Reports: Fireworks Explosion Kills One


The Comanche Chief Newspaper has informed Dallas television station WFAA that an explosion during the set-up and installation of the annual fireworks display has killed at least one community volunteer. The planned event has been cancelled due to the tragedy.

The announcement for the annual Comanche fireworks display is still on the Comande Chief newspaper website. It reads that the event was scheduled to happen Friday at the Comanche High School Stadium. The event was being organized by the local Kiowanas Club .

This was to be the 24th annual event. Click here to read a brief history of the event.

In San Angelo, two fireworks displays are planned. One is tonight on the Concho River downtown near the River Stage. And, the Lake Nasworthy Homeowners Association is holding the July 4th fireworks display on Lake Nasworthy Friday.

Trinidad Aguirre is in charge of coodinating the July 4th fireworks display on the lake. He said that he is confident in the safety procedures and workflows that are in place. Wall Volunteer Fire Department will be on site to monitor and render aid on a moment's notice, he said.

"Our fireworks are shot from a long finger in the lake with water on three sides. We do a controlled burn around the area before installing the fireworks cannons to avoid any chance of inadvertant fire," he said.

Aguirre said that the contractor for situating the cannons is Ken Landon. He is a Pyrotechnics Certified Technician, Aguirre said. His company, Atlas Enterprises is contracted to orchestrate Friday's lake fireworks display.

"We have safety rules in place, but an added layer is the isolation of the location from where the fireworks cannons will be fired," Aguirre said.

Justin Brundin, a freelance photojournalist contributed the main photo.

There are two people working on the installations of the fireworks cannons or mortars, Aguirre said.


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