Convicted Murderer Sentenced for Killing Woman and Their Daughter


BAIRD, TX – The man who murdered his girlfriend and 9-month-old daughter was sentenced to life in prison after he admitted to killing them. 

According to KTXS, on August 20, Cody Edmund Dixon was sentenced to two life sentences for killing Alia Rae Hutchison, 22, and their 9-month-old daughter, Aria Ellen Dixon. He was also sentenced 10 years in prison for assault on a public servant and two years for possession of a controlled substance.

As previously reported, on October 12, 2019, officers with the CR 324 between Baird and Putnam for the report of two bodies that were found. Further investigation revealed that the body were Alia Hutchison, 22, and 9-month-old Aria Dixon. 

Police then found the child's father, Cody Dixon. When confronted by police Dixon headbutted the officer and then began to flee. A bystander who saw him running tackled Dixon. The bystander told KTXS that Dixon kept saying that "God told him to do it." 

Dixon is guilty of capital murder, murder, possession of a controlled substance, and assault on a public servant. 



Glad the good people of San Angelo can now rest easy knowing they will forever be safe from this animal...........

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