Video: Lake Nasworthy 4th of July Fireworks Exhibition a Huge Success


Local software company Time Clock Plus financed the majority of the cost of the Lake Nasworthy fireworks display last night. The show, which lasted 20 minutes was much anticipated by San Angeloans for the past month as efforts to publicize it reached peak momentum.

Trinidad Aguirre, organizer of the event on behalf of the Lake Nasworthy Homeowners Association, said in the days leading up to the event that this is the largest show west of the I-35 corridor in Texas. It didn’t disappoint.

Below, a excerpt of the display on video:


Foster Communications KIXY-FM 94.7 provided the musical soundtrack with a mix of modern, contemporary music and traditional patriotic marches, including the official U.S. Air Force anthem and the Marine Corps Hymn. Using car and portable radios, spectators of the fireworks could view and listen to the soundtrack from anywhere within viewing distance of the fireworks display.

Until the mid-2000s, the U.S. Air Force forged the tradition of holding the annual Lake Nasworthy fireworks. Budget cuts at the federal level caused the fireworks to cease to exist. The current iteration of the Lake Nasworthy fireworks display was the brainchild of local entrepreneur Vincent A. Preziotti who approached the homeowners association in 2007. The homeowners then approached Aguirre, who at the time was the president of the Verizon operations in the southwest, to lead the financing of the show. The show had moderate success and Preziotti retired to Florida.

But the show must go on! Since retiring from Verizon in 2010, Aguirre has taken the reins of organizing it and building its size.

Ken Landon of Atlas Enterprises accomplished the fireworks’ technical implementation. Landon is billed as the “master of fireworks.” Judging from last night’s show, he didn’t disappoint.

There are no estimates on how many people observed the fireworks display, but traffic from the lake back into town on Knickerbocker Road was backed up for hours after the show.

Sponsoring this year’s Lake Nasworthy Homeowners Association fireworks display were:

  • Time Clock Plus
  • Jim Bass Ford
  • AB Distributing
  • Family Power Sports
  • Ric Abbott Company
  • Tex-NewMex Co.
  • Versatle Oil tools, LLC
  • Fiddle Fire
  • Doug Massey Financial Services
  • Kara and Kevin Love
  • DeCoty Coffee
  • Trinidad and Marie Aguirre

Media Sponsors Included

  • Foster Communications (KIXY-FM, et al)
  • San Angelo LIVE!
  • MediaJaw
  • KLST
  • KSAN
  • KIDY

“The benefit to San Angelo is that it’s free and something really special,” Aguirre said after the event. He is already planning next years’ fireworks.




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