UPDATE: Runnels County Sheriff Calls in the Big Guns


WINTERS, TX – The Runnels County Sheriff's Office has had enough of the break ins in Winters and has called in the Texas Rangers for help. 

As previously reported, on September 30, both the Winters Police Department and the Runnels County Sheriff's Office have decided to increase police presence after more than 30 homes were burglarized. Some of the burglaries included home invasions. For more read: Small Town Increases Law Enforcement Presence Amid Crime Spree.

Now the Sheriff of Runnels County, Carl Squyres, claims he is fed up and has asked help from the Texas Rangers. 

"I really don't want to discuss that much but we have contacted the Texas Rangers and other agencies," said Squyres to KTXS. "There's a lot of things we can't put out there in the public because it would get back to the suspects."

The sheriff claims that he already has several people who are suspects in the crime spree. He believes that this is one large group working together. 

"We have questioned people. I don't want to call them suspects because they are people of interest. There are several of them," said Squyres. "I believe this is a group of people. It's not just one person and they are connected."

If you have any information regarding the break ins call the Runnels County Sheriff's Office at (325) 365-2121. 



I admittedly don’t know all the facts, but this sure sounds like a big city attorney attempting to get the State to help him with a personal lawsuit he has pending against SACMC.

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