Illegal Alien Invasion Using Dangerous Rail Cars


LAREDO, TX – In what is disturbingly becoming a recurring scene, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents continue to rescue illegal aliens as they try to dangerously continue their journey into the United States by using grain hopper rail cars as a mode of transportation.

 During the sweltering mid-afternoon of June 5, agents from the Hebbronville Station conducted a train inspection in Hebbronville, Texas and discovered a tampered lock on a grain hopper.  At the bottom of the grain hopper were 25 individuals trapped with no means of escape.  The individuals were found to be in the United States illegally from the country of El Salvador.  All were medically evaluated by U.S. Border Patrol EMTs and cleared for processing pending investigation.


Illegal Aliens in a Rail Car Grain Hopper (Contributed/CBP)

Illegal Aliens in a Rail Car Grain Hopper (Contributed/CBP)

This dangerous method of traveling further into the United States after illegal entry is strongly discouraged as it often results in serious injury or death.  Many times, illegal aliens choose this cruel method of transportation without realizing the consequences of their actions until it is too late.  In this case fortunately, agents detected the individuals and were able to rescue them before any fell victim to a heat related injury.

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Don't y'all love how V.P. Harris says the border is "closed"... and then we see numbers of illegal immigrants rising in our Country at rates we've never seen before... what was the word for that, unprecedented?  I remember others talking badly about Trump when he was in office but don't see those same voices condemning this administration at all.... Advocates are nowhere to be found.

Hey Yantis - just another way that the bigly beautiful wall doesn't work.  Over, under, around, even through the wall in some instances, it doesn't matter to the illegal immigrants, they'll find a way.  The wall was and is just a minor inconvenience to what has been going on for a number of years (2020 an exception due to the border shutdown). I have no problem with money being spent on the border situation, but it should be spent in more prudent ways (technology) than the wall. Why didn't you hammer on this DAILY in 2019?  I must assume you're angling to try and get an invite again to the next republican convention.

The border SYSTEM being built  (before being shut down by Biden) is not just a wall, but includes many technological advances you mention…like ground sensors, cameras etc.

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