Mexican Coyote Abandons Illegal Immigrant Children in Deadly Fast Moving Water


LAREDO, TX – U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Laredo South Station rescued two illegal immigrant children who were stranded in the Rio Grande River near the Chacon Creek in South Laredo.

 The rescue occurred during the early evening of October 14, when several illegal aliens attempted to cross the river into the United States.  As the group made landfall on the U.S. side of the river, they attempted to avoid detection by entering the creek.  Several members of the group, including the two children who were with the cartel coyote human smuggler, began to struggle in the swift moving water of the creek.  

 As the coyote began to lose balance, he let go of one of the children. 

Illegal Immigrant Children Rescued from Rio Grande (Contributed/CBP)

Illegal Immigrant Children Rescued from Rio Grande (Contributed/CBP)

The illegal immigrant child was able to find a nearby rock to cling to in the currents.  The coyote then abandoned the other child in the creek before returning to Mexico. An agent who responded to the area acted quickly, entered the creek, and rescued the two children from the fast-moving current.

 The illegal immigrant children, ages three and six years old, did not require any medical assistance after being rescued.  They were returned to their mother who was part of the group of illegals trying to cross into the U.S.

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SO, if it is "biden's coyotes" now, then it was "trump's coyotes" when he was president right? 

Trump was very clear about his stance on illegal immigration, and so is Biden and company -- hence "Biden's coyotes".

His "border czar" makes sure she avoids fulfilling or overseeing any duties regarding border security. In August, as over 200,000 illegal super spreaders poured over the border, Kamala was busy filming her cringe worthy NASA charade with her hired token child actors.

While watching an out of touch empty suit like Kamala talk down to a group of 13 year olds as if they were 5 is always good entertainment, there are far more pressing issues...but hey, whatever keeps that approval rating on a downward trend.



Nobody is for illegal immigration. Seeking asylum is a legal form of immigration.

trump had a surge in 2019 that you people said nothing about, the current surge started under trump, you are only using the issue now for political reasons,

"hired token child actors."

You know what's "cringeworthy"? Hashtags.

Also, your party tried to take over the government by force to install trump as a dictator, while threatening to hang the vice president if he didn't overturn the election, because of lies of a stolen election that even republican run investigations have turned up no evidence of, show up a federal buildings with fake bombs, threaten violence if your demands are not met, actively taking away constitutional rights, making it harder to vote because they can't stand losing, banning what can be taught in schools along with safety devices that put children in harms way, and actively using propaganda and misinformation tactics straight out of nazi and soviet playbooks. But because the democrat vice president makes a video about NASA you think "LiBeRaLiSm Is A MeNtAL iLLnEsS HaShTaG"? You really need to come to terms with your party and what it has become.

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