Online Stings Leads to 15 Arrests


BROWNWOOD, TX — An online sting conducted by the Brownwood County Sheriff’s Office resulted in the arrest of 15 individuals connected to a child trafficking operation.

According to KTXS, the sting was conducted between August 6-7 and targeted individuals who were soliciting minors online for sexual encounters.

No further details were released regarding how the individuals attempted to solicit the minors, but authorities did confirm 12 of the 15 were residents of Brown County.

The sting operation was conducted in collaboration with the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division, Abilene Police Department, and the Brownwood Police Department.

The names of 11 individuals have been released:

  • Adu Kapita Bukasa,29
  • Charles Wayne Batts, 40
  • Cody Gault, 38
  • Demarcus Antyone Lockett, 34
  • Dickie Flanagan, 52
  • Frank Ross Greenwood, 35
  • James Lee Duvall, 30
  • Logan Swain Hutson, 26
  • Ricky Devontrez Blue, 25
  • Ryan Neil Hunt, 39
  • Scotty Gotcher, 33



Firstly, glad these pedo-slugs have been arrested, they deserve it. However, I'm not sure how you can charge them with "child trafficking" when the actual offense was online solicitation of minors for sex. My interpretation of child trafficking is acting as a "pimp" for underage children. Perhaps the DA and PD have their own definitions.

This deceptive game of word play is nothing new. Those who have vested interests in trumping up charges, as well as those idle charlatans who seek to legislate their erotophobia, have surreptitiously sought out to broaden the definition of "trafficking".

We first began to see this with regards to prostitution. The aim there was to stigmatize the act of paying for sexual services as something inherently harmful to the individuals providing said services. Sex workers were no longer supplying a demand on their own volition, but became "victims", and the "Johns" who were simply out for a harmless quickie suddenly became "predators", members of an illusory criminal underworld who had vested interests in "sexual assault", rather than sex, in of itself.

This "sting" (which was likely nothing more than the coerced entrapment of 15 lonely morons, by an adult law enforcement official) is not "trafficking". If credulous minors were indeed involved, this would be, as you mentioned, "solicitation", which is in fact illegal -- but not "trafficking".

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