Woman Arrested Following Stabbing in East San Angelo


SAN ANGELO, TX – A stabbing on E Harris St., involving a number of Tom Green County's most notorious criminals, left a female victim in critical condition with a stab wound to the chest.

According to reports, on September 17 at around 2:45 p.m., officers with the San Angelo Police Department were dispatched the 500 block of E. Harris St. for the report of a stabbing. When they arrived the victim had already been transported to Shannon Medical Center. Officers then secured the scene and found evidence such as a blood trail leading from the bedroom to the street.

Here is a video of the scene:

While one group of officers were at the house another was at Shannon. While at Shannon officers met with the random bystander who discovered the victim walking down the road with a stab wound. The woman told officers that while in the car the victim told her "Deborah stabbed her in the heart and that she was going to die."

Back at the house on Harris, police began asking questions to the residents. The first was Michael Pena. Pena told officers that he rented the place with Deborah Ramirez. He claimed that he had walked to the bathroom then heard commotion and a man shouting. When he returned to his room with his aunt, he asked if she heard anything too? She denied hearing anything. This is also what she told police. 

Then officers then spoke with Eric Talton. Talton was in the room with the victim and Ramirez. He claims that he and Ramirez were lying on the bed together while the victim was sitting in the chair across from them. Talton said he then observed Ramirez suddenly jump up from the bed and proceed to make a punching or "flicking motion" towards Roberts who was seated on a chair, states the affidavit. He then went on to say that he didn't see Ramirez have anything in her hand nor did he see the victim's injuries. Talton was recently released from the Tom Green County Jail following an assault involving a machete. For more click here: San Angelo Man Indicted for Assault with a Hatchet and Machete

Ramirez was also asked about the incident but she refused to provide any information except that she denied knowing the victim was stabbed. Reporters on scene claim that Ramirez became irate with her fellow roommates before being detained. Ramirez has also been booked into the Tom Green County Jail in the past for disorderly conduct. 

The victim is now currently in ICU at Shannon and was last reported as in critical condition. 

SAPD arrested Ramirez and charged her with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her bond is set at $30,000 and she is currently in the Tom Green County Jail.

Officers later executed a search warrant at the residence. In addition to locating the crime scene, police discovered a fifth occupant hiding in a bedroom closet. The subject, identified as 37-year-old Annalecia Carrillo, was taken into custody for a parole violation warrant.



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