8-Year-old Accidentally Given COVID-19 Vaccine


DALLAS, TX – Several human errors led to an 8-year-old being vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine in Grand Prairie recently. Currently, none of the vaccines administered in the United States are approved for patients under the age of 16.

According to officials, the issue began when the father was able to register the child online for an appointment. The child's father claimed he did not know his son was too young to receive the vaccine.

When an eligible patient is registered online they receive a QR code. This code is then presented at the designated drive-up site.

When father and son pulled up to the site they presented the QR codes and the paramedic administered the vaccine to the child. 

“They’re in the car, there’s a code, the paramedic did what that paramedic did for thousands of others for that day and went ahead and gave the vaccination, and did not realize it was a child under the age of 18," said Chief Robert Fite of the Grand Prairie Fire Department. “We had some questions about how a child under 18 could even get registered. If there was a fail system in place, then we wouldn’t even have to worry because you couldn’t get registered.”

The drive-up site has been in operation for months. Nearly four thousand adults were vaccinated the same day the child was erroneously given the vaccine.

The father realized his child was not eligible for the vaccine after he spoke with a pediatrician. The child experienced a headache and fatigue.

“We don’t have the data, especially under the age of 12 to say if it works, is it safe, how much should we use, which kid can get it and which kids can’t,” said Pediatrician Marcial Oquend.“It needs to be in a controlled setting of a clinical trial where we are monitoring every possible angle to be able to say if it’s safe and effective to use in kids in this age group.”

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Oh well, even if it does screw him up, it'll do nothing more to him than it is going to do to the millions who have already been infused with this unknown crap that's in it. It'll be 1, 5, 10, 20 years down the road before it's finally discovered that hundreds of thousands of people got totally screwed up side effects, organ failures, death because the unknown at the time the shots were given....... I'll stick to my 99.8% chances of survival from Covid by letting my body fight it off like it is designed to do........

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