Mexican Cartels Flooding Texas with Thousands of Pounds of Weed


EDINBURG, TX – Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Border Patrol agents interdicted four narcotics smuggling attempts resulting in the seizure of more than 900 pounds of marijuana.

Tuesday morning, Brownsville Border Patrol Station agents working near the Rio Grande in Brownsville attempted to conduct a vehicle stop on a Chevrolet Tahoe suspected of being involved in criminal activity.  The driver of the Tahoe refused to stop, and a pursuit ensued.  The vehicle was driven into the Rio Grande and the driver was seen swimming towards Mexico.  A search of the submerged vehicle lead to the discovery of seven bundles of marijuana weighing nearly 300 pounds and worth more than $237K.  The vehicle and narcotics were seized by Border Patrol.

Tuesday evening, Fort Brown Border Patrol Station agents working near Brownsville observed two subjects carrying bundles of suspected narcotics. The subjects were observed crossing the Rio Grande and walking into the interior of the United States.  Agents and Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers assigned to the area responded to the last known location and began searching for the individuals. Authorities located the suspected subjects and seized two bundles of marijuana weighing over 45 pounds with an estimated value of nearly $36K.  The suspects and narcotics were turned over to DPS.

Hours later, Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station agents responded to illegal activity near the river.  As agents approached the area, they discovered and followed the shoe prints of several individuals making their way north from the Rio Grande.  The shoe prints led agents to a field where agents discovered six bundles of marijuana. The marijuana weighs over 460 pounds and is worth more than $368K.  Agents searched the immediate area for suspects, however, none were located.  The narcotics were seized and transported to the Border Patrol station.

Moments later, Harlingen Border Patrol Station agents observed two subjects carrying bundles of possible narcotics across the Rio Grande.  Agents immediately responded to the location, and a search of the area led to the apprehension both subjects and the seizure of two bundles of marijuana.  The total weight of the marijuana is 112 pounds worth an estimated $89K.  The drugs and subjects were transported to the Border Patrol Station for processing.

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CGM5, Thu, 06/03/2021 - 15:57

There are many reports of drugs being stopped at the border. There are most likely many making it into the US  because the Border Patrol is so overwhelmed trying to catch biden's illegal aliens.  

So make all drugs legal to free up some hands then. At the very least legalize weed and it would help right?

And you yourself has said here that this started under trump. You republicans were real keen to blame Obama for the things that trump had to "deal with", why don't you do the same thing here with trump? Because you need a big bad boogyman that is trying to stop your noble efforts to make America a greater place to live, while all they do is keep you down. Republicans simultaneously claim to be the strongest group of people yet oh so persecuted just for "loving their country" and being "patriots."

CGM5, Thu, 06/03/2021 - 18:27

It's really hard to be civil to you because you constantly lie and talk trash. Above is a perfect example.     "And you yourself has said here that this started under trump" That is a partial truth which is the same thing as a damn LIE, in case Mom never explained that to you. What I've said is exactly this - It did start under the last weeks of the Trump Presidency because in his campaigning, biden stated he would create an easier pathway to citizenship hinting at amnesty, would stop all border wall construction, would cease the remain in Mexico for asylum seekers and many other things. Is it just your nature to be a liar???

"What I've said is exactly this - It did start under the last weeks of the Trump Presidency because in his campaigning, biden stated he would create an easier pathway to citizenship hinting at amnesty"



True, but you said last couple of months,

"Yes you are absolutely correct. It did start under the last couple of months of Trump but, it was because of biden and his promises of amnesty, stopping border wall construction, and allowing all immigrants to come into the US instead of waiting in Mexico, increasing visas, and other things. Go ahead deny that! Covid caused it, my ass. Try some damn truth."

The border wall, remain in mexico (which is back in place now anyway, only lasted 100 days by order), and other executive orders have no relevance because he was not president yet, trump still was.

You STILL said it started under trump though. Should I start saying that you said it started under trump because of biden? Really sounds like trump policies did nothing since of course Biden had not given any executive orders yet (he was not president) and trumps were still in place. How could trump's policies be effective if the surge started under his leadership with his policies in place?

You got any proof of the amnesty part? I don't doubt you I just want to see the date.

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