Online Fundraiser Launched for Alleged Home Invader Who was Shot and Killed


SAN ANGELO, TX — He hasn’t been dead for 24 hours and already there is a GoFundMe fundraising page asking for $10,000 in donations for the guy who police said forced his way into a home and was shot multiple times.

The GoFundMe page, created by Angela Lassetter, is to raise money for funeral expenses for Jadyn Phillips, 20.

Just before midnight Friday night, police said Phillips forced his way into an upstairs apartment in Sedona Ranch, a middle class apartment complex on San Angelo’s southwest side. The resident living in the apartment, unnamed and also 20 years old, fired multiple shots. Phillips died of multiple gunshot wounds, although an official autopsy was ordered by the justice of the peace. Police said Phillips was making the home invasion with an accomplice who has not been found or named. The apparent motive was robbery, police said.

“Regardless of what the news is reporting, everything is still under investigation and we do not need to cast stones we need to pull together and help,” states the narrative on the GoFundMe page.

The narrative of the GoFundMe page alludes to there being more to the story than so far released by police. The narrative on the GoFundMe page alleges Phillips was “murdered.”

As of 8 p.m. Saturday night, $2,600 was reported raised of a $10,000 goal.

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For a contribution of $ 100.00 you will recieve a prayer towel autographed by Jadyn and a lottery ticket worth being invited as a pall bearer. Internment pending at the city landfill.

Unfortunately, that's the social climate we live in today: some rat bastard breaks into someone's home, gets what he deserves and not even 24 hours later, his lowlife friends and family are soliciting the public for charity.

Just have his momma kick a bit of dirt over him. That's how most dogs bury the turds they lay.

How about a "GoFundMe" page to replace the victims bullets, or at least buy the guy a steak dinner and a beer? What's anyone doing to help HIM out?

Sorry...... but I've already donated to the go-fund-me page to assist the shooter in purchasing a new box of bullets.

Jeff L, Sun, 06/30/2019 - 08:04

What you sow. One more worthless POS in a pine box. GOOD RIDDANCE may your gofundme friends soon join you.

J T, Sun, 06/30/2019 - 14:10

I get what y'all are saying. I understand that outrage, but we are talking about a human being. He made a bad choice, but he was a human being. He had a family and friends who cared about him, just like y'all have. I don't think it's up to us to decide what he deserved, how "bad" of a person he was, etc., especially without knowing what led him to make the choice(s) he made. There, but for the grace of god, go I (or you).

Why rob an apartment? A top floor? Multiple shots to one? Other gets away. Was other injured??? Got to really dig for this one.

County will cremate if no one claims remains. Tax payer will still pay. I feel sorry for the dude that had to kill this slug, having to remember this rest of his life.

Such passion for someone who was going to rob another person, maybe even assault, rape, or murder them, yet people claim "murder" and contribute over $10k for the creep. Regardless how wonderful a kid he might have been he was a criminal. Stop your crying and donating to his sorry butt and his about donating to more worthy non-criminals, like a homeless vet, or I dunno a damn victim. The Jackhole who organized the fundraiser should examine their motives and personal standards. Sad commentary on SA community when you value the criminal over the victim.

Kippy, my understanding is that this is still under investigation. If we all went by hearsay I'd like to see what would happen if the fate of West Texas were put in the hands of some Northerners. All of you commenting would likely be convicted of hate speech, hate face, hate gesture, hate driving, hate eating, hate flatulence, intoxication by hateraid, and jailed as domestic terrorists. And you'd be oppressed by grammar fascists to boot.

I'm not actually challenging the right of the resident to defend himself. Not at all. But when I get the intimation of the word "setup," well... in West Texas, I know my native. It's a wild (West) place. I'd love to see a follow up story on what happens when the person who fled is apprehended.

Ok and when it turns out he wasn't "murdered" or "setup" how about sending money to the parents of victims. Criminals get pauper burials for a reason, their actions caused their own deaths through their stupidity and disregard for the law. Other people in this community are more deserving the sympathy and money you are throwing at this burgler as if he was a hero or victim. Let's remember he victimized someone's residence and forced them to legally defend their own property. Should the investigation prove otherwise, I will stand corrected. But that ain't the story so far. And why did the other guy run? Are you freaking kidding me? His accomplish got shot and killed. You think he wants to come forward? Doesn't take CSI to figure that out. And there are no hate crime comments anywhere.

Kippy, I'll say this and then I'll leave it alone:

If this was someone's dog that they wanted to bury, people would either look and shrug or donate. This is someone's son. This isn't so much about him as about everyone who knew him, and seeing as how they want to give him a Christian burial, it's already to the point where "Only God Can Judge Him." Whatever the young man's motives, his actions obviously weren't the actions to take that night. Period.

Personally, when I die I'd like to be cremated and have my ashes dumped into the city water supply. I realize that most of the material will be filtered out, but I suspect that some of my soul isotopes might make it through and be ingested by my many enemies despite themselves, leaving them with a haunting feeling.

Death comes to us all in time.

This story is a prime example of extraordinary stupidity. This is Texas, the center of the buckle of the gun belt. Any idiot stupid enough to force entry into an occupied residence has his or her life expectancy drastically reduced considering the percentage of gun ownership
Do I feel sympathy for the guy who sticks his head in the lions mouth and get his head crunched? Nope.....

Jack, Fri, 07/05/2019 - 06:44

I don’t fault the family for trying to raise money to bury their kin. Regardless of his poor choices, they are still left holding the bag for disposal of the body. They could just walk away and let the county do it, but then if it was your kid, would you? I object to the amount of money requested. $10,000 is quite the extravagant funeral with pretty much all the bells and whistles. Kind of like needing a car and wanting people to donate to purchase a Cadillac instead of suitable Ford Fiesta or similar. Having worked the funeral industry, I don’t necessarily blame the family for this request. Funeral Directors are SALES PEOPLE, no different than selling cars or electronics. Their goal is to up sell and unfortunately, because there has been a death, the family MUST make a purchase. A good savvy Director knows must families are financially challenged but will still try to sell upgrades. GoFund, financing and similar tools have made it easier for funeral homes to convince relatives to go ahead and spend a little extra. Whomever decided to call it murder on the GoFund page is again, just trying a sales tactic to rile the populace and get more donations. Jadyn’s family could have handled the disposal of his remains in a less costly manner by only paying the funeral home exactly what it would take to get him buried – no embalmment, no viewings or ceremonies and a plain box coffin placed in a concrete vault in the ground. Then they could have worked with their church and/or relatives to hold a memorial service and wake at the church or someone’s home with pot luck dining. Jadyn made a poor choice but his family and whomever launched the GoFund page also made bad choices – making an already bad situation worse.

City can and has to put a body away upon create a fundraiser is rediculous...Family should have reached out personally for donations amongst fam.members,not the public.Its unfortunate someone lost their life but the law was broken a stupid choice was made and the price was paid with his life.

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