Thunderous Applause Erupts Following Fiery Pfluger Speech


SAN ANGELO, TX — Thunderous applause erupted from the C.J. Davidson Center on Wednesday following San Angelo’s Congressman August Pluger’s speech during the 2021 West Texas Legislative Summit.

Pfluger’s speech, mainly based on the fight for West Texas Culture, was given during the lunch portion of the summit. 

Main points given were the illegal alien surge, fighting for the oil and gas industry, and security against foreign adversaries.

The majority of Pfluger’s points he told San Angelo LIVE! in an interview moments before his speech. For that video see: WATCH: How August Pfluger is supporting border communities and farmers

Following his speech the crowd gave a standing ovation and then a number of local leaders, including Drew Darby, told the crowd how much they appreciated Pfluger.

They also noted that they were very excited for his future.

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That is expected when you fill a room full of people who profit from your positions. I am sure it was full of businessmen and rich people. I highly doubt that there was a single member of the "general" population that paid to sit in that room.

Jealous much? The majority of successful people worked their tails off to get to where they’re at.

To demo libs it’s not about equal opportunity, it’s about equal outcomes ;)

The majority of successful people have danced on the backs of their underpaid workforce to achieve wealth. That is the people that are not part of generational wealth and either inherited immense amounts of money or used their wealthy family members connections and sway to get where they are. The only exception would be entertainers, but those people are usually connected in someway also.

Also, "equal opportunity" is a myth. A black kid growing up in poverty  does NOT have the same opportunities as the wealthy white kid that has a family member with connections. It's not even close. You are most definitely smart enough to know that.

Also, up until about a year and a half ago I use to have my own business, which I sold so I could have time to myself for a while.

Jeff L, Thu, 08/05/2021 - 11:11

"Also, up until about a year and a half ago I use to have my own business, which I sold so I could have time to myself for a while."

Basically you've said you're old, bored and bitter about your situation. Sound about right? Going through most of your comments you seem to blame others for it. Is that also correct? Please correct me if not. Honestly no don't because I know I'm not. 

What situation? What exactly am I "bitter" about? Blame others for what?

And no, you are never correct, I prove you wrong 9 times out of 10, that is when you aren't talking about d*ck, which you seem to do quite often, Freud much?

Haha you’re just jealous! PLENTY of opportunity exists all you’re doing is making excuses ;)

“Also, up until about a year and a half ago I use to own my own business…”

I understand. The pimping business is probably down due to covid ;)

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