WATCH: Thank You For Your Sacrifice

SAN ANGELO, TX -- Since the tragic fatal shootings claiming the lives of Concho County deputies Samuel Leonard and Stephen Jones on Monday, Concho County and all of West Texas have been grieving together.

On Tuesday night a candlelight vigil was held in the town square of Eden to honor the fallen officers while on Wednesday morning citizens of San Angelo and the surrounding area welcomed home the body of Sgt. Stephen Jones in a precession from Lubbock to a funeral home in San Angelo. 

The San Angelo Police Department along with neighboring agencies ushered in Sgt. Jones in which hundreds lined the streets of San Angelo to pay their respect. 

Watch as San Angelo Police Department Chief of Police Frank Carter talked about the organization of the precession and the importance of honoring fallen officers like Sgt. Stephen Jones. 

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Too bad they don't do this for the 1000+ citizens that are killed by police every year. NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO HAVE ONE OF YOUR OWN KILLED. GOOD


What are you?  Not human?  
I’m sure the “1000+ citizens” you mentioned weren't armed or threatening law enforcement.  


This guy wasn't, the thugs with badges still killed him. Luckily there were some protests/riots last year or the murderer wouldn't have even been charged.

Here is another POS with a badge that actually got found guilty, although they only gave her 10 years, where a citizen would get life if they killed a cop,

Here are some more that luckily were found guilty, but for every thug that does get found guilty, dozens don't even get charged,

Here is one where they were actually killing themselves,

Breonna Taylor was sleeping in her bed like any of us could be when they killed her, this time they got away with it.

ONE is too many, but the thug police keep doing it, over and over,

"Cops Who Kill Americans Have Less Than a 1 in a 1000 Chance of Being Convicted of Murder"

"I’m sure the “1000+ citizens” you mentioned weren't armed or threatening law enforcement.  "

If there was ANY other group in America that killed as many Americans on their own soil as cops do you guys would be all over it and probably would (rightfully so) hunt them down yourselves. But because people have this wrong preconceived notion that cops are here to protect you (the supreme court says they don't have to) you people worship these thugs. It is only a matter of time before they do something to you and/or a family member or friend, these thugs get worse every year.

Let me remind you that NONE of the people that these cop thugs kill will EVER get their day in court, the murders that killed them made sure of that.

And here YOU are, trying to justify the GOVERNMENT killing citizens, I hope you are proud of yourself. 


not quite 1000.
But I do agree that one senseless death is one to many.  The justice system has its issues and sways has.  The same goes for some officers.  But I don’t hold all law enforcement accountable as you do.  If and when you have an encounter with the law someday remember, don’t be stupid.


If there was a group (gang) of people, lets call them "the examples", that were killing Americans all over the country on their own soil (sometimes in their own homes after breaking in) to the tune of over a thousand people a year, you wouldn't want to hold every single member of the examples responsible? Would you look at the examples in their entirety and say "well, it was only some 'bad apples', not all of them are bad"? There are anti-gang laws in this country that say you can be put in prison just for being associated with certain gangs. Just because the police are government sanctioned does not give them a "license to kill" (although effectively they do have that ability), and just because they are not all complacent does not mean they are innocent. Derek Chauvin/George Floyd as an example, there were THREE officers standing around that allowed Chauvin to kill Floyd, when any one of them could have stopped Chauvin at any time, but they DIDN'T. Did those three kill Floyd, no, but they didn't try to stop his murder/murderer either. This is why I hold all cops accountable, because the "good" cops do nothing when the "bad apples" are assaulting, harassing or even outright murdering innocent citizens to the excess of nearly 3 a day. I have met actual "good" cops and you know what EVERY single one had in common that made them good cops? They were all EX-cops that quit because of the toxic culture and barbarianism that police forces all over the country thrive on and support.


I support good cops. That being said, we have that and other problems. We, as a nation, need to remember the police killed by a trump mob a few weeks ago. The right wing Q anon party and its' sickening bullspit are actively trying to re-write 1/ 6 as "just a regular Capital tour." OMG?

How many Republicans does it take to make a cult for an old piece of white trash? All of them? LOL IDK>>>>cray cray should be easy to beat. Thank Gods


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