Former Navy SEAL Delights Crowd at National Prayer Breakfast


SAN ANGELO, TX —Hundreds of faithful San Angeloans gathered early Thursday morning for the 26th annual National Prayer Breakfast of San Angelo at the McNease Convention Center as people across the United States gathered to pray for national, state and local leaders. 

The keynote speaker was Chad Williams who is a former Navy SEAL and author of "SEAL of God."  Williams detailed his life as he became a SEAL and found his faith.

The National Prayer Breakfast of San Angelo featured a continental breakfast catered by McGowan's, music by the Lincoln Middle Shool Mariachi Band, the presentation of the colors by the Goodfellow AFB Color Guard and special music by Debra Knox.

The program included presentation of the colors, the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance, an Invocation, Scripture readings, prayer for the Nation and leaders, the keynote speech and a benediction.  

According to information from prayer breakfast organizers, Williams draws from his experience in the SEALs to communicate an instructive perspective on teamwork, resilience, leadership and self-motivation.  Williams described how just before SEAL training his mentor and training partner was killed in Fallujah Iraq and his body was hung upside down from a bridge.   

Williams said that motivated him to complete SEAL training and led him to find faith in God.  His presentation included moments of humor as well as a message of encouragement.  

Williams told a story about SEAL training to lighten the mood.  He said the day before graduation is the hardest day of training.  Williams said when you begin SEAL training they give you a puppy.  The puppies are annoying and contribute to sleep depravation but eventually they grow on you.  He said they become your partner and you depend on them.  The day before graduation, Williams continued as the members of the audience sat on the edge of their seats, to prove you can handle diversity you have to use your bare hands and break the dog's neck.  

There was a collective gasp from the audience.  Williams quickly said, "I'm just messing with you.  They don't even give you dogs in SEAL training!" 

Each table at the convention center had a plaque requesting attendees pray for local, state and national elected officials including President Donald Trump, who was attending the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.  Reports say President Trump said Thursday morning, "I will never let you down."  

After the presentation, Williams stayed in lobby and sold copies of his book and T-shirts.  

The National Prayer Breakfast is held on the first Thursday in February each year.  

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