Coronavirus: Tom Green County Sheriff's Office Implements Changes


SAN ANGELO, TX – The Tom Green County Sheriff's Office is changing the way deputies respond to certain calls because of the Coronavirus Crisis. 

According to a press release, as many of you are aware, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued a public health disaster proclamation and San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter has issued a local order continuing a declaration of disaster due to a public health emergency.

Effective immediately, the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office, will begin to implement strategies to reduce exposure to the public and our employees to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).   To reduce unnecessary exposure to the citizens we serve and our employees, the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office patrol officers will be responding by phone for non-emergency situations to include:

  • Misdemeanor Theft
  • Harassment
  • Lost Property (firearms excluded)
  • Family Disciplinary Actions
  • Other non-emergency calls which can be resolved over the phone. 

The Tom Green County Sheriff's Office will continue to respond to priority calls and emergency situations.  



Looks like they can just sit at a desk and do nothing, I'm taking bets as to weather or not they will keep this new policy after all this calms down. We the taxpayers pay these guys $80k + a year to do nearly nothing.

Let me tell you something @“ME Someone” I assure you and all of TOM GREEN COUNTY that that there is absolutely not one deputy in TomGreen County that makes $80k+ most of these men and women make less than half of that. They are there for the citizens night and day working 12 hours+ Per shift. Some work over 100 hours per 2 weeks. And they still don’t make $80k+ NOT ONE OF THEM GETS OVERTIME PAY! NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON ON THE SHERIFFS OFFICE PAYROLL!!!! So NO time and a half like most other jobs do. They get paid nowhere near what they are worth!! They do it because they CARE and They HAVE A DEEP LOVE FOR THE PEOPLE OF TOM GREEN COUNTY . Even for people that are thankless and ungrateful like you! I know this without doubt because I work with these deputies and I know for a FACT there isn’t one deputy in that office sitting at a desk. Not one single deputy sits at a desk EVER!!! They are always out among the community patrolling your neighborhoods and taking care of the people every single day and night doing the best that they can with very little recognition and thanks. So before posting a “RANT” about something you know nothing about why don’t you check your facts first, And try gratitude for a change.

You sound really angry, you might want to see someone about that before it causes health problems in your future. My dad was cop in San Angelo, and before that he was an MP on base at Goodfellow, so tell me again how I know nothing about this? So if they aren't behind a desk, then they are taking calls in their cars with the engine running burning gas, if they decide to follow the law and pull over, but honestly when was the last time you saw a cop obey traffic laws? So if they are just burning gas sitting in their cars, that is even worse than sitting behind a desk, polluting for no reason and putting unnecessary wear on their cars so they can get the newest latest and greatest sport car models and pay full price from Jim Bass Ford when they could get a discount through Ford's fleet program, so wasteful. If you work next to them ask one to scan their last pay stub from 2019, covering their details of course, and upload to a google drive and post it here to prove me wrong, I will be waiting. In the mean time make an appointment with a psychiatrist for your deep anger issues, the city health insurance pays for it, I know that for a fact.

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