Coronavirus Crisis: San Angelo Nursing Homes Lock Out Family Members


SAN ANGELO, TX – As the world continues to take precautionary measures in an attempt to slow down the spread of COVID-19, nursing homes in San Angelo are starting to follow suit.

Regency House and Meadow Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation have both taken action to restrict the access to their patients. Both centers are owned by Caraday Health.

The restriction appears to be a statewide effort to ensure that the elderly, who are identified as one of the most vulnerable populations, remains safe and healthy.

In a call to Caraday Health Headquarters an automated message relays the following information:

“We have implemented infection control policies to limit visitation at our communities to protect our residents and staff. Please visit for further updates.”

Outside the doors of Regency House a sign currently reads:

“Effective Immediately: Due to State Guidelines and the COVID-19 Virus we are unfortunately not allowing any outside visitors at this time until further notice. Please ring doorbell for assistance and further information or guidance, please contact the Administrator.”

A family member who was attempting to visit a patient at Regency House was told she would be unable to see her loved one. As of this time only staff members will be allowed to access the facility. Regency House informed her that the order to restrict access had just been sent from their headquarters in Austin.

This was of grave concern to the family member as she was essentially told she would not be able to contact her family member until further notice. Regency House currently does not place phones in resident’s room and they did not provide any immediate answers as to how family members can contact patients during this preemptive quarantine. 

San Angelo Live contacted Regency House and in a brief statement Administrator Shelia Chambers stated they were “restricting access” and following “state and federal guidelines.” She declined to speak any further on the issue.

San Angelo Live was contacted by a concerned family who reached out to Meadow Creek and was told that they were also restricting access to their patients. According to the staff at this nursing home the new guidelines are coming from the CDC and will be implemented in all nursing homes and hospitals in San Angelo.

This is a developing story.

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That's like a truck load of bull p00-poo..... I'll guarantee you if I still had a loved one in a nursing home and I was paying those sorry SOB's the $6000 or $7000 per month that they charge, their maintenance man would be busy putting up new door frames and new hinges on all the doors that were locked between me and the person I would be going to see any time I wanted to.......

and for the sake of my elderly MIL, I'm glad you don't have anyone in the facility where she lives (and yes, it's also on "lockdown.")

This coronavirus epidemic is almost as bad as the swine flu plague that scourged our fair land years ago. No doubt the responsibility for rebuilding a new society from the rubble of the pre-coronavirus world will fall upon a new generation comprised entirely of survivors. As the younger survivors will likely be only moderately literate, the preservation of these elders in their facilities will serve as a powerful repository of information and as a place for the oral transmission of knowledge from the past that can help survivors piece together a new, post-coronavirus civilization.

What would this have to do with a "Do Not Resuscitate" order? I know Baptist Retirement Community has put the same restrictions in place but makes allowances for "those with end-of-life situations" and "individuals essential to a resident's emotional well-being and care."

If they are worried about people bringing in the virus to the elderly why are they letting their workers leave then come back they could bring it in? They need to lock there employees in and not let them out.

ocs61, Thu, 03/12/2020 - 10:35

Ahem. So, the fact that you pay $$$$$ gives you the right to put everyone's family at risk? Attitudes like that are a contributing factor to the spread of viruses. The homes also do this when there is a flu outbreak, as do hospitals. And just because YOU don't have COVID-19/H1N1/MERS/SARS/Flu doesn't mean you can't bring it in the door to afflict those who are far more vulnerable and can lose their life because it's "your right". Have respect. Hopefully, in the future, someone will have the same respect for you and your family. Thank you, your regular station programming will now resume :-)

Well, aren't you the fresh voice of reason? Thank you! These idiots just have no idea...

My mother in law is at Regency House and I called today and they said family can visit between the hours of 10-4 and they will assess you and make sure you have no fever and ask the questions from the CDC. My husband went by and had no problem seeing his mother. They are asking for no unnecessary visits and making sure no one is sick that is entering the facility. I asked if we could take her out on Sunday and they said it would not be a problem they would do an assessment on her when we returned.

There are many ways of still being able to stay in contact with your loved one. Call, send card, notes, messages with a nurse or mailperson or visit through an open window. Be creative instead of a negative Nancy. I do agree with keeping the elderly at home or wherever they reside . I don't see what a nice ol fashion Sunday drive could hurt as long as you don't stop along the way. So, everyone just slow down, keep a cool head and take safety precautions but don't keep going crazy. This to shall pass.

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