The Midland Lee Rebels No More


MIDLAND, TX — The Midland ISD school board met Monday night and voted 6-to-1 to rename Robert E. Lee High School and the Lee Freshman School. The Midland Lee Rebels are no more, wiping out a storied name in Texas High School football since 1960.

The Lee name had few fans on the board. Rick Davis, an attorney and president of the Midland ISD Board of Trustees, said his decision to rename the schools was based upon why Robert E. Lee’s name was inaugurated by the former Midland ISD school board when the school was built in 1960.

In an op-ed in the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Davis said he asked himself why Robert E. Lee’s name was used, “I believe that the naming of Robert E. Lee High School in in 1960, in the midst of the civil rights movement, six years after the U.S. Supreme Court’s  decision prohibiting segregated schools, and about six years before Midland de-segregated its high schools, fails the ‘why’ test.”…

During the presentations for and against Midland Lee’s name, the paper reported that 17 of 22 rose in favor fo changing the name. The arguments against changing the name ranged from not surrendering to the “cancel culture’ to the cost of the name change.

Board member Bryan Murry attempted to have the agenda item tabled before debate began. His motion failed to receive a second and, at the end of the discussion, the other 6 board members voted in favor of the change.

Next year would have been the 60th anniversary of Midland Lee High School.

Locally, the San Angelo ISD takes up the renaming of Robert E. Lee Middle School in October.

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Shocking indeed. This from the liberal bastion of Midl....wait, nvmd. The question of "why" it was named after a traitor to The United States of America was answered a long time ago. It's just more people are acknowledging it these days.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool”.

Yet you expect us to believe that the people driving the movement to change names and topple statues are motivated by patriotism? Falsehoods indeed!

Not sure what the answer is to all of this but you cannot change history. I do understand why the naming of some Schools is looking questionable in today's environment but I doubt that re naming them is the answer. Perhaps educating our kids about the history behind these names is a better answer.

And so, although the reasons were reactive and fairly unsound when the school was named, renaming the school and "mascot" infects a lot of memories and personal history. The sins of the fathers are being visited upon the children. There is always the chance that no one really cares, but I doubt it. Destroying physical cultural items does not change the history, and we have seen it over and over the last few months. Unless someone comes up with a brain ray that causes us all to forget our own "good ole days" or causes us to suddenly wipe out years of textbook indoctrination, then we are who we are and we are somewhat of what we've learned. Personally, I would like to I sue every textbook publisher that had anything to do with my public school education.

Just a bunch of pussies caving into the desires of the far left, Antifa and BLM pieces of trash that make up all the retards in those groups........

As per usual, the doctor delivers, with a few choice words, a clearer picture than the rest can paint with a full essay and a thesaurus handy.

If SA school board caves to this nonsense, we need to elect members that have a backbone. We label left/right but what we're witnessing is the fruit of the religion of humanism that's established itself in the education and government systems. These commies getting their panties in a wad over stuff that happened 150+ years ago and bet not a single one of them were there to suffer their imagined hardships. In the meantime they turn a blind eye to the reality of today-human trafficking which is real 21st century slavery, and 350,000 babies killed annually here in Planned Parenthood slaughter houses. Hypocrites, phony sissies.

"In the meantime they turn a blind eye to the reality of today-human trafficking which is real 21st century slavery, and 350,000 babies killed annually here in Planned Parenthood slaughter houses. Hypocrites, phony sissies." - mutt and jeff

Yeah, funny how everyone keeps ignoring that. People hear rumors about doxxings, LSD spiked soda from the 1960s or that so much as sitting on your ass and feeding text into the web to be aggregated by some unaccountable 3 letter entity might get you a ticket to Valhalla and they choose to live in a 3 ring circus hell instead.

Everyone wants to talk about the afterlife but no one wants to jeopardize their motorboat, much less reckon with their existential anxiety. Have a safe and happy story hour, M&J!

If you guys are so mad about abortion why aren't you lining up at adoption agency's to adopt the unwanted children? The truth is the anti-choice movement is about punishing women, it always has been. It is always interesting to me how the red's are always about the law and how it has to be followed, yet abortion has already been decided by law and you want to change it. So if you want to change the law regarding abortion, you shouldn't be angry about others wanting to change the law as well.

Z Z, Tue, 07/28/2020 - 16:34

I read that he originally rode a standard bred horse. He sold him to a Union general and everyone said that is why they lost.

ironic, Wed, 07/29/2020 - 06:15

IF the SAISD was to do the same thing and "cave in" to the current popular topics in the same way, without public consultation and without a vote by we, the people who pay for this school board, can we sue them? If we can can we sue them collectively as a group and as individuals?
I mean, this is our money they would be spending; I would assume they will get it from the school fund, which is paid for by local raised taxes. If that is the case, can the general public sue them for taking money and increasing taxes without a full voted on public consultation?

I for one do not care what it is named, if they can do it for free more power to them, but I DO object immensely to my taxes going up for something that is:
1. Not a major requirement.
2. Will not help improve school grades
3. Will not improve the standard of teaching available to students
4. Will not improve the lives of the majority of citizens
5. Has yet to be justified as a "need".
Anyone know the answer, because if it is "yes we can sue" , if my taxes go up without my approval for such a frivolous reason then I am happy to join a group who do that.

If someone were to start a kick starter or similar fund raiser to pay for you wouldn't care if it was renamed? By the way sue in a class action, it will be public information and we can all look at the list to see who are the racists and bad people.

ironic, Thu, 07/30/2020 - 13:36

You are telling me that because I see no reason whatsoever to pay for something that does not fill any of the points I raised I must be racist or a bad person, and people will know? OK so now I am supposed to what? quake in my boots because YOU call me racist or a bad person ME?
Well here is my thoughts:
I am neither racist or a bad person, I am also not someone who calling names effects either, I deal in facts and reality.
I am simply someone who is fed up paying for things I obtain zero benefit from, who believes in fiscal responsibility, .but has no choice but to pay for it because that's the tax system we have. If you can prove to me any of the points I raised are covered in this "need" to change the name then I would consider it as a possibility, but I cant see anything there that is covered by changing the name do you?

Now, as we cant get our roads fixed, (unless you live, work or own a business downtown), our water mains break somewhere every other day, our trash collection is at best hit and miss, (depending on how the company feel that day about pick ups), and our current school results are woefully inadequate for what we currently spend. (Academic Growth graded at an F!!!) Please note: everything I mention actually benefits everyone if the tasks are completed correctly, not just a few!

Please show me, explain to my simple mind, how changing the name is going to move Academic Growth to an A; I would even accept, if you can prove it would move it to a C grade, at least then I would see something for the money I keep losing.
You, and your ilk, want this argument to be about race and "good people vs bad people" because, as I have pointed out to you before, you are an "Alinsky Rules" follower, and you are trying to control narratives using the rules.
I want it to be about good use of money, better education for the children, better outcomes for the schools, and hopefully an "end product" we can all be proud of in the children who graduate. That will NOT be achieved by changing a name, as such, taking my money, without justification, without asking/obtaining my opinion, without proving ANY benefit for the majority of the public, "without even offering to buy me dinner and walk me home" , is not a justifiable act.
Come back for money when you are going to pay teachers for better education standards, when all our state grades are not below a C, or when we "need" to buy books/computers that will provide a better education. Expense that is justified by an expected good that's RADICAL THINKING!

ironic, Thu, 07/30/2020 - 13:40

If someone wants to raise money, donations etc. given voluntarily not forced onto the tax payer I would not care one iota what the school is called, you can call it " the Here is what we want it called school" or " The 2020 school". If it costs me nothing and does not effect my rights go with whatever you like!

The only thing Texas has to be proud of in public education are the facilities. Some of the best football stadiums in the world.

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