Biden's Leftist Justice Department Sues Texas Over Voting Integrity Law


SAN ANTONIO, TX – President Biden's Justice Department Thursday sued the State of Texas for its Voter Integrity law falsely accusing the state of voter suppression. 

In the hyper-politicized filing in the U.S. Western District of Texas Federal Court in San Antonio, the far-left Biden Administration says, "The challenged provisions will disenfranchise eligible Texas citizens who seek to exercise their right to vote, including voters with limited English proficiency, voters with disabilities, elderly voters, members of the military deployed away from home, and American citizens residing outside of the country. These vulnerable voters already confront barriers to the ballot box, and SB 1 will exacerbate the challenges they face in exercising their fundamental right to vote."

Gov. Abbott responded to the suit in a tweet: "Bring it. The Texas election integrity law is legal. It INCREASES hours to vote. It does restrict illegal mail ballot voting. Only those who qualify can vote by mail. It also makes ballot harvesting a felony. In Texas it is easier to vote but harder to cheat."

Texas Democrats were in lockstep with the National Socialists in Washington playing the race card calling all Texas Republicans racists and begging Washington to override 240 years of states' voting rights: "Senate Bill 1 was passed for one purpose: to create barriers to voting, in an attempt to shut down the voices of millions of Black and Brown Texans.  Although we are grateful for today’s challenge to parts of S.B. 1, we cannot stop pushing for our legislators in Congress to act now.  We need our Senators to reform the filibuster and immediately pass both the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act to save our democracy and to protect every American voter.”

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Speaking of “dress rehearsals” no better example than the democrats’ EPIC loss in Virginia…especially since it’s apparent they’re refusing to back off from their radical leftist agenda ;)

“We need our Senators to reform the filibuster and immediately pass both the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act…”

There you have it! The democrats want to do away with the filibuster in the Senate, which requires a two-thirds majority in order for a bill to pass, and unconstitutionally change our election laws by federalizing our elections ;)


Notice which of the democrats’ demands comes first. First do away with the filibuster, then “immediately” pass legislation changing our election laws…because even THEY know the one is not going to happen without the other ;)

I hate to spoil your utopian socialist wet dream, but democrats are all but assured  to NEVER AGAIN hold a filibuster proof majority in the Senate there’s a reason why our government is set up the way it is ;)

What amazes me is that you demo libs apparently don’t have brains enough to realize how doing away with the filibuster could (and no doubt would) come back to haunt you once republicans are back in power ;)

That doesn’t even make any sense how is requiring someone to show proof of their identity “making them jump through hoops”?

Goes back to my previous comment. If it’s mportant enough then get off your dead ass and go do it ;)

Birth certificate required to get a driver’s license are they also “making people jump through hoops”?

Just stop!

Reminds me of that scene from The Benchwarmers when the pitcher from Mexico, who had a full grown mustache and was smoking a cigar and drinking tequila was asked to show his birth certificate, held up a piece of paper that said “I am twelve” lol

By virtue of the headline this story indicates it has little value in objective discussion.  Yantis might be a good guy, and what I have heard he is, but he is hardly a journalist... or the headline writer is not.

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