Stardust Installs Temporary Sewer Line Fix


The Stardust Mobile Home Park is installing a temporary pumping operation to bypass its leaking sewer line, a short-term remedy that will allow for continued water service to residents until the faulty line is permanently replaced.

The temporary solution is expected to be operational by Tuesday afternoon. Until then, the City’s Water Utilities Department will continue to monitor the property at 2501 Martin Luther King Blvd., ensuring the waste remains below ground and poses no public health threat.

City officials and park representatives this morning discussed options to remedying the failing sewer line and preventing the displacement of residents. A temporary tank is being installed to collect sewage before it seeps into the ground; the sewage will then be pumped from the tank into another sewer line that is operational.

Until then, the park’s management will regulate water service on the property to stem the flow of sewage to keep it below ground. Construction of a new sewer line on the property is expected to begin quickly.

Last week, the sewer system failure resulted in a flow of raw sewage from the property that posed a serious public health threat. The Water Utilities Department monitored the leak throughout the weekend and twice pumped sewage from the property, giving time to its owner to address the leak and to residents to make other accommodations, if necessary.

The City’s Health Services Department has been in discussions with the Stardust’s ownership since a contained, underground leak was discovered more than two months ago. Water Utilities has approved plans to tie a new sewer line into the City’s infrastructure.

“We appreciate the Stardust’s ownership proposing a viable solution that will serve well both its residents and the public health interest,” Assistant City Manager Rick Weise said.



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