Flying Squadron Commander Attains Unwanted Fame


DEL RIO, TX — A Laughlin Air Force Base squadron commander received national notoriety overnight after Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson read an internal email from the commander ordering his personnel to keep quiet about 737 aircraft on the Laughlin AFB tarmac being loaded with illegal aliens to be transported into the interior of the country.

Carlson claimed the email was forwarded to his staff by a whistleblower in that commander’s squadron. The commander is Lt. Col. Matthew J. Burrows. He commands the 87th Flying Training Squadron that teaches pilot candidates how to fly the T-38C Talon. Aircraft from his squadron are frequent guests at San Angelo’s Mathis Field where they arrive here almost daily to practice high altitude instrument approaches and circling procedures.

According to the email that Carlson put on the air, Burrows admonished his instructor pilots against photographing the planes or posting anything about the unusual 737s on the Laughlin AFB tarmac on social media.

Tucker obtains whistleblower report on military flying illegal immigrants

Bottom line, “[A]ll we can say is, ‘In coordination with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Del Rio Border Patrol will be using the Laughlin AFB runway to transport undocumented non-citizens via a Boeing 737,’” wrote Burrows in an email. Burrows email appeared to have copy and pasted the instructions to his instructor pilots.

Carlson is alarmed that illegal aliens are being transported into the interior of the U.S. He claimed on his show that over a million illegal aliens are being settled into communities across the country this year by the Biden administration. He noted this is enough to change the demographics of the country and it is being accomplished secretly while no U.S. citizen has a say in how the country and each American’s community is being transformed.

Obviously, a member of Burrows’ squadron was alarmed enough about the hush order concerning the 737s that he or she forwarded the tip to the Carlson show. Carlson called the leaker a “whistleblower” and is protecting his or her identity.

How an internal email from an air force squadron made it onto Tucker Carlson’s TV show is unknown to Laughlin AFB’s command staff. Spokesman for the 47th Flying Training Wing Commander Craig Prather, Lt. Dan Rubio, said any action to be taken about the leak “is between Lt. Col. Burrows and his command structure.” When reminded that the 47th Wing Commander was a part of Lt. Col. Burrows’ command structure, Rubio said it was “outside his lane” to comment on what could happen about the leaked email.

Frank Lopez Jr runs the US Border Patriot Facebook page. He has been busy chronicling the 737s taking off and landing at Laughlin AFB. On his Facebook page, he has posted multiple videos of the illegal alien transportation operations ongoing there. On FlightAware, the flights are not masked. A 737 operated by iAero Airways also known as Swiftflight was noted on the air traffic control portal yesterday flying from Laughlin AFB to the former England Air Force Base in Alexandria, Louisiana yesterday.

Lopez is no fan of Congressman Tony Gonzales who represents CD-23 where Laughlin AFB and Del Rio are located. He claims Gonzales is complicit in allowing the operations. We reached out to Gonzales to get his side of the story. In the meantime, Air Force public affairs officials are forwarding all inquiries about the 737 operations to the Department of Homeland Security and ICE.

Laughlin AFB is located on the east side of Del Rio on the Texas-Mexico border. The base has for years been home to the 47th Flying Training Wing. Four squadrons operate the T-38C, T-1A, and T-6 aircraft, all of which are trainers. Laughlin AFB was also the home of the storied 4080th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing in the late 1950s until 1964. It was that squadron that discovered the nuclear missiles in Cuba that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

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