LEGO Goes Woke: Releases LGBTQIA+ Set


BILLUND- Lego has released a new set ahead of Gay Pride Month.

The first LGBTQ+ LEGO titled “Everyone Is Awesome” is set to release on June 1st.

According to a press release from LEGO, “Everyone Is Awesome” was designed to celebrate fans' diversity. 

"Everyone Is Awesome" will feature 11 mini-figures and have 346 pieces.

Matthew Ashton, Vice President of Design and designer of the new set, said:

“I am fortunate to be a part of a proud, supportive and passionate community of colleagues and fans. We share love for creativity and self-expression through LEGO bricks and this set is a way to show my gratitude for all the love and inspiration that is constantly shared.”

"Everyone Is Awesome" will retail at $34.99.

To find out more, click HERE.

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Cue someone to say something nasty and hateful. I personally am sooo glad some people are changing their minds, and including everyone. Considering everyone equal. I think it's in the Good Book. Yup, right there!!

Even Jesus wanted that. God Bless You!!!

Bro Ok, Thu, 05/20/2021 - 22:50

This is not what Jesus wanted haha your straight up going to hell if your gay lesbian trans. almost saved is not good enough mr. there’s your nasty hateful comment your looking for.

No where in the Bible does he say one woman and one woman became one.

Or one man and one man become one.

 It says one MAN and one WOMAN become one. 

Bible says be nice. That is the entire message. It says don't judge.

You gonna burn till you ain't even there no more. I am so sorry!!

Bro Ok, Thu, 05/20/2021 - 22:44

Jesus help the lgbt

Same sex is listed as a SIN multiple times In the Bible. 
“sexual immorality” 

Genesis 2:24 talks about union between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN. 

get your facts straitened out. 

He, God, and the Bible all told me you are gay yourself. Praise be!!! You are still going to live in a molten hot tub after you die - don't ever die!!!!

Straight pseudo-Christian people with no problems with having sex or love themselves,  or any serious personal issues are the coolest!!! Perfect in their own minds. Going straight to "Heaven". Awww.

Why are so many are still homophobic (racist) a-holes (no offense) and undoubtedly Q publican. There's a fact or 2!!

Then they claim to know "God's intent" when it comes to 
"His" creations. Perhaps "God" created trans people to bug the living fuck outta you personally? That's must be it. It really WAS all about you!!!


Jesus died so dork-humans like you guys would have a chance. You're screwing yourself. Mind your own dang business. Go get laid. God bless you. See ya in the hot tub way down south!!


Revelation 6:66 verse 13 states we are so stupid. We elect a (Plainly) gay, but closeted president that would twitter his presidency and the entire country away. That Bible sure has some good stories!!

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