Feds Take Charge of Migrant Crisis in Del Rio


DEL RIO, TX — Texas Public Radio caught up with a couple, newly processed asylum seekers who were picked up from underneath the Del Rio International Bridge. The woman the reporter talked to is 9-months pregnant. The couple traveled to Del Rio from Cuba. When Ciudad Acuña was broadcasted to immigrants as a shallow area in the river to wade across, busloads of people mostly from Haiti, but also Cuba, and other countries in South America converged on Del Rio. The Biden Administration said Saturday that expulsion flights were to begin immediately to Haiti, Mexico, Ecuador, and Northern Triangle countries.

Friday afternoon, freelance photographer Auden B. Cabello tweeted a video of coach buses full of to-be immigrants flowing into the Mexican border city of Acuña across from Del Rio.

Most of the immigrants are seeking asylum according to multiple reports. As the number of migrants swelled under the bridge to 15,000, Congressman August Pfluger mentioned that the Biden Administration must restart the Title 42 flights. Shortly thereafter the DHS stated that, “The majority of migrants continue to be expelled under CDC’s Title 42 authority.  Those who cannot be expelled under Title 42 and do not have a legal basis to remain will be placed in expedited removal proceedings.”

Fox News’ reporter at the scene, Bill Melugin, said CBP Chief Raul Ortiz told reporters at the Del Rio border that single adult men are being expelled via flights under Title 42, but most family units are processed and allowed to travel into the interior of the U.S. as they await administrative court dates called NTAs. or Notices to Appear.

Meanwhile, the DHS announced that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will arrive in Del Rio Monday to assess the situation. Mayorkas spoke with Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano Sunday. The mayor said that the current rate of processing increased from around 500 a day Saturday to 3000 Sunday and he expressed his appreciation. The Del Rio Civic Center is being used by multiple law enforcement agencies for logistics, he said. The mayor said Sunday afternoon he believed adequate law enforcement was now on location.

CBP Chief Raul Ortiz told reporters at the bridge that he expects to have the migrants cleared out within a week. He also said as the CBP mobilizes, nearly 600 federal agents will be on scene by Monday. The DPS spokesman said troopers will remain there as long as needed.

The crossings into the US from Acuña of 15,000 migrants started late last week and continued until Saturday. All crossings were happening at a weir dam about 1,000 feet north and upstream of the international bridge. After walking across the dam, migrants turned right and walked on a dirt road along the shoreline to the bridge that spans about 800 feet before reaching the bank of the Rio Grande. Fox News reporter Melugin posted video on Twitter of hundreds of migrants crossing the dam on Saturday.

According to the Texas DPS, in an interview with 830Times publisher Joel Langton, the DPS strategized a show of force in cooperation with the CBP. Several dozen DPS vehicles swarmed the road from the international bridge to the weir dam. At the weir dam 18 DPS SUVs were positioned up to the shoreline at the dam. The maneuver ceased almost all crossings. Overnight Saturday to Sunday, CBP Chief Ortiz said the there were no crossings detected.

Migrants gathered and camping underneath the Del Rio International Bridge

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You forgot to mention that Biden has been "expelling" them because of covid for his entire presidency. Unfortunately a federal judge recently blocked him from doing it anymore, which takes place in 10 days or so. Republicans have this fantasy that Biden is doing nothing, which is simply untrue. 


"The mayor said that the current rate of processing increased from around 500 a day Saturday to 3000 Sunday and he expressed his appreciation."

"CBP Chief Raul Ortiz told reporters at the bridge that he expects to have the migrants cleared out within a week."

But "Free Will" (Who is most obviously an alt of someone else) said it would take a year! Looks like I have more faith in Biden's Border Patrol than that person does.


Anyway, I am willing to bet that this will be another one of those situations where republicans were griping about something they wanted, now they are going to get it, and they will find some new angle to gripe about the same thing again, because republicans are never satisfied.

"But "Free Will" (Who is most obviously an alt of someone else) said it would take a year!" I am not someone else btw my name is William, hence why the second word in my forum name is capitalized. Man you're delusional.

I see your memory is as bad as Biden's. I said vetting them for amnesty would take 180 days as per the website on amnesty that YOU provided. Do I need to copy and paste that website that you provided for me?? I think not.  Also you 're the one on here bitching every day....  

You know you're an ideologue when you have to turn peoples words around to fit your narrative. Oh btw why you were trying to figure that out my steak dinner was excellent. If you would eat more you wouldn't make idiotic mistakes all the time.

All good though I'm off to enjoy another day of not working and still getting paid, and no your president has nothing to do with that. CHOW

" Also you 're the one on here bitching every day....  "

Glad to know you are a follower of mine. I have many.

At least you admit you are wrong when you said that it would take a year, that is more than most republicans do here.

If it isn't you, then it has to be corruptgov or whatever. Chedder's for your steak?


Pretty sad when it takes 8 months before the federal government starts taking this whole mess seriously.  If that’s in fact the case more than likely it’s that the “optics” aren’t favorable right now for the democrats.

Anyway can’t wait to hear all the gnashing of teeth from open border advocates and the pro-immigration crowd should be fun ;)

They haven't been doing nothing, I have been trying to tell you people that. The right wing news only reports on the negative, they don't report that Biden is actually doing a lot of the things you guys want him to. But you people just gripe anyway because he doesn't do them "your way."

It’s all about the “optics”. The only reason Biden is backing off now is because he’s slipping dramatically in the polls, so he has to make it appear as though he’s doing something to deal with the problem…a problem he created btw when he openly invited migrants to “surge the border” ;)

"The only reason Biden is backing off now is because he’s slipping dramatically in the polls"

That doesn't even make sense since he isn't up for reelection for 3 more years. Republicans will have their new faux outrage by then for sure.

Also, he is about where trump was his whole presidency, so you are admitting that trump did bad in polls, which you dismissed then, but trust now?

You’re right. It’s obviously not Biden making the decisions he’s barely capable of reading a teleprompter ;)

Oh you’re going to see the “outrage” people are feeling before the next presidential election believe me ;)

Yeah, and you were so sure that Gavin Newsom was going to be recalled, but the democrats completely obliterated the republicans so bad they started calling fraud before the results were even in. I haven't seen that story on here, I wonder why.

But that is republicans new MO, they accept elections they win, but if they lose, most of the time badly, then they call fraud. Republicans reject democracy because they cannot win democratically.

Also, Newsom's complete obliteration of the republicans proves that people are overwhelmingly for covid restrictions such as mask mandates and vaccine requirements.

The republicans are even saying that democrats telling Americans to take the vaccine is a psy-op to get republicans to not take it. You people are backwards on just about everything. The only solid thing the republicans actually stand for is to stand for the opposite of what the democrats do.

" They’re all vaccinated, and we’re not! And when you look at the numbers, the only numbers that matter, which is who’s dying, it’s overwhelmingly the unvaccinated who are dying, and they have just manipulated millions of their political enemies into the unvaccinated camp."

"The push for mandates is another ploy to get us to dig in and not do what’s best for ourselves because no one wants to feel like they’re caving to a mandate."



I said before and I will say it again, you people will literally let yourselves die just to "OwN ThE LiBs"

Not me. Considering the fact that 65% of the people in California are brainwashed leftist ideologues, I knew how it was all going to play out ;)

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