WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Mainstream Democrat (National Socialist) Attacks GOP Voters with "Baby Killers All" Tirade


SAN ANGELO – I wasn't going to publish this letter.  I didn't want to publish it because of the personal attacks and obvious misinformation.  You, the audience of San Angelo LIVE! deserve better.  

After receiving this email from Miles McMillan, I ignored it for days.  Then it hit me.  Mr. McMillan seemingly shares the views of the mainstream Democrat Party of Texas, the National Democrat Party, and the President of the United States.  

You deserve to hear first hand what that party thinks about you and your beliefs.  

Here is Mr. McMillan's letter to the editor in its entirety.    

"Without attacking you further, which is all calling someone a baby killer is, I just wanted you and Mr. HYDE and Mr Trammell to be aware of something. Lots of people know you guys are MAGA FOXNEWS NEWSMAX, OAN, TBN, etc.
west tx bots.
 Your horrible and misleading journalism is ,.........horrible and evil much of the time. Election liars. Forced birther laws are your cherry on top. Lock up Marijuana criminals!!!!

 You, hypocrite deceiver, are a baby killer far worse than any woman. I presume you have masterbated in your life? You're a radical right wing fascist baby killer. Women's rights aren't important to killers like you and the other murderers at SA live, Matt and Dr. Jeckle. 
You guys leave people speechless with your terrible paper. And every single hand-picked anonymous radical right wing creep that you don't censor, like you censored me on your comment section, can all suck it, as well. 
Baby Killers, all. As well as fascist, hoping women's rights are taken away. 

 San Angelo,  help save the country from pseudo religious cruelty, people, VOTE BLUE!!! And the fat, toupee wearing, ugly, orange man lost the election and is a traitor. People the world over will be overjoyed and will celebrate the end of the sore losing liar, frog marching to his 8 X 10.

Thanks for voting straight democratic party. Women are already having problems with this horror, like they are dying!

The reason epublican party is the most dangerous human organization in human history. Prove me wrong, Yantis. They're making Hitler's rise to power their standards for re-election. Like lying for 2 years to try to create discord, protecting a proven TRAITOR, and make voting extremely difficult for many people. The similarities must not be ignored. This is the scariest time in US history. Thanks, if you print this, which I doubt, since yall are known censors of anything other than your own personal beliefs."

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Lol pretty restrained. Didn’t mention your gay mullet at all which, to be honest, is the most graphic thing on this site. 

CGM5, Sat, 10/22/2022 - 12:30

Another typical democrat sheep that cant think for himself and so is Miles.

CGM5, Sat, 10/22/2022 - 16:45

 (Didn’t mention your gay mullet)

So, are you making fun of Gay people???

Could be another issue entirely.

Obsessed with dicks can’t stop talking about them ;)

Obsessed with their length, girth, reproductive potency, ability to expel urine or with their sheer variety and number? Please explicate.

Most of the time has to do with size likely compensating for his lack thereof ;)

I understand that Karateautobots identifies as a Democrat, but I assumed that this individual was actually a biological female of some type. It hadn't occurred to me that KAB could be a biological Democrat.

You described his mullet as gay and implied that the mullet's sexual attraction to other mullets is an undesirable property.

Hmmmm, Sat, 10/22/2022 - 12:24

Not unhinged at all. I wonder if he’s “friends” with the other totally not unhinged “disheveled man in a mask”, that dropped off the well written letter to SAL a few months ago. 

Please keep publishing letters from Miles he’s the perfect example of why people need to be voting republican ;)

Without commenting on his politics, his punctuation, sentence composition, grammar, and spelling could all use some work. And I'm befuddled by his comments on Republican baby killing and the completely out of place reference to self- gratification, which he could probably spell properly if he'd let go of his pecker and pick up a dictionary.

Just like drunk texting never a good idea.

Self loathing individuals all more than likely wish they were never born ;)

There is no reason this individual could not have corrected these errors with a single hand.

Online dictionaries are available through several websites and a number of apps, with a few stand alone reference apps out there. There are even word processing apps that have built-in dictionaries. Browsers themselves, regardless of the platform, often have this function built-in as well.

The fault here lies both with the writer's lack of initiative and attention to detail. There is absolutely no valid reason that a given individual could not have written a well composed letter while multitasking.


"You, hypocrite deceiver, are a baby killer far worse than any woman. I presume you have masterbated in your life? You're a radical right wing fascist baby killer. Women's rights aren't important to killers like you and the other murderers at SA live, Matt and Dr. Jeckle." 


The WWII references are somewhat confusing and incongruent. In what sort of light are the writer and whoever chose that picture trying to cast the people this comparison is aimed at?

And there you have it a prime example of the typical leftnut brain dead liberal mindset(:(:(:

Seeing RED lately???

To a certain degree I agree with the OP's overall premise.  He addressed much of the rot currently poisoning right-wingism, but he was a mite over the top in expressing himself.  At the least had I chosen to express these views I would hope I would have spoken a bit more eloquently and less hyperbolically.

I must say, in addressing his accusations regarding censorship here, there have been times when I thought I might have pushed Joe over the edge.   Heck, a couple of times I would have censored myself had I been running the site, but Joe did not.  The lad has exhibited admirable tolerance, at least regarding me.

Concerning journalistic standards, few were exhibited here.  The headline was sophomoric (equating "National Socialism" with the current Democratic Party is absurd), and Yantis' introduction to the OP's screed was downright silly.

Many of the resulting responses in the thread reminded me of junior high school proto-men posturing after getting out of class.  All that penis stuff is childish and smacks either of an adolescent or an unshaven, unwashed loser living in his mother's basement sitting on his bulging butt in front of a glowing screen dueling with those of his ilk on-line.  Childish.

In closing, I utterly despise Trump, cannot even begin to understand the swallowing of his never-ending lies by his followers, know quite well that anyone who thinks the 2020 election was "stolen" is a freaking moron in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and I will NEVER support any politico who supports or at least claims to support that pure stupidity.

Biden is an imperfect president, but he is most assuredly not evil.  Trump, and those who succor him and choose to act and speak like him, are.

Beam me up, Scotty.  Ain't no intelligent life here, at least with current Republicans.

"Heck, a couple of times I would have censored myself had I been running the site, but Joe did not.  The lad has exhibited admirable tolerance, at least regarding me."

They can't do it to everybody, or it would be obvious. They have to maintain a bit of perceptible openness to opposing views, even though they only allow a tiny fraction of those be posted.

It’s official demo libs are opposed to censorship…except, of course, when it comes to a decidedly leftist mainstream media that’s different lol.

Biden is a blithering senile idiot potato. It's really saying something when a failing business man can run our country better than a CAREER politician. Inflation at 8% home loans at 7%... holy shit what a disaster of a presidency. Someone get a fire extinquisher and put Biden's dumpster fire out! And you have the nerve to call anyone else unintelligent while you are a complete dumbass!! Butthole and all 

There’s a reason why Biden supporters on here (all four of them lol) and elsewhere refuse to address the REAL issues facing our country…such as the shitshow at our southern border and 40 year high inflation ;)

This may be accessible only to those with an Atlantic account, which would require more sophisticated tastes in reading material ;)

Just kidding.  It is a good article, and if I still maintained domain space as I once did I would download the thing, PDF it, and FTP it to where you could get to it.

No thanks I don’t subscribe to leftist propaganda I get my fill of it on here lol.

Perception requires awareness…something you’re severely lacking in.

I do applaud you for admitting that Biden is “imperfect”…although quite the understatement I doubt very seriously that he remembers what he had for breakfast ;)


If you were a wise Democrat, you would understand that the height of human achievement is turning your peepee into a hoohah, "spoiling" women with extra overtime and the "right" to have a doctor kill their unborn babies, and living like a eusocial insect at the beck and call of technocratic overlords.

I much prefer the minor flaws exhibited by Biden to to those reflected in the sheer avarice, lawlessness, paucity of morals, and absolute disdain and lack of concern for anyone but himself boiling out of that pile of smoldering rage and evil that is Donald Trump.  He is filth, and a masterful deceiver of the unwitting.   Satan must be proud of his acolyte.

Haha “Trump’s the DEVIL”. Like I said severely lacking in awareness! Perhaps if you focused on what is actually happening…such as the ongoing shitshow on our southern border and inflation at a 40 year high with no end in sight, then you could see things more clearly.

I doubt it you’re WAY too obsessed with the Bad Orange Man. I mean give it a break the guy hasn’t even announced that he’s running yet lol.

I think Expat's motivations are becoming clearer the more he writes.

When you throw the working class under the bus, convince them that killing their children is a moral good, flood the country with miseducated hordes from oppressive countries, and horde as many resources as you can to set yourself, your posterity, and your class up as a new nobility over the rest of the population, well that's just a necessary evil.

But if you call out the people involved in that project on their BS, say it in a mean way to draw attention to it, and start enabling the would be untermenschen underclass to achieve the realization of their promised political rights, well, you are pure, unadulterated evil.

Pure evil.

My "motivations" are really quite simple:

(1)  Thinking, responsible,  moral conservatives... good.  Extremists excluded.

(2)  Thinking, responsible, moral liberals... good.  Extremists excluded.

(3)  Donald Trump... very, very bad.  Dangerous.  Destructive.  Evil.  Totally self-serving.  Wholly disingenuous.  Untrustworthy.  Disgustingly ignorant.  Possibly (likely) not sane.  Immoral.  

(4)  Supporters of Donald Trump... either possessing his qualities as stated in (3) above or simply ignorant and hopelessly deluded while being well-meaning and  equally dangerous as a result of their delusion.

I love this country.  I absolutely hate what that vile bastard is doing to it and what he is doing to otherwise good people.

You and I will never agree here.  Nonetheless, that does not mean I think you to be a bad guy.  We simply disagree.

Let us both hope this country we love can get through all the contretemps it is experiencing.



^^ Local village idiot thinks 40 year high inflation, mortgage lending rates higher than OBAMA'S, MEMORY loss, printing 7 TRILLION fake dollars, are all minor flaws.......but pls continue to tell everyone about how the mean orange man touched you in your no no spot.... Joe Biden presidency is like a weekend at Bernies only it's lasted for years!!

Awareness... Yes... 

NPR just published an article about William Shatner's experience of the Overview Effect.

He goes on about climate change, but I suspect he's just grasping for an explanation of the sense of grief and tragedy he felt... the sense that something is wrong.

In the most generic terms, what does that "sacred heart" on Jesus' chest represent? Social capital or something?

Oh well.

Never experienced a “bird’s eye” view of the Earth, but something is definitely wrong I sense it too!

I suspect you and I will be ok. Not sure about Ex Pat my guess is he’s headed for a rude awakening ;)

They say it's a moral good to kill babies and sterilize children via sex changes and also claim that God is on their side. That sounds a lot like something Moloch would demand, but not anything demanded or prescribed by the Christian God. 🤷

Clearly lost. Those agreeing with the “overall premise” espoused by the current democrat party are lost as well ;)

Not sure why Biden sycophants are so upset. What’s wrong things not working out how you thought?

I mean I kinda get it with Kamala as the “heir apparent”. Unlike Biden who’s eaten up with dementia, she’s just flat-out STUPID.

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