Grim Milestone: San Angelo Surpasses 500 Covid-19 Related Fatalities Friday

SAN ANGELO, TX –– San Angelo is ending the last week of January with 184 new Covid-19 infections.

According to the San Angelo Health Department daily report, there are currently 84 patients in hospital with coronavirus-related issues.

In addition to the cases, two new fatalities were also confirmed.

The first patient was identified as a female in her 70s from Sutton County, who was unvaccinated.

The second patient was identified as a male in his 90s from Tom Green County. He was fully vaccinated at the time of his death.

These two fatalities bring the total death count to 501 –– 318 from Tom Green County and 183 from other counties.

Jan. 28, 2022, COVID-19 Report

  • Total positive cases: 39,453
  • Active cases: 3,563
  • Currently hospitalized: 84
  • New positives: 184
  • New deaths: 2
Jan. 28, 2022, COVID-19 Report
Jan. 28, 2022, COVID-19 Report

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Fauci and his financiers should be given the death penalty for concocting this terrorist virus and the murder of 100s of thousands as well as the ones that will have health problems after getting jab later on in their lives.

Top Pathologists Say mRNA "Vaccine" Injections Killing People

For full story: Top Pathologists Say Autopsies Show COVID Vaccines Cause "Illness and Death," Self Organ Attacks, Call for Halt to Shots

“We herewith present scientific evidence that calls for an immediate stop of the use of gene-based COVID-19 vaccines.” – Professor Dr. Arne Burkhardt, Professor of Pathology University of Hamburg, Professor Dr. Walter Lang

Dr. Bhakdi is Professor emeritus of the University of Mainz, where he served as the chair of the department of medical microbiology and hygiene from 1991 to 2012. From 1990 to 2012, he served as Editor in Chief of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. In 2001 he was awarded the Aronson Prize for achievements in microbiology and immunology. Dr. Arne Burkhardt has taught at the Universities of Hamburg, Berne and Tübingen. He has published more than 150 scientific articles in German and international scientific journals, and has audited and certified institutes of pathology in Germany.


Official statement on the autopsy findings, Doctors for COVID Ethics:

“A natural infection with SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) will in most individuals remain localized to the respiratory tract. In contrast, the vaccines cause cells deep inside our body to express the viral spike protein, which they were never meant to do by nature.

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Anyone who buys into the fiction that the Biden regime is "illegitimate" is deluded beyond redemption.

You would like to believe that the truth is delusion because you could continue to live in your warped world of lies and deception. I understand that truth is hard for you to process because you would rather live in your pretend world of unicorns and posies. The illegitimate biden regime will have its fall. The treasonous perverts, seemingly in charge for the time, will be held accountable for their crimes against humanity either in this lifetime, or the one to come. People like you are the heavy ball and chain that the adults of civilization have to keep pulling through to safety and freedom because you are always lagging behind in all that pertains to reality. We are really tired of carrying you and changing your stinky diapers. When will you grow up and act like an adult who has some sense?

At least both of you agree it's definitely a regime we're being controlled by. Way to go!

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