The COVID Cops


OPINION – Uniformed and armed law enforcement officers were at both entrances at the Walmart Super Center on Sherwood Way Saturday.  

The presence of the officers was intimidating and reminded me of prison guards.  The response to the Covid pandemic has changed the way San Angeloans are allowed to purchase food and necessities.

I went to Walmart Saturday, and after I parked, I immediately noticed two uniformed officers at each of the entrances.  The entrances have been modified so that there is an entrance line and an exit line to separate shoppers.  

Once inside, there was a masked Walmart employee with a tablet device keeping track of how many shoppers were in the store.  

Everyone inside was wearing a mask and almost no one made eye contact.  I made my way down the aisles to get the items I needed and put them in my cart.  While doing so, I saw what appeared to be an off duty officer walking the aisles seemingly checking to make sure shoppers were wearing their masks and following the social distancing markers on the floor.  

I was intimidated by that situation.  I was uncomfortable in that store and I will not go back until something changes. 

2020 Pandemic Walmart Banner (Live Photo/Yantis Green)

2020 Pandemic Walmart Banner (Live Photo/Yantis Green)

In addition to the gestapo-like scene, Walmart was out of toilet paper and most paper goods.  The surge in Covid-19 cases recently in Tom Green County made residents nervous.  On Monday, the Wendy's restaurant had a sign on the drive through indicating the business was out of lettuce for hamburgers.  

Walmart is out of paper goods and a popular fast food restaurant has no lettuce.  These two situations may seem unrelated but they are both interruptions in the supply chain.  

With the uncertainty over the Presidential election and the pandemic, some people are hoarding food and essentials like toilet paper.  

There is talk of another lockdown in San Angelo if Covid hospitalization rates continue to increase.  If Joe Biden is declared President, he has suggested a total lockdown of four to six weeks.  It seems like that kind of draconian measure would kill the already struggling economy and put many millions of people out of work and shutter businesses deemed unessential.  

One of the only avenues to get beyond the pandemic and to the new normal is for a majority of Americans to get vaccinated.  President Trump's team has indicated at least one vaccine will be available by the end of November.  Once a majority of Americans are vaccinated, my hope is the pandemic will slowly fade away.  Then there will be a perennial Covid season similar to the annual flu season.  

There will be other pandemics in the future.  Perhaps we as a country will learn from this one and future reactions will not have to be as extreme and will not disrupt the economy and harm the lives of millions.  

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"I was intimidated by that situation.  I was uncomfortable in that store and I will not go back until something changes."   

Outstanding, that will leave more toilet paper for the rest of us.   Grow a pair, it's not the end of the world. just a minor inconvenience. 

B M, Thu, 11/19/2020 - 16:30

A convicted felon being scared and intimidated by police...

I honestly can't tell if this opinion piece is satire or not.

B M, Thu, 11/19/2020 - 16:34

Isn't it "conservatives" that tell people to follow the rules, and then you don't need to fear police? Blue lives matter, right?

Follow the rules, Yantis, and you'll have nothing to worry about because a majority of police are good, decent people. It's just a few bad apples ruining the bunch. Right?

I figured a man of your years would have a greater understanding of history and what the gestapo actually was. I was wrong. Do yourself a favor and hit up the Holocaust museum in Dallas. It’s only $12. If you’re too afraid to travel feel free to crack open a book and read it.

I saw nothing like this. Just the normal security guard. The regular door attendant but nothing to rate this level of discomfort. 

Nothing at all. 


Obviously, you have not been to Walmart prior to the "Covid Cops!" This extreme was necessary because the lack of wearing masks (properly) and maintaining social distances. It has been reported over and over but apparently some of the employees and many of the customers think the Walmart is protection itself and no need to worry about getting the virus. And now we are in the situation where the state may step in and start closing businesses. All because of the group of "you're taking away my rights" has pushed the spread of this virus to include worries of the health departments of more stress than they already are struggling with now!

You feel like this is prison like. Apparently you have lived a very sheltered life. You don't want intervention but want to cry when the numbers of sick and dying increase beyond the capacities of our hospitals and clinics! Shame on you!

Restrictions based on executive orders have no legal authority under the Constitution. They are not true law. Laws are debated and passed by state legislatures, not by state governors. Executive orders only apply to state employees and have no bearing on the citizenry. State governors do not get to proclaim a national emergency based on their personal opinion and then declare themselves dictators in response. Any “laws” exerted because of such a process are therefor null and void; they are meaningless.

The lockdowns, shutdowns, and mask orders are a stepping stone to something much worse – Medical tyranny and centralization on an unprecedented scale. 

Do not follow such rules. They are not scientifically or morally sound. They are nonsense designed to frighten the public into complacency and consent. Do not become acclimated to governmental intrusion in your everyday lives, and dont get used to the idea of bureaucracy telling you what you are not allowed to do. We do not have to constantly ask for permission. Do not become slaves to the Covid response.

Walmart is privately owned property and they can implement any rules they want, you are free to shop elsewhere and please do if you are advocating super spreading.

Geez Yantis, how about Walmart having cops at the stores because of early Black Friday specials and to cut down on theft!! Something that happens every year and not because of COVID

Last I recall, cops are required to carry a gun. It could be that Wal Mart requested their presence due to a number of belligerent customers when offered a free mask upon entry. If the mere presence of police makes you refer to them as Gestapo, you might need to seek some therapy Yantis.

Joe Biden will not be declared president, he was duly elected president by the people, such it up.

You would certainly know what a prison guard looks like, Yantis!  There have been armed guards at  many stores in other cities even before the pandemic and they will be there after, simply because of all the lowlifes that roam about in society.  If you don't want to shop there, then don't, you won't be missed.  Stay home and watch re-runs of election night.

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