The Trump Mob


OPINION – "Go home. We love you. You’re very special."

Not exactly the words that condemn the unlawful actions of an angry mob storming the Capitol building, but I guess they were the best ones the president could muster in that video.

The president knew the level of violence he incited in people and he simply didn't care. Even after witnessing the destruction occurring in real-time, he couldn't find the words to condemn the behavior with the same energy he used to rile up the rioters.

Clearly, not everyone in attendance at the "Save America Rally" became a rioter, but those who chose to become domestic terrorists fueled their frenzy from the president's words.

In case we have any questions, domestic terrorism is defined as "the committing of terrorist acts in the perpetrator's own country against their fellow citizens."

More than 24 hours after the vicious attack, the president found the courage to tell his supporters that storming a federal building and attacking police officers was bad. But I guess we can give him credit for reading a prepared statement with a total lack of emotion.

Side note: We could discuss the President's response to BLM protestors over the summer, but I guess we won't say the quiet part out loud.

But beyond my personal feelings for the president, it was a sad day for all Americans to see what took place at the Capitol building.
Because the real argument here isn't about "counting all legal votes" or "upholding the constitution." The goal is to cast doubt that Americans could vote for someone that wasn't Donald J. Trump.

But yet they did and they did it in droves - regardless of how many times the president says the opposite on Twitter.

The same energy that drove Republicans to vote for an outsider in 2016, drive those of us who were tired of Trump to the voting booth.

Trump supporters spent the last two months screaming from the mountain-tops that the will of 74 million Americans was subjugated by election fraud. Yet the domestic terrorists who charged the Capitol building and those who support the movement would have no problem disenfranchising the 81 million people who voted for someone else.

I get it, it sucks when your candidate doesn't win, but that doesn't give anyone the right to push aside legal votes simply because you don't "believe" Biden could beat Trump.

If we talk about proof, well then I guess Rudy Guilainni is still looking. More than 60 lawsuits later, the president's allies and legal team have failed to pass the legal threshold that would allow them to pursue their claims. Because belief a crime occurred isn't evidence of a crime. If 60 failed lawsuits don't prove the cases lack merit, then I truly believe nothing will.

Furthermore, the objections only seem to apply to the votes cast in the presidential race. 

The representatives of Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georiga took to the floor to disparage the validity of the votes cast for president in their state, yet had no problem claiming victory when the same ballots that elected Joe Biden as the winner also sent them to Congress. But that's an argument for another day.

The real issue now is that anyone that finds a way to justify or minimize what happened in D.C. should take a moment to reflect on what they are truly defending.

Because at the end of the day, this attack was not a fight for democracy, it was a fight for Donald Trump.

If you can explain this away, you are not supporting democratic values - you are approving a coup. 

You are supporting a mob that attacked law enforcement as they waved "Blue Lives Matter" flags. 

You are supporting senseless violence -- and that shouldn't be who we are as a country, regardless of our political differences.

You are telling domestic terrorists it is okay to endanger the lives of others when the election doesn't go your way. 

You are telling this country that as long as the violence is being committed in the name of the candidate you support, then it's not that big of a deal. 

And I get that the MAGA life might be your thing, but that doesn't mean you get to overthrow elections because you are upset.

In just 13 days, a new administration will begin its tenure, but I don't believe the Trump fever will go away anytime soon.

So, I would simply ask that you remember that years from now Donald Trump will no longer have the power and persuasion he currently holds. 

He will be a part of history as those who came before him, but we will have to grapple with what we allowed to occur in our country in the name of loyalty to one man.

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ironic, Fri, 01/08/2021 - 16:46

This is your opinion and of course you are entitled to it, and more power to you.

in my opinion all of your arguments could be used throughout the past summer and fall, just substitute BLM or ANTIFA where you put the trump name or trump supporters names.

but what you are missing is the damage to private property, the theft of property or looting as it’s called and the setting up of autonomous zones; is doing that more treasonous than “walking through” the house in general in an orderly way?  One of the videos I seen show people walking in an orderly fashion, almost sight seeing.

idiots exist on both sides, please do not point the finger at others unless you accept the failings from your own point of view.

Not surprised to see this type of opinion from a journalist.   Wednesdays situation in DC was unacceptable but not unexpected.   Your opinion just confirmed what the is the problem in our country - divisiveness.   November's election was questionable, very questionable.   To ignore it and not investigate every possible fraudulent voting or ballot counting only serves to further diminish the People's belief that any election in this country is fair and just.   If you want to condemn President Trump and accuse him of instigating the run on the capital, then you must condemn and accuse every single politician, civic leader in this country from the city level to the national level when they publicly denounced the police and called for their defunding, for they too can be accused of igniting the riots and violence this past year in cities across this great nation.   How is it that we wasted months and millions of dollars to try and fabricate evidence to impeach President Trump but never even raised an eyebrow when Joe Biden was clearly implicated in the Ukraine scandal or when Hillary Clinton violated Federal Law by utilizing a private email server to communicate classified and sensitive information.   If any other regular citizen or member of the intelligence community had did what Hillary did, they would be arrested, tried and sentence to federal prison.   Also, why should anyone trust the Democratic Party to not cheat in an election after it was disclosed they cheated within their own party to ensure Hillary Clinton got the party nomination to run for President?   I am not a Trump fan but I absolutely will not support a political party which has been caught numerous times cheating and committing criminal acts.   If and when journalist ever get back to just reporting the facts, unbiased, and with integrity, I might start listening and giving some credit to what I read and hear.  Your opinion here only shows your failure to be objective and to utilize your skill set and employment to further a PERSONAL dislike for President Trump.  There is no professionalism here, just a petty self-serving little reporter trying to jump on the anti-Trump wagon and get some attention.

I agree with you. They won’t seem to allow me to post my comments.  I thought we lived in a country of free speech.

I agree with jack. they rarely post my comments here....I’m just not “politically correct” enough. 

I have a “side note” for you Ms. Munoz. As far as I know Trump never had a problem with the BLM movement itself, only the months long looting/violence associated with it. In fact he blamed Antifa. In case we have any questions Antifa is NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, comprised by minority individuals so put away the race card!

I like president trump. He is an upright man, a person maligned. He is not to blame for what happened at the capitol. 
“for I will show him how he must suffer for MY names sake” Acts 9:16 

What’s with the “we” stuff do you have a mouse in your pocket lol.

I personally don’t have a problem saying “the quiet part” out loud. You’re a leftist demagogue and a race baiter.

CGM5, Sat, 01/09/2021 - 10:07

Bravo to Ironic and Jack Thorpe. After I read the headline I had no intention of reading the article and still don't. There is no reason to because of the source and the subject. The article will be filled with a one sided opinion and cheap shots. People from both sides of the aisle no longer trust the media and for good reason. The media is no longer a source of truth and facts. They have become part of the entertainment industry. If a person wants a western story or maybe sci-fi they know where to find it. If they want political fiction they go to the media. Ironic and Jack Thorpe have already very clearly stated anything else I might want to ad.  

That you have no intention of reading an article but still have strong opinions about it is common and precisely why we find ourselves here.  If you refuse to read or listen to anything that conflicts with what you've already 'decided', you're part of the problem.  This applies to both sides, but unfortunately, the pro-Trump side tends to only have their feelings as their data. As Ms. Ramirez-Munoz succinctly states, "More than 60 lawsuits later, the president's allies and legal team have failed to pass the legal threshold that would allow them to pursue their claims. Because belief a crime occurred isn't evidence of a crime."  

You are right about one thing the MAGA movement is not going away! I, for one, plan to offer Biden the same amount of “ grace” afforded Trump over the period of his entire presidency.

Bravo to the author. She clearly has the wit to see through the bilge constantly spouted by the Liar-In-Chief since his coronation in 2017, and the courage to state it here in a bastion of myopic ultra-conservative alleged thought.

Those of us who had done some research on Boy Wonder Trump, backed up ad infinitum by his equally flawed daddy, realized quite some time ago he was and remains a chimera.  He has always been a fraud.  The one thing at which he has been successful is pandering to fools, and this trait snared him the White House.

He lies, he cheats, he steals, he cajoles, he whines,he threatens, he bullies, and he does it all with only his interests in mind.  He cares naught about anything else.  This was he before January 20, 2017, and it remains so now.

His knowledge of the gullible mind allowed him to sell the fiction of a stolen election to a gaggle of folks clearly unable to think for themselves.  In so doing he mirrored Hitler's Goebbels, who sold the tale of Jewish perfidy over and over to the German people until they believed it... and six million people were murdered as result.

Too many lawsuits, critiqued by resulting examinations and analyses by thinking jurisprudential types both Republican and Democrat, have been thrown in the trashcan because There Ain't No There There.  It's all garbage promulgated by a desperate fool clinging to illusions of his own invincibility.  Anyone who still believes that the election was "stolen" probably believes unicorns exist.

The debacle in Washington is on Trump and the slavish, slavering klatch of clowns who seem to think they should be aggrieved because life ain't what they think it should be and they seek a savior without realizing their savior is playing them for fools since they serve his purpose... that being his survival and sense of supremacy.

The Capitol was desecrated.   That's on Trump.  People died.  That's on Trump.  Our adversaries on the world stage see weakness in us.  That's on Trump.

I have always respected those on the Right who exhibit judgement and intelligence.  I do not see that in those fools who continue to support this highly evil, dangerous clown who has done, and continues to do, damage to this country I love.


Obligatory Nazi reference how original ;)

 Trumps list of accomplishments is out there try Google...unless, of course, it hasn’t already been censored by leftist ideologues looking to take away our 1st Amendment right!

Wow! did you really learn all those ten dollar words?  You do know what they mean don't you?  Well don't you!

Oh, by the way kudos on all the myopic adjectives!


G sends

Before we left San Angelo we carefully planned how we would get there. We decided to drive to Fredericksburg, VA and take the commuter rail into the heart DC. The mayor had shut the city down which meant no water or food unless we packed it in. 

Concerning Trump's talk, it was similar to what he has said since the election an I agree that the election was stolen. Trump's assertions have never been debunked. And the Supreme Court failed the country by not even hearing it.

Concerning the crowd, there might have been a million, maybe three million. Trump encouraged the crowd to stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol and by our presence, influence a few spineless send the election back to the States. Gulianni's remarks were equally benign.

It was a joyful walk and we say Trump supporters from all over the World including "Iranian's for Trump"

We were about a block from from the Capitol Building when we heard a Tear Gas Grenade go off and w detoured to the Railroad Station.

Talking to other participants we found that the Capitol Police had removed the barriers and in some cases had opened the doors and verbally invited the protestors in. I also heard a video recording of a Antiffa rioter breaking a window and stating that the spirit of Antiffa was strong in the place. Bottom line is that the confrontation was deadly because a woman was accidentally shot by Capitol Police i'm not saying she was murdered but she was killed by our government  and Not Donald Trump. The three elderly people died because the shouldn't have subjected them selves to the cold, wet weather conditions. The Capitol Police has never said what killed the Capitol Policeman but it might have been a Heart Attack.

Trump killed no one.

Those that went inside the Capitol did so foolishly and at there own risk and will be punished by our Nations angry elected officials. The Democrats and Republicans will never destroy Donald Trump but over seventy million Americans may extract Judgement on Them. Trump showed has shown us how truely corrupt our Nation is. It is rotten to the core

In June of 2018, Rep. Maxine Waters called on her supporters to publicly accost and harass members of the Trump administration.

“Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere."

Anyone with any semblance of human decency would have to ask themselves "Why?"

Why would an elected official put out a call to arms, to fan the flames of an already mentally unstable voting base and it's supporters, to "harass" other Americans and contend that "they're not welcome, anymore, anywhere"?

What Waters did then, was definitely incendiary, and when you assemble a crowd for the sole purposes of exhibiting hostility towards an individual, unprovoked, this is what's known as a "lynching".

(sorry, snowflakes, no ''trigger warning" for that one)

Waters, like many radical Leftists fail to realize that this country is not their personal toilet, to squat on and release their pent up, twisted ideological diarrhea at will on those who'd rather not entertain their petulant bullshit and petty grievances. There's a time and a place for dialogue and debate, however the Left has forgone civil discourse in exchange for the knee jerk M.O. of rabid, vicious animals.

I'd like to thank you, however, Sonia, for clarifying what a ''domestic terrorist" is, just in case there was any confusion as to what to call those who burn down police precincts, assault people for wearing the wrong hat, loot businesses, destroy private property and issue threats to anyone who hasn't "taken a knee" and acquiesced before the altar of radical malcontents.

As far as Trump's response to the violence at the Capitol -- at least there WAS indeed a response, and a denouncement of the actions of those who, by their actions, acted out like complete....well, Leftists, circa 2016-present day.

If we can go back a few months, let's recall the instances where Biden and his cronies refused to so much as admit to the Nation, that the violence and destruction which was enacted by the domestic terror groups BLM and ANTIFA, was indeed the plague which it is. We watched cities burn, entire gaggles of have-not hippie trash and criminals commandeer neighborhoods and create "autonomous zones", tear down and deface federal property, with the usual apathetic, do-nothing Dems sending their regards by means of silence and deflection.

Lefist media lapdogs stood in front of burning businesses and scenes of outright lawlessness, while lauding the plight of the hoards of coveted street trash for "taking a stand" and applauding criminal acts which were carried out under the guise of "social justice". 

We watched entire crowds of these ''peaceful protestors" chanting "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" and the go-to, played out cliché of "no justice, no peace" -- yet these inflammatory actions and the actors perpetrating them were not as much as called out for their actions, not by media, nor Democratic leaders, who only stood to gain leverage by allowing these scenes of anarchy and lawlessness to play out at the cost of American citizens.

Trump has never been proven to be personally linked to any ''white supremist'' groups, yet he's taken to task by the ill informed basement bunnies and radicals to "condemn" said groups, for the very purpose of creating a chimerical affiliation with them to suit any far reaching, plausible narratives that Trump is indeed a racist.

On the other hand, the usual suspects within the ''social justice'' pig pen have remained complacent, and are perfectly content with what their ragtag supporters and career criminal fanbase has accomplished within this past year. America OWES them, after all.

By all means, tear down a monument, grab yourself a new pair of Jordans -- this is what your poor, marginalized ancestors would want!

Oh, and Sonia, be sure and let Pelosi and the like know that they, too, can't overthrow elections because they're upset.

The "loyalty" you cited isn't so much for a man named Donald Trump, rather the values which Americans (on either side) still hold dear.

Once upon a time, elections were held, presidents were elected, and respect was paid to the office, if not the person occupying it. This isn't the case today.

Generation WHINE and their enablers emerged from their insulated bubbles, didn't like what they saw, and with all the gusto of children who want their candy before dinner, insisted that if they didn't get what they wanted, they were going to break something. If no one heeded their outlandish demands, they were going to go out kicking and screaming.

If only they took a page from the handbook of disgruntled ingrates, and held their breath as well -- long enough to realize that many of us wouldn't miss a wink of sleep, had they held it long enough to ensure that it had been their last.

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