Jan. 6 Aftermath – Democrats & the Liberal Media Still Attack All Republicans as 'Threats to Democracy'


SAN ANGELO – Every major liberal national news outlet on Jan. 6, 2023 has a story about how all Republicans are insurrectionists and are threats to Democracy after the Trump Rally-turned-march-turned-Capitol Breach in 2020 is now and forever labeled an 'insurrection' and 'attack on Democracy.'

CNN found the most biased liberal Democrat they could find to pen an op-ed about how his life was in danger by rally goers.  Let's not forget that only one person died at the Capitol that day; Ashley Babbitt was a 14 year military veteran expressing her right to free speech when she was shot and killed in cold blood.  She did not have to die that day.  

No matter how that sad moment in U.S. history is portrayed, for now, the Democrats and the liberal media have labeled all Republicans as threats to Democracy.  And they may have a point judging by how the Republican House members are acting today over electing a Speaker.  

Do you think all Republicans, including every statewide elected official in Texas, are insurrectionists and threats to Democracy?  The vast majority of Republicans were not involved in the events that day in Washington, yet the media would have you believe they were all conspiring together to overthrow the government.  

Are all Democrats innocent and victims of Jan 6?

Was the 2020 Presidential election stolen or do you trust the results? 

Is it accurate to label all Republicans and Conservatives as 'rioters', 'insurrectionists', 'traitors', or 'threats to Democracy?'

Will you trust the results of the 2024 Presidential election without question?

Please leave your comments below.  

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Ashley Babbitt's right to free speech didn't include the right to illegally enter a federal building and try to break the glass out of a door in furtherance of an effort to reach lawmakers.  14-year veteran or not, she could have expressed her dissatisfaction with the election results through other legal means of free speech.

Must be a slow news day, Yantis, if you're dredging this up to try to get your trolls stirred up again.

Hmmmm, Fri, 01/06/2023 - 17:54

They were let in, and I’m not aware of her breaking into anything. People that were there in the hallway actually say she was trying to stop people from going further after the glass was broken by others. There was also multiple heavily armed officers in the hall with her in the videos that didn’t act like there was any threat. 

She was crawling through the broken glass door when she was shot in the neck. How is that in any way construed as trying to prevent people from crawling through the broken glass door? I don’t want people to commit mail fraud so I’m going to commit mail fraud. That’s the logic you’re rolling with. 

Hmmmm, Sat, 01/07/2023 - 14:06

If she wasn’t shot in the neck by a guy in no danger at all we might be able to ask her what she was doing.

I can show you multiple videos of republican terrorist insurrectionists breaking windows and doors to get in. BUT, they will be censored because they go against the narrative the the republican propaganda machine has taught people like you. 

CGM5, Sat, 01/07/2023 - 10:52

So, when the democrat's antifa was destroying neighborhoods, fire bombing police stations and killing innocent people, I guess you are one of those that said these were mostly peaceful protests. 

CGM5, Sat, 01/07/2023 - 11:00

First of all, I don't remember any AR15s, shotguns or other such weapons that most definitely would be needed to overthrow a government. Even with weapons they wouldn't stand a chance in hell of succeeding. What happened is people became angry at the fact that parts of that election process seemed very suspicious to say the least. They were sick and tired of groups like antifa terrorizing, causing so much destruction and threating to cause even more if the democrats didn't win the election. They were angry that democrats everywhere were excusing this and allowing it to continue. Unlike the Jan. 6th crowd, antifa had guns and knives they used to kill people and molotov cocktails used on official buildings such as city halls and police stations. This was the real threat to the Republic not the angry protesters that stormed the capitol, broke some windows, climbed fences and entered buildings. Yes a Police officer died at the hands of one idiot and an unarmed girl died at the hands of another. If you would like I can find out how many died over the course of the antifa riots. I assure you, it was many many times that. The dems keep referring to Jan. 6th as an attempt to overthrow the Government which is ludicrous at best but, it sounds good.

Hmmmm, Sat, 01/07/2023 - 14:12

Also remember when blm tried to burn down a historic church, set a guard post on fire, and was so close to the White House they had to put the president in a bunker for safety. The media made fun of it and acted like it was a joke. But JAN 6!!!!!!

ALSO, that car you are showing in that picture? Those people painted their own car, they have admitted it. They live on parkview.

False flag operation. Look up “Ray Epps Revolver News” interesting stuff.

Could you please learn what antifa is before your next goofy diatribe.  You have some decent points but your cluelessness hurts. 

CGM5, Sat, 01/07/2023 - 17:29

I don't give a tinker's damn what they are about, it's what they did and how they went about it. 

In these days of immmoral lawyers toting heavy briefcases, political operatives undermining long-established processes, clearly demonstrated examples of attempts rejected by multiple courts to overthrow an honestly executed election, and the sheer brutality/stupidity demonstrated on January 6, no one with a functioning mind can possibly believe it just takes a boatload of guns to overthrow a government.  These criminals tried to do just that.  Further, it is abundantly clear that anyone who believes the 2020 election was "stolen" is a freaking idiot.

Though at this point in my life I lean left, I respect, support, and vote for thinking conservatives.  I will NEVER support any Trumpist or anyone else who is an Election Denier.  Those people are brain dead.

Regarding Ashley Babbit, hers is a sad case.  She was not where she should  have been, doing things she should not have been doing, and those things drove an armed man to think himself at risk.  As sad as it is, the fault lies with her and not with him.

I’m over it. But anyone who believes that absolutely no cheating took place in the 2020 election, especially considering the high level of corruption being uncovered on the part of the democrats, is a freaking idiot ;)

Since no evidence...

Since no meaningful evidence has established any proof of significant corruption associated with the 2020 election, multiple court rulings (including from Trump-appointed justices) have been made hollering, "Horsepoop!" regarding such matters, and even as staunch a Trump whore as Giuliani's saying, "We gots theories, but we gots no evidence," I stand by my statement:  The 2020 election was not stolen.  Good God, even The Orange Goblin acknowledged that in private.

The soulless bastard lost, and deservedly.  We are all better off for it.

CGM5, Sun, 01/08/2023 - 18:53

The only soulless bastard I've seen is the one currently in the White House. He is also brainless but, I guess being able to think for one's self apparently is no longer a prerequisite to become President. That guy will sell out this country just to stay in power.

You don’t consider high level government officials colluding with big tech to censor opposing views as “significant corruption”?



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