President Biden Doubles Down on Support for Palestine


WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Joe Biden tweeted his support for Palestinians while on his visit to Israel on Wednesday.

See the tweet here:

Tensions are high in Gaza as a ground attack by Israel is imminent. This was further exacerbated by the bombing of a hospital in Gaza, where reports indicate hundreds of citizens were killed by an Israeli Defense Force missile. In response, the IDF released a statement Wednesday morning saying they do not target hospitals and evidence suggests the missile was fired by a jihadi terrorist.

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"Policy" is such a vague, inscrutable and unfathomable concept. "Policy" enacts, yet there are none who singularly enact it. "Policy" effects, yet there is no definite way to measure its effects. Policy does without doing, acts without acting, makes changes without change ever occuring.

On the other hand, some believe it's altogether possible that having one area on the planet for all of the most die-hard, fanatical Zionists or otherwise super-orthodox Semites to flock to might be the root cause of much conflict between the settlers and the native population. 

Your cousin probably

Dang.  A spark of intellectualism glows here.

Many definitions exist for the word "policy".  Were one to seek one applicable to most, one might say a "policy" is the result of boiling down a list of goals that should be sought accompanied by a list of ways by which these goals might best be achieved but lacking concrete means to accomplish this worthy deed after all variables are considered.

An example of "variable omission" in the article is that of leaving Iran out of significant discussions that, had the Iranians been included, just might have helped create a somewhat more positive atmosphere in the happenings in the Middle East.  As it is, Iran remains a poisonous factor in the region, and they continue to sneakily develop nuclear weapons such as those the Israelis already have (which they continue to deny) while they happily continue to foment terrorism in more conventional ways.  

I don't necessarily agree with all the things contained in the article.  Having said that, it lays out a pretty solid string of history in that region going back a bunch of years and depicts the last few decades as being a panorama of foulups on the part of folks to get things straightened out there... including us and the rest of the U.N.  Ain't nothing worked yet, and while I am NOT anti-Semitic (I have happily attended Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs by invite of my Jewish friends) the Israelis have contributed to the discord.  Please note I am not excusing the barbaric acts of Hamas recently.  I would prefer that Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and those like them cease to exist.  That includes those who currently drive Iran.

In short, I suppose the closing line here is that there are no innocents.

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