Former Police Chief Vasquez Writes Us from Prison


SAN ANGELO, Texas – Former San Angelo Police Chief Tim Vasquez is running out of options to overturn his conviction and leave federal prison early. The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans upheld the conviction of former San Angelo Police Chief Timothy Ray Vasquez in November. Charged with bribery and three counts of honest-services mail fraud, Vasquez is serving a 15.5-year sentence at a federal penitentiary in Jesup, Georgia, following his March 2022 conviction.

Vasquez sent the following letter to San Angelo LIVE!:

"I am devastated with the refusal of the Supreme Court to hear my case.  I can't wrap my head around Justice Thomas being accused of basically the same thing and I get 186 months and he continues on. 

"I haven't given up.  I hope to hire a San Angelo attorney, who cares and knows me and my past, to help me from this point forward.  I only have a 2255, a sentence reduction, or a pardon left that I can use.  

"I loved my job, the department and my community.  I would have never intentionally done anything to hurt any of them.  Never.

"I don't believe, if the judge had known the Bureau Of Prisons was going to move me across the country when my family, my children, could not visit, that he would have sentenced me so harshly.  

"My parents are elderly and my children are in school.  I have asked to be moved to Texas but my file says that, 'to limit my scope of influence' I have been moved here.   

"At times, my faith has been shaken, but I have never lost my love for the Lord.  He will use this situation to be glorified.  I am blessed, despite not being able to see them for over two years now, my family and children are good.  God has them.  I haven't hugged my daughters since March 19, 2022.  

"I am blessed to be able to play in the Praise and Worship band in Chapel and do have a lead role in our nightly prayer group.  Despite loving friends during this trauma, God has never left me. 

"I am disappointed that we were not allowed to put on a defense at trial the way wanted, due to the motion in Lemini.  And the indictment came at such a strange time, five years after the investigation started.  Someday I will be able to share my narrative.  The government has controlled the narrative this entire time.  

"One day, I will share everything I know but have not been allowed to discuss.  I can say that in March of 2016, when I asked the Ranger about the ongoing investigation, I alluded to the effect it would have on the election.  After hearing the investigative techniques used, I knew the justice system was being politicized and being manipulated to benefit some upcoming elections.  Long before the DOJ and FBI were used against President Trump.  

"My concerns no longer include vindication, or repairing my reputation or legacy. My concern is getting home to my loved ones, my children, to the people who care about me, to be the best son, dad, friend and maybe husband I can be, and using this experience to serve others and God.

"My heart has always been about serving others, and I will continue to do it as God directs me.

"Lastly, the article written about our direct appeal in the 5th Circuit was very well written and made some valid points," Vasquez wrote.


Tim R Vasquez 

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Remembering back to a rigged Grand Jury, a confidential informant and her teenage daughter outed to the Bandidos gang and scheduled for kidnapping and torture in Mexico. As well as the shafting Federal attorney Jeff Hague and the Texas Rangers. Naw, he won't be out soon. The good news for Tim is that he won't get what he really deserved. Oh, when is endorsement coming out for Police Chief.

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