog feces on the floor and was messy. Gammage and Pierson admitted to trying to clean the apartment before first responders got there.


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I find it interesting that stories like this evoke little to no commentary, despite the incredulous degree of cruelty to a child, yet any and every article concerning politics, and especially the democratic party, produces pages and pages of comment loaded with extreme animas. Personally, I think this poor kids short life matters much more than partisan politics.

Hmmmm, Wed, 07/13/2022 - 14:41

Prob cause most people agree it’s horrible, and don’t have to argue about it.

Agreed.  The never-ending mantras of "Biden did this" and "Liberals did that" simply reflect the purely one-dimensional slant of this alleged news source.  In the meantime, little attention is being paid to the January 6 hearings which are VERY clearly painting a picture of a vastly evil, self-serving cult master and the slavish whores serving him, most if not all of whom are guilty of criminal acts for which they should be harshly punished.  Anyone who continues to support the orange-haired horror is a moron.

CGM5, Wed, 07/13/2022 - 16:52

I can promise you, you don't hate Trump anymore than I hate biden and his ilk but, discussing it under this story doesn't seem right.

CapnK, Thu, 07/14/2022 - 00:17

Only one way to fix his anger issue, 2 to the head or 1 to the arm!!


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