Teacher Fired After Refusing to Stop Wearing BLM Mask


SAN ANTONIO, TX -- A San Antonio art teacher was fired after she refused to stop wearing a face mask that read Black Lives Matter.

According to Lillian White, she has been an educator for ten years and was about to begin her second year at Great Hearts Western Hills. She was fired days before school began.

"It was really stressful because I have a financial obligation to help support my family,” said White. “It’s also kind of heartbreaking that this is the kind of – this is the reason that I lost my job.”

Back in July, White began attending weekly in-person training sessions wearing a homemade mask. The mask featured the words "Black Lives Matter” and “Silence is Violence.”

“For about a week and a half I was wearing these masks and no one said anything," said White. "A couple of the other teachers came up and asked for some if I had any extras and I made them some."

During one Friday the art teachers received a text from the assistant principal.

According to White, the text shared the following message: "We’d like you to stop wearing these masks anymore, parents will be coming around more and we don’t discuss the current political climate.”

White continued to wear the mask even though she was told multiple times to desist. According to White, she is committed to the cause.

“This is human rights and it should be something that is promoted at our school," said White. "It’s an excuse to not talk about it by saying this is politics, talk about it on your own time. It’s just an excuse because they’re uncomfortable with the conversation."

When reached for comment, the school provided the following statement from Superintendent Daniel Scoggin.

"Great Hearts respects the privacy of all current and former employees and as a result does not issue public comment on specific personnel matters. On the question related to face coverings, Great Hearts enacted, in this unprecedented pandemic environment, a policy that face coverings have no external messages. This policy was authored by school leaders and teachers in service to the learning environment of our classrooms.

Great Hearts was founded and exists today to serve the innate dignity and worth of every human being. We stand with the Black community and all who are suffering. Great Hearts deplores bigotry and its crushing effects on all those subjected to it. Great Hearts is committed to an America where racism, violence, and injustice do not happen, because such acts find no home in the hearts of a great people.”

According to White, she has continued her search for new employment and has received a mix of support and dissent after sharing her story online. But she says she will continue to fight for what she believes in.

“I’m still trying to get them to enact some kind of anti-racism action plan so even though I don’t teach there anymore, I think that all this backlash, especially the negativity from parents and the fact that I was fired because of this, means that this is a conversation they still need to have," said White.



ironic, Tue, 09/22/2020 - 14:08

When dealing with children:
1. Do not force YOUR religious beliefs
2. Do not force YOUR political beliefs
3. Do not force YOUR sexual beliefs
4. Stick to the promulgated curriculum.
4. If a rule is passed saying do not do something,( if you want to keep your job, after being told once to comply, or in this case multiple times), then COMPLY with the rules.
If you do not like it you can raise it as a grievance issue later with your boss, HR then the board of governors, in this case you could even have gone to the School District eventually, and they as a left wing group would probably have supported you.
No real sympathy here sorry!

This is wonderful! I don’t want to keep seeing a confirmed Marxist terrorist organization & I don’t want our children exposed to that crap! Maybe she can get a job with BLM since she’s nothing but a loser!

In that case...the BLM movement was long ago taken over by the seditious, anarchist left looking to, by whatever means necessary, “fundamentally change” America into a dystopian society more in line with their socialist views. This is the lesson educators (and I use that term loosely as far as Ms. White is concerned) should be teaching our kids instead of attempting to indoctrinate them into their leftist ideology. Unfortunately academia is full of those who have been so indoctrinated, and therefore they can’t resist the opportunity to indoctrinate young, impressionable minds whenever the chance arises.

It's not as if the republicans aren't trying to change America into a religious based country. There is already Medicare and disability along with social security, which are social programs as well. True socialism is where the government (or workers, depending on the type of socialism) owns the means of production and the distribution of goods, most people just want healthcare (in the form for Medicare for all) like every other first world country has, a wealth tax, and public tuition free colleges (there are more, but those are the main points.) Academia doesn't indoctrinate anybody, religion does that, it just turns out that when you become more educated you tend to lean left, just like left leaning people tend to be more compassionate and intelligent. I would provide links for all of these assertions, but you guys always give me crap about them and say you don't read them anyway so I won't bother.

Maybe once everything is run like CHOP/CHAZ our suicide rate will match Europe's and there will be no need for the kind of genocides the Chinese and other far left countries have enacted on their people.




(Uplifting bonus video, since I touched on such a heavy subject: https://youtu.be/SXDcpkbkItw)

Injustice and cruelty is why BLM formed, it is ironic that you accuse BLM of "dystopian" when in fact that is why there is BLM and the injustice and cruelty to the black population continues. There is a dystopian society alright but it is by those that are supposed to uphold the law.

needs to go to the local group of burn,loot,murder and sign up. She will happy there spreading the word.

We’re already a Christian nation check out the Constitution. Hint: the “creator” referred to NOT the federal government it’s God Almighty...the authors just not edgamacated I guess.
There’s a difference between wisdom and knowledge. Belief in God can be taught, practiced, even learned. On the other hand true faith comes from the inside, deep within one’s soul. I wouldn’t expect you to understand obviously a bit over your head ;)

No such “separation of church and state exists within the Constitution. What the founders were referring to was the creation of a STATE religion like the Church of England.

Considering over three-quarters of adults believe in God that puts you in the minority.

over two thirds of american adults are also overweight, can't locate the UK or Afghanistan on a map, and consider taco bell to be "the best" - being in the minority is looking pretty, pretty, pretty good.

I would believe that 75% of America is uneducated, that would fit nicely.

That would fit in nicely with your narrative...considering your offensive remark that people who believe in God are mentally ill.

"considering your offensive remark"
Now who is the snowflake with the hurt feelings?

You demo libs exposing yourselves as the sad nasty individuals that you are doesn’t Bother me in the least.

Demo libs exposing themselves as the sad nasty people that they are doesn’t bother me in the least.

There are some very good, Christian people who have mental disorders. their souls are intact; it's their brain that has a disease. Statements about mental illness are a form of bigotry.

https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/the-new-american/ <-right bias

This article is right-wing bias/propaganda, but I will explain the numbers,

"“In addition, the results show that the highest percentage of respondents (38%) who admit being diagnosed with forms of mental illness also identify politically as Marxists,”" “In comparison, just 12.1% of conservatives say they have been diagnosed with a mental disorder"

This just tells me that the right isn't willing to admit they have a mental illness. They are just manipulating the data to show what they want. In addition, not all on the left "identify politically" as Marxist of course (they do not note the percentage of people on the left that DON'T identify as Marxist, but I'm sure it is rather high), just like not all on the right identify as members of the KKK, and most wouldn't admit so either.

" leftists being more likely to trust the psychiatric profession and get diagnosed and to analyze their problems through a psychological lens in the first place"

There you have it, your article says it itself. People on the left are simply more likely to go to a psychiatrist or phycologist in the first place (being overall more intelligent this makes sense), and that would of course skew the data. People on the right will just simply say they have nothing wrong with them when they have never been tested/analyzed in the first place.

Also, name an American politician that is openly Marxist for me.

I dunno why everyone thinks Jehovah would appear as, and sound like, Morgan Freeman. I always assumed he would sound like Gilbert Gottfried, but speaking in Hebrew or Aramaic.

I always pictured "God" with Ron Jeremy's looks and Richard Pryor's voice, but I suppose he (or she) is whomever of whatever speaks to us.

I read your links...but only if I need a good laugh.

All demo libs want is free healthcare (including for illegal immigrants), free college, free student loan forgiveness, free universal pre K (childcare), free rent, and a Green New Deal...which over time could cost 90 trillion dollars along with the loss of some 10 million jobs. All “free”.

It wouldn't be "free" we all pay taxes. Let me ask you, does anyone in your family use social security or Medicare? On disability? How about that stimulus check, did you cash it? Those are all social programs. Since you are religious, didn't Jesus say help the poor? And please send a link my way showing where the US would loose 10 million jobs. If the 90 trillion (probably over the course of decades) is true, it seems like a very small price to pay for a healthier, more educated, secure, and happier citizenry of America, but maybe I actually care about this countries future and not just about myself, personal flaw I suppose.

Yes, there is a myriad of social programs that already exists. That doesn’t mean we need to pile on a whole laundry list more, especially now while recovering from a pandemic. There’s a tipping point, and we’re getting dangerously close to it.

ironic, Fri, 09/25/2020 - 09:57

"From each according to his ability...........to each according to his need". Karl Marx 1875. I know some people said it before him, but his is the most famous as it is the basis of the Marxist ideology and the Communist manifesto. This is also more recently been change to a generic term of " redistribution of wealth". What it really means is those who do work will pay the vast majority of the taxes, then this money will be "redistributed" to those who "cant" or "do not wish" to work.

Yes, we do all pay taxes in some way or another, and yes I certainly support helping those who "cant" work, such as those with disabilities or the elderly, But where do you want the line drawn? 20%, 45%, 70%? If someone choses not to work beyond age or infirmity, why should they get a free ride? How much of my wages do you think everyone else deserves?
At what point does taking taxes, to pay for others to have what someone works hard to earn, become indentured servitude?
Then what happens when your taxes get so high people stop working so the taxes are not coming in? I mean why would I work if everything is free anyway?
Who decides what is and is not appropriate, do we cover only life saving as free? broken bones, coughs and colds, mental health, back surgeries, nose jobs, breast enhancements, butt implants?
Also if we do start in this utopia world, are we first going to take away EVERYONE'S money, divide it up equally, make sure we all have the same for houses cars etc. and start from there? Will everyone earn the same exact wage per hour, regardless of what they do, including politicians, movie stars, sports stars?
Utopia sounds great, so does communism, Marxism and Socialism, but ask the people of Venezuela how they feel about it, or any other countries that are run these ways. Oh wait, you cant, they are not allowed to have an opinion.

Attempting to compare the socioeconomic system of countries with a combined population of 16 million to one the size of the U.S. is almost as ignorant as your remark claiming people who believe in God are uneducated!

Do you often get sidetracked and resort to a totally unrelated diatribe? But you are wrong, you're wrong on what demo libs want, equal Justice under the law is in order as is the removal of corrupt and lying republicans. When did you ever hear me asking for free healthcare? BTW aas far as intelligence, you cannot even stay on topic, perhaps because you have no legitimate rebuttal so you resort to orange buffoon methodology. You sure do have a lot of nothing to say just as stale Cheetos does. You make little sense there whitey

My response was not meant for you. Sorry for your confusion, bro.

AH please explain your subject "Will", last I checked that was my alias.

So “left leaning” people, who became that way as a result of education, are more intelligent according to other “left leaning” people analyzing the data. And not because of any indoctrination that might have occurred in the process of obtaining said education, because everyone knows that simply doesn’t happen. I think I’m starting to get it now lol.

Since intelligence is the ABILITY to acquire and apply knowledge, no amount of education is going to make you more intelligent. You may very well be more educated than I am, but it’s neither required or relevant when it comes this discussion. Anyway intelligence and education are not one in the same. By definition one is in no way an indication of the other.

"Anyway intelligence and education are not one in the same. By definition one is in no way an indication of the other."
You are wrong,
"Brighter people tend to get more schooling, and the longer-schooled tend to be brighter."
intelligence and education are closely inter-related, and they may be measured with varying degrees of precision
"One plausible reason more educated people tend to be more intelligent, after all, is that smarter youths are more likely to stay in school."
"It is correct to say that higher level of education leads to greater level of intelligence and also true the other way around"

Reread my post. I didn’t accuse the BLM movement (to whatever extent it’s legitimate considering it’s been hijacked by the seditious, anarchist left) of dystopia, I accused those who have taken over the (your?) movement.

I read it and I see where you mention outsiders but go on to blame the left. I suppose it is safe to say that you support what the BLM is trying to accomplish, because that is what you are saying. BTW that is what the teacher is was attempting. To state it like I see it; all I see from you if hate for those that disagree with you, with you it complaints about democrats, left, liberals and other labels that you conjure up. I would like to hear how you suggest the teacher should protest.

An old saying. If you lay down with dogs, you’ll likely wake up with flees.

She's more than likely lying with a stray dog or two, unbeknownst to her oblivious husband. There's an niche genre within the adult movie industry with such storylines, featuring these types of women.

A glance at her Google Map timeline may reveal frequent trips to East Side San Antonio.

Hope TEA black balls Lilly White from teaching in Texas. This bullshit condoning/teaching hate especially does not belong in our schools.
Lilly can get her a sign and go to one of these left nut case induced cities and so call peacefully protest all her dead heart desires.

Why do you hate Trump so much? He’s done more for minorities than Dear Leader Obama ever did.

I don’t do links I consider it an exercise in futility.

I don’t feel the need to prove my point to you. Therefore I don’t give a squirt what you think.

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