Police: 2-Month-Old San Angelo Infant Injected with Heroin Dies


SAN ANGELO, TX — Brixlee Marie Lee, the two-month-old infant who was recently placed on life support after being found unconscious and testing positive for heroin has succumbed to her injuries, police said this afternoon.

Lee was rushed to Shannon Medical Center in the early morning hours on Nov. 7 after police located her unconscious at a residence located in the 2200 block of Webster Avenue.

Due to Lee’s declining state and the time for even the fastest ambulance service to arrive, officers decided to transport Lee via patrol vehicle while another officer administered CPR to her. The attending physician later advised that Lee was in cardio-respiratory failure and that, had the medical intervention not occurred when it did, Lee would have died much sooner. Staff also advised the officers that Lee had injection sites on her extremities and head and that she had tested positive for heroin.

Cristin Bradley (L) Destiny Harbour (C) Dustin Smock (R)

Cristin Bradley (L) Destiny Harbour (M) Dustin Smock (R) (Contributed: Tom Green County Sheriff's Office)

Lee was transported later that day to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, where she remained on life-support until physicians pronounced her dead on Tuesday, November 10.

Lee’s mother, 21-year-old Destiny Harbour, Lee’s maternal grandmother, 37-year-old Christin Chanelle Bradley, and Bradley's boyfriend, 34-year-old Dustin Wayne Smock, have been charged with First Degree Felony Injury to Child – Serious Bodily Injury.

The charges could be enhanced to murder now that the infant has died. 

Harbour is being held on $100,000.00 bond. Smock is being held on $50,000.00 bond. Bradley was released on November 8, 2020, after posting bond.

Lee’s body was sent for autopsy. The results are pending.

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Why? Why is the bond so low? They killed a baby! I cannot believe that these people will walk. This is worse than anything. Do not let them out! I cannot understnad how they could do this to a baby.

Why? Why is the bond so low? They killed a baby! I cannot believe that these people will walk. This is worse than anything. Do not let them out! I cannot understnad how they could do this to a baby.

Innocent until proven guilty is a foundation of our legal system. Just because they were arrested does not mean that they are guilty. I am not defending anyone, it is just that too many people jump to conclusions before a trial has even started, and it is not right.

I'm sure they are waiting for autopsy results before they press further charges. They have to prove that it was the drugs that killed that poor baby girl.  I'm sure the d.a. wants to leave no wiggle room for them. This case is way too serious. I dont think any of them will walk.

Wow wtf is wrong with people and Cristin Bradley has somewhat of a smirk on her pathetic low life face!!! It makes me sick to my stomach to even think of how this poor baby felt. Then the boyfriend said they went to  rush their teeth. Really they went together to brush their teeth like it's a family tradition or something what a piece of s**t and where the hell was the herion wh**e mother when they went to brush their teeth.  Poor baby one of Gods most beautiful gifts.  Rest in perfect peace baby girl your in loving arms of our heavenly father now

I bet someone else killed the kid to get back at the parents, because they didn't pay a debt or something. Trust me, if drug addicts want to kill there own child they don't "waste" their drugs on them, they just drown it or something easy. This just screams revenge killing to me, and the heroin being used screams "message" to me.

I see MeMe didn't learn a damn thing while SAL comments were down. Screams revenge killing??? Where's the evidence to support that assumption? What do 2 month old babies do a lot? Give them an opiate based narcotic known as a serious depressant would certainly put a stop to all that noise.             I'm aware you enjoy playing the devils' advocate and argue that everyone is innocent, but those parents sedated that infant to death so they could enjoy their high without all that squalling.                      Too bad public hangings aren't used anymore.

Where is YOUR evidence that the parents did it? And remember innocent until proven guilty is not playing "the devils advocate" it is the law of this country, do you hate america? Sure sounds like it, not caring about the foundations of our legal system and all. Too many people get convicted of crimes everyday, especially in texas, were people have been put to death for crimes they did not commit and found innocent through DNA or other means posthumously.




Revenge killing? That's so ridiculous. To be honest I bet they were trying to detox the bab uh.  The mother had the baby at home and never took the baby to the hospital. I'm pretty sure they were trying to conceal that the baby was born addicted and probably going through withdrawals. 

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