Our Opinion: Biden Won, Trump Voters Need to Face the Facts


OPINION — The vote counts are coming to an end and the Biden/Harris ticket remains at the top. Team Trump is screaming “fraud” while the Left is admonishing Trump voters (and voters who voted against the progressive politics of Biden and particularly Harris) that questioning the election results is akin to treason.

As for me, I’d be ready to concede except that many on the Left, including elected government officials, are making lists of Trump donors, publishing those names on websites, and promising retribution. Case in point is the “Trump Accountability Project.”

According to the WSJ this morning:

“Last Friday former Democratic National Committee Press Secretary Hari Sevugan tweeted that “employers considering [Trump White House staff] should know there are consequences for hiring anyone who helped Trump attack American values.” He shared a link to a new website called “The Trump Accountability Project”—apparently an initiative to make unemployable anyone associated with the Trump Administration or campaign,” the Editorial Board of the WSJ stated.

I have seen tweets from progressives expressing their intention is to publish the names of anyone who donated $1,000 or more to the Trump campaign.

Demonizing Americans for expressing their political beliefs is wholly un-American and dangerous.

What is more, Twitter and Facebook have continued to flag as “false,” shadow ban, and allow harassment of users who express doubts about the veracity of the election results. Not agreeing that Biden is “president-elect” has been transformed into expressing a desire to “divide the country” and instill doubt in our democratic processes. To some, it has been condemned as “anti-democracy.”

Yet, having a public discussion about the honesty of the election is the very act of participating in a democracy!

Tucker Carlson nailed it last night in his monologue. Everything he expressed is exactly how I feel, and probably 50-70 million other Americans feel the same way. The fix for all of this trouble, Carlson argued, is to have open discussion and transparency of facts and theories because right now, everyone is lying to us, he said.

Tucker Carlson's monologue on 11/10/2020

Now the good stuff. The betting odds that Trump pulls out an upset with the Vegas bookies is hovering around 11 percent, so there’s a chance but not much of one. Since the consequences of losing are so dire (like in my opinion, it’s almost as bad as you will be forced to don your government-issued gray pajamas), here are the leading complaints against the election. For a Republican, there’s more benefits to taking all of this to court than a downside. They need to find out how the Democrats scored this win with a very boring candidate in numbers that rival FDR’s landslides. If they don’t, the Georgia senate races will elect two Democrat senators no matter how any Georgian votes and the country is doomed with no Republican senate stop-gap.

Here are the hurdles facing Trump - his vote deficits in these swing states:

Trump's Swing State Deficit as of 11/11/2020
Swing State Deficit
AZ 13K
GA 14K
NV 37K
PA 48K

The popular vote doesn’t matter, but the magnitude of Biden’s lead should not be overlooked. Biden leads Trump nationally by over 5.7 million votes, or 50.8 percent, and rising. Remember the polls that said Biden would beat FDR’s 1944 percentage of voters? Well, he has not yet. Biden’s 50.8 percent of the vote remains lower than FDR’s 1944 percentage of 53.39 percent. Yes, the pre-election polls still suck.

The best chance of casting a ton of votes in favor of Biden is through somehow hacking the voting machine software. That software is called Dominion, from what I’ve read. You will not find much about the Dominion algorithm theory on social media as talk of this is systematically silenced or demoted and certainly flagged as “misinformation.” It’s your lucky day, however. I am not Facebook, so I can present you with the theory:

Somehow an algorithm has a noticeable signature, or trend line, in the plots on the graph in many key battleground Republican-leaning counties. It reveals as Trump’s vote edged over 50 percent of the total votes, Biden’s votes surged. The graphs make it appear that Trump votes were traded for Biden votes as the count went up from there (a 50 percent lead). And, if you apply the same algorithm to counties not in battlegrounds, the signature is not replicated.

This was just math until this morning. That’s when Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said his team found Dominion whistleblowers while on Steve Bannon’s underground video interview show, War Room. You could not make up this cast of characters for a great Netflix series, but if you did, the plot line would rival the one in Narcos.

Here is the algorithm theory explained by a Ph.D named Dr. Ayyadurai Shiva, “The Inventor of Email,” he claims. This is an hour-long explanation, but the first 20 minutes will give you the general gist:

This comes days after Gen. Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, made the accusation that CIA-developed software called Hammer (or HAMR) and Scorecard was used to alter the votes. My suspicion is a more modern version of that kind of software was used, designed by Big Tech engineers, if at all. But Shiva’s data suggests that the algorithm was pretty sloppy in that it generates replicable signatures. It is so transparent that some of my Aggie engineer buddies in non-battleground states have replicated the algorithm and applied it to their own county election results (no signature found). Therefore, if there’s any truth to this, maybe the Democrats used sloppy government code in Republican-leaning battleground counties where no one was expected to notice, to juice the vote count up for Biden/Harris.

Shiva’s reputation is also tarnished. Apparently, some claim, he was not really the inventor of email. But who the heck knows? The national press will not report this, claiming it’s “divisive” so we are left with this Netflix thriller starring Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon and Dr. Shiva, along with Michael Flynn’s attorney, to examine the theories.

Dominion said there is no evidence their voting machines were used to alter the results of elections in “Georgia or Michigan, including erroneous reporting of unofficial results from Antrim County, Michigan.” Furthermore, Dominion stated, “There are no issues with the use of Sharpie pens related to hand-marked paper ballots [as rumored in Arizona]. Any reporting to the contrary is completely false.” The Department of Homeland Security has a webpage to dispute many crazy conspiracy theories.

The Georgia Secretary of State has repeatedly stated there is no indication of widespread voter fraud. Yet the Georgia Secretary of State did announce the first ever state-wide audit, and then a few hours later announced it would be a hand recount. Maybe a random sampling in an audit to a hand recount informed him that Georgia election officials found a few needles in the haystack? Will there be enough needles for Trump? To add to the intrigue, former Trump press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted this afternoon that Biden won 95,801 ballots where only a vote for president was marked; Trump voters who only voted for Trump numbered just 818. The ballots that had a vote for president and at least one other candidate marked numbered 2,456,915 for Trump and 2,376.081 for Biden.

At the same time, Trump claims 2,000 sworn affidavits of people claiming voter fraud — dead people voting, stuffing main-in ballots into voting centers, and etc. They say 1,000 of those depositions have been collected. We shall see if this can account for enough votes to question the battlegrounds. The Vegas odds are at 11 percent.

The headline was created to avoid censorship on the socials. I pray for a Trump victory, no matter how small the odds. My reasons are stated above.

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actually and fortunately your "opinion" does not matter. there was widespread election fraud and cheating and that much is obvious. time will tell.  trump voters are facing the facts. there was widespread cheating and the continued attempted coup. 

Thank you for telling me about the Trump Accountability Project, if not for this website and Joe Hyde I would never have learned about or signed up for it! Thank you!

Regarding the "Widespread voter fraud" nonsense...  As the dude dealing with the election in Philadelphia (a Republican) said to those buying into this garbage, "There are bad actors out there and they are lying to you."  True that.

Jim T, Wed, 11/11/2020 - 21:51

What exactly is it that you fear about the Trump campaign investigating election fraud?  If there was none, there's nothing to worry about.  Contesting something....anything...is the American way.  Unless of course you follow socialists communists values where you don't believe in the rights the US Constitution affords you?  Hillary Clinton never accepted her loss to Trump. She just worked for 4 years, with a large majority of "Democratic" leadership and other members of the establishment to delegitimize and ruin the lives of Trump, his family, friends, and associates.  You've got something to hide.  Otherwise, you shouldn't care about anyone proving a process of any kind was legitimate.


I find your post amusing.  I am afraid of nothing other than the damage that arrogant, horribly  juvenile creature stinking up the Oval Office is doing by childishly refusing to admit he has been defeated.  He is harming his party, admittedly a sycophantic gaggle of cowards and fools, and the country as a whole.

You are correct in stating he has the right to launch these bogus investigations and lawsuits into what he claims are events that have deprived him of victory.  You are wholly wrong in thinking he SHOULD do it.

It is clear, according to all verifiable evidence, that Joe Biden kicked Trump’s bulgy butt.  No verifiable evidence exists to the contrary.  With every passing day more Republicans are accepting the truth and saying, “Let’s gut up.  Trump lost.  Let’s move forward.   Let’s serve the country.”

Joe Biden grabbed more than five million more votes than the Poser-In-Chief.   While I understand that the Electoral College, an anachronistic thing that needs to go, does not determine who the winner here is, five million voters more in favor of Joe Biden cannot be ignored.

Trump is a self-serving fool.  He has done nothing of value to the country in the past days, and contents himself with crying and moaning and, of course, playing golf… and likely cheating at that.  We have an enormously serious problem with Covid-19, and Trump is absent.  Gone.  Not there.  Biden is moving forward, as a true leader should do, while Trump and his worthless tribe do and say the valueless things they always do.  They contribute nothing to a transition that they know will take place and in the past has been handled by people with far more grace and concern for the country itself.

I know people who have supported Trump in the past, and for some of those I hold respect  because of the nature of their opinions.  I CANNOT respect anyone who thinks Trump should be doing what he and his political whores are doing now.   He continues to demonstrate he is wholly unfit to have occupied the office.

By the way, I voted for Reagan and Bush 41, so I am hardly a diehard leftist.  The party left me; I did not leave it.  I yearn for the days when saner minds regain control of the party, but I don’t see that’s happening anytime soon.

Enjoy January 20, 2021.  It will herald a better day for this country.

Trump has set in the oval office for four years and fibbing everyday of those years. Good riddance to reeking rubbish.


How exactly is Biden “moving forward” on the coronavirus? And be specific everything from Biden  (aside from lockdowns and unconstitutional mask mandates which he recently backed off from) is already being, or has already been done Trump.

>You've got something to hide.  Otherwise, you shouldn't care about anyone proving a process of any kind was legitimate.

So why hasn't trump released his tax returns?

Exactly what what was it that team Trump about calling witnesses during his impeachment trial. It is really simple, the voters did what the coward GOP sinate failed to do, they removed Trump from office and his trash talking mouth is going with him. Right now he is cowered down somewhere afraid of 01/20/2021 like a convict on death row knowing it is his execution date. The only thing I question is how Trump got as many votes as he did. I find it hilarious  that Trump campaign when Trump was telling republicans to vote twice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpeg-ABB-58, For a guy to whine about fraud when in fact he was instigating fraud is preposterous..

The reason(s) so many people voted for Trump...

3 Nobel Peace Prize nominations because of his work in the Middle East.

More Americans employed than ever before in our history.

Lowest unemployment rate among blacks, hispanics, asians, women and youth ever recorded.

Veteran unemployment rate lowest in nearly 20 years.

Opportunity zones for the purpose of creating inner city jobs.

Lowest marginal tax rate for small business in over 80 years.

VA Choice healthcare for veterans.

Operation Warp Speed’s creation of a covid vaccine in unprecedented amount of time.

The list goes on and on! But hey I get it. It’s not about Trump’s accomplishments for you. It’s about you getting your panties all in a wad over his tweets.


What Trump said was to go to the Sec. of State website and check if your mail in vote has been recorded...if not then go and place your vote in person.

You failed to include in your report that Dr. Shiva failed in his bid for the Republican ticket in the US Senate election in Massachusetts. He claimed fraud in that election as well. Just like Trump, if he doesn't get his way he claims fraud.

Until there is a non-partisan group that can show, with verifiable evidence, that there was election fraud on a scale that would change the election, this is all conspiracy theories. Nothing more.

So you admit voter fraud did, in fact, occur? Cheating is cheating. Period! You’re obvious attempt to make light of it, or better yet explain it away as trivial tells me all I need to know about you!

I would never go so far as to take any delight in it, since the policies Biden and the Demo libs are espousing will harm our country greatly...but at some point all you voting for a crooked, mentally challenged old fool and his obnoxious Obama clone are going to get what you deserve.

Gee how it is that so many people voted for Biden considering what a poor example of a human being the orange petulant child. The Trump campaign has filed numerous frivolous lawsuits alleging election fraud and all have been thrown (laughed) out of court. Speaking of frivolous lawsuits I recall republicans being solidly against such lawsuits. I suppose that is only when they are the defendant. People voting fopr president only is totally and the voters own business why they did so. Elections have consequences and it makes no difference what you cons like or dislike about what Biden does, you can vote against next election and scream and whine until then. Move ON.

It’s not a personality contest! If that’s the case crooked Biden and that laughing hyena of a VP pick of his don’t fare very well either. It’s about Trump’s America First agenda versus the world Apology Tour 2.0 you’re going to get from the demo libs.

Just ONCE I would like to see you “Orangeman bad” people give Trump credit for Operation Warp Speed which was responsible for producing a coronavirus vaccine in an unprecedented amount of time!

The only thing that I can give Trump credit for is being the biggest liar to ever enter politics and the most whiny too. Anyone that things Trump is good for the country is apparently evil or perhaps stupid. He lost by over 6 million votes. Trump is going down and he is taking the dirty GOP with him.

Better applies to democrats who support abortion on demand. 
Say goodbye to your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights demo lib.

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