In Defense of Lee Middle School


OPINION — Robert E. Lee is low hanging fruit for the leftist mob and San Angelo has become somewhat of a sideshow in the national movement to shame many Americans for our shared history and family legacies. It all started here when the San Angelo ISD Board of Trustees gave serious consideration to an online petition created on a leftist website,, that gathered tens of thousands of signatures, many from folks who don’t live here, or even know where San Angelo is located. The petition called for renaming Robert E. Lee Middle School because Lee was the General of the Confederate States Army.

It’s not popular to take a stand for dead Confederates in this toxic political environment. I certainly become unemployable for doing so, and I risk my own business interests for standing up to the tyranny of the mob.

The Civil War was a terrible wound for our nation’s history, long ago healed. This scar is an easy location for instigators of division —those who desire to tear apart the United States — to cut wide open with the precision of a sharp knife a new wound of deep division in order to destroy us. Part of this is happening in San Angelo.

This movement to change the name of Robert E. Lee Middle School isn’t really about dead Confederates. It is instead about subjugating an entire class of people, if you will, to the whims of a radical progressive ideology and agenda, a divisive and hateful agenda to tell half or more of our community that each and every one of us are dirty, unclean and nasty. For if you support Confederate school names, certainly you are a racist.

I didn’t understand this ideology hoisted upon our country until I stood guard in front of the statue of another former Confederate general, Lawrence Sullivan Ross, located in the center Academic Plaza at my alma mater, Texas A&M University at College Station.

During those protests to tear down the Ross statue, the current quarterback of the Aggie football team, Kellen Mond, declared to all that, if you are colorblind, if I don’t see Mr. Mond’s blackness, you are a racist.

So much for everything generations have learned about getting along and working together as Americans regardless of skin color. And so much for Martin Luther King’s hope, spoken on the Mall in our nation’s capitol in 1963.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” King said then. How things have changed.

Mond went on.

He then said that because I am white, I am the recipient of some sort of white privilege and the only way for me to atone for my sin of being born white was to agree completely with his political points-of-view and subjugate myself to his ideology of “anti-racism.” Then, even should I decide to subjugate myself to him and his organization’s ideology, I will remain a racist anyway but at least I am working on not being a racist.

This toxic ideology comes from a collection of recent books brought forth from our universities that allege “White Fragility” and “White Privilege.” — or basically declares everyone born white in America a racist — based on a moving scale of what leftist ideologues declare what is and is not racist.

For a white, middle-aged male, there is no defense of the epithet “racist” and there is no defense in today’s popular culture. Being called a ‘racist’ is a way to discredit and humiliate.

“Anti-Racism” is a quack ideology where adherents define and then redefine what “hate” is and what “racism” is to brand with a Scarlet Letter those who disagree with their political point of view. No debate of their crazy ideas in the public square is allowed, rather the tenants of the ideology are designed to cancel opponents or opposing viewpoints before any serious debate occurs. In short, this ideology is a stepping stone to instilling totalitarianism in our country.

What is more, this ideology of white fragility and anti-racism is anti-Christian, anti-God, and doesn’t know Jesus.

First, the ideology assumes there is collective guilt. The ideologue believes whites are guilty for actions taken by their ancestors 160 years ago. Whites are guilty for the actions all other whites have committed since, and whites are certainly guilty of the sins of other whites in our community today, especially the sins of those not wanting to rename schools.

Jesus didn’t teach collective guilt. When I die and stand before the Pearly Gates of Heaven trying to gain admission, I’m not going to have to account for your sins or anyone else’s sins, whatever generation. I and I alone am responsible for my own sins, not yours or some dead Confederate general’s.

Second, the ideology of anti-racism and white fragility offers no avenue for repentance or forgiveness. It is a continuing process, the ideologues say, sort of like what Marxism is. You can never be “perfect” enough to not be a racist. Apologies do not matter; you are scum forever, subjugated to the whims of the leaders of the anti-racism ideology and canceled as a viable voice in the public square. Leftist ideologues hope people like me die soon enough anyway so they can carry out their demonic agenda on the country I love without my interference. In short, these ideologues want me canceled and dead.

Third, because there is no repentance or forgiveness, there will never be any kind of redemption. And with no redemption, there is absolutely no incentive for anyone accused of being a racist to do a darn thing to placate the ideologues. Except, of course, like Chamberlain did for Hitler in 1939, maybe if the traditionalists in San Angelo appease the ideologues by renaming our middle school, the ideologues will not burn our city down, assault us, or destroy our country.

But as Chamberlain soon learned, there is no appeasing the Devil, and this anti-racism ideology is so anti-Christian that the only place this could have originated is from the Devil.

When the storm clouds of the Civil War were forming in early 1861, Robert E. Lee was a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army, commanding the Second U.S. Cavalry at Fort Mason near here. While at Fort Mason, Lee’s commander, General Winfield Scott, recalled him to Washington, D.C. to offer him the command of 75,000 Union troops to quell the southern states’ rebellion. Lee eventually refused, stating that he must remain loyal to his native Virginia.

While stationed in these parts, Lee rode out of Fort Chadbourne. He camped at Camp Johnson, also known as Camp Concho, on the banks of the Concho River near present-day Water Valley. Robert E. Lee is a part of this area’s history.

On the banks of the Concho River near here in Christoval not 16 years prior to the naming of Robert E. Lee Middle School, the last reunion of Civil War veterans was held. According to the plaque erected there to commemorate the last reunion, both Union and Confederate veterans attended to celebrate the comradely of arms for that long ago dreadful event in U.S. history.

At San Angelo’s Fairmount Cemetery, over 140 Confederate veterans of the Civil War are buried and their graves marked with their wartime Confederate States Army associations. The last of those veterans died in the 1940s and early 1950s, making the timeframe when Lee Middle School was named similar to the timeframe of our decade’s relationship with World War II veterans who have mostly passed away, in 2020.

San Angelo’s Robert E. Lee Middle School is an appropriate and proud name for a San Angelo school because it defines and describes our shared history. Renaming it will be a travesty because not only will in embolden those who want to divide us, but the Orwellian erasing of our shared past will accelerate. The ideologue in charge of San Angelo’s NAACP, who at a recent forum about the school’s renaming, shouted down a room full of whites, admonishing them to ’lift up their sheets’ and listen to her, has already claimed her next target: John H. Reagan Elementary School. Reagan was the first chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission and a co-founder of the Texas Historical Association. His sin, however, was he was earlier in his life the postmaster general of the CSA.

San Angelo’s north-south dividing throughway, Beauregard Ave., is named for CSA General P.G.T. Beauregard; James Fannin was a slavetrader and Mirabeau Lamar was Fannin’s good friend and we have schools named after both. Before there was a town San Angelo, Confederate Major Ben Ficklin set up a mail stop south of here right after the Civil War and today there is a road named after him. This county is named after Confederate General Tom Green.

All of these landmarks are targets of the ideologues.

After these vestiges of our history is gone, what’s next? Will they demand the City dig up the Confederate graves and soak their bones in acid? Those graves, after all, are on City property.

With each renaming, we are instructed that our past is dirty, our racism is systemic, and because we are white we have an immoral claim of entitlement or privilege not afforded to Americans of color.

Nothing can be further from the truth! While our shared history incorporates times of strife and disenfranchisement, all civilizations carry the same burdens. Yet in the United States, while those who hate and divide set forth to burn our cities, let me remind you that this country was founded upon the revolutionary declaration that “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence, that principle was extended in Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg Address where we reaffirmed we are a nation “conceived in liberty,” the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution abolished slavery and asserted equal rights for all Americans, and the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965 extended these rights to black citizens in the segregated South.

Name me a more perfect nation than the one we have now?

The Civil War was a shared sacrifice by all Americans, even blacks and Hispanics who were drawn into the fire. The heat of conflicts like those do not entirely define us; what also defines us are what becomes of those horrific historical events.

Yet ideologues wish to divide us over who fought who and for what in 1861, and demand that we remove public markers to our legacies and that we assign blame and cancel those who desire to remember and honor this history. I ask you, what good will come out of this? Nothing!

It will only lead to an avalanche of demands to cancel our history with a zeal not heard of except for in the pages of “1984.”

I urge my fellow San Angeloans: Don’t give them a single inch! The San Angelo ISD Board of Trustees have the final finger in the dam. If they give in, it’s over.

Decision day at the San Angelo ISD is Oct. 19, a date that is just two weeks before what will be the most contested and divisive presidential election in our county's history. Don't add to the fire!

A footnote about our shared past: Remember the Aggie quarterback’s demand that I accept my inherited racist past? A professor at Texas A&M Kingsville unearthed Aggie QB1 Kellen Mond’s family tree. The professor claimed that Mond’s great-great-great uncle was the highest ranking Hispanic officer in the Confederate States Army. A second historian writing a book about Lawrence Sullivan Ross confirmed it. Mond hasn’t commented on it that I’ve heard or seen.

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Excellent article Mr. Hyde! Systemic racism and white privilege are both a load of manure. Thanks for having the courage to tell the truth about what’s happening in this country. YOU CAN’T CHANGE HISTORY.

This link to Yuri Benzemov's lecture bears repeating:

I've posted on this site about China's genocidal actions against the Tibetan Buddhists and the Muslim Uyghers. While the Soviet Union may have committed atrocities, the Chinese government is still a communist (leftist) state, unlike Russia, and should the US come to be run by Marxist neo-Bolsheviks like Antifa and the deceptively named "Black Lives Matter," China's norms would set the bar, the precedents, for what would come next.

There is plenty of information available about the cultural revolution in China and the revolutions in Russia that birthed the Soviet Union, but if I had to share something that would give you an idea of what this would mean for the individual, perhaps using the kind of impressionistic metaphor that is often found in mysticism or religion, it would be this clip:

Ahh, "dramatic," I know - but all too accurate when YOU are the one who discovers, far too late, that the Utopian promises were a dystopian ruse, and that you are bound in bitter servitude when before, you were free. That clip is not what the Marxist revolution will look like - just what it will feel like to those who pushed for it, if they should succeed.

I posted about Buddhists and Muslims in China elsewhere on this site. There are Christian publications that cover the persecution that Christians undergo in such a system. I urge anyone reading to look into them. No one deserves that, and so long as Americans are able to prevent it from happening here, we should!


You do realize that Cloud Atlas is a fictional movie correct? Republicans always living in fantasy land with fantasy examples of how everything is going to turn out.

You realize that a Marxist paradise is complete fiction, right? Totally made up. Didn't and doesn't exist - except in dreams.

Isn't becoming successful called "The American Dream"? Dreams can't be all that bad can they? Besides, you guys are the only ones who ever bring up "Marxist" or "communism", I certainly don't ever do it. I am starting to think you guys are the ones that have a secret love for that kind of thing, since you can't stop talking about it.

Some dreams take eons to accomplish. Ask the Tibetans...

...but read between the lines. China monitors them closely. They aren't free, like you and me.

If you don't think that the constant push left by the Democrats or the way they've condoned riots and other forms of violence in the name of communism have anything to do with any kind of communism, I urge you to "wake up."

"constant push left by the Democrats or the way they've condoned riots and other forms of violence in the name of communism"
Show us, prove it, give us all some links that show an openly "communist" American democrat politician saying the riots are a good thing because of communism.
You never prove your point, as with most on the right, you just spout conservative talking points without any actual weight to them, unless you post some fictional movie or some video or talking point regarding a completely different country that has nothing to do with the US. You guys may not like all the links that I post all the time, but at least I prove my point and don't just talk.

Here is Biden condemning the riots,

Here is trump calling for violence,

If you disregard the information given to you, that's your choice, but I assure you that not everyone will. What's more, what has happened to other people in other nations may befall us here as well if we aren't careful.

That you post here thinking that this is all about you and whether or not you post links is not altogether surprising.

"Show us, prove it, give us all some links"
Yeah, that doesn't hold true.

So you can't prove your point, and you are just making things up, gotcha.

Do you live under a rock that broadband internet has come a long way. Unlike you, we don’t need a library of left wing propaganda to guide our thinking. We see with our own eyes what is happening in these liberal cities! We know where the violence emanates from and from which side of the political spectrum they belong.
Now go away you’re dismissed ;)

"we don’t need a library of left wing propaganda to guide our thinking" then you are using right wing propaganda, unless you personally have travelled to every city, you are still getting your news from somewhere other than a direct source.

I would try, but all of your links are about other topics that have nothing to do with the topic at hand, mostly because you make things up that you can't prove.

.... TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP...
2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 ....
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As I have explained in another post, people on the left are simply more likely to seek mental health treatment than the right, and of course the right are less likely to admit they have been diagnosed with a mental illness, the paper itself says this.

The Lefties are more likely to seek mental health treatment, because they're more likely to need it.

The fragility of someone who sees the little white guy on the crosswalk signs as racist, and bemoans the "toxic masculinity" of the percieved threat of "upward-thrusting buildings (water fountains) ejaculating into the sky’' is quintessential Woke-Joke insanity.

The party of "crying closets","safe spaces", "deplatforming", "trigger warnings" and the pernicious reveling in the various badges of victimhood...all indicative of people who are batshit fucking nuts, and in need of serious mental health evaluation.

There’s no way I’m a racist I self-identify as black. Hey, I figure if transgender people can do it so can I!
Great article enjoyed it!

According to demo libs...transgender people = normal. Christians = mentally ill.

who attempt to use race as a bludgeon are no different than the KKK. Their reason for doing so is obvious...because it serves their purposes well. Either to further racial division, which is not going to turn out well, or to offer up an excuse for those looking to blame “rich whitey” for their own lack of success. Yes racism exists, but as evidenced by Ms. Spears recent remark telling others to “take off your sheets” it exists across the board and is not just limited to whites.

No apology from “Sheets” and no admonishment from the left regarding her incendiary remark ;)

Never before in history has there been more opportunity for blacks/ minorities. Instead of blaming others, why not address systemic problems within your own community...such as drug use, missing fathers, third and fourth generation welfare recipients, the idolization of thugs and gangsters etc ?

You're spot on concerning the opportunities of today and the need for the black community to take a long hard look at their role in the existence of the problems they either face, or say they face. Why not address those problems you list? Simply put, it's a hell of a lot easier to point the finger of blame and scream chants and loot innocent businesses than it is to assess themselves with critical introspect.
By the way Joe, very well written and good luck with the fallout.

"Now the founders of Black Lives Matter have come out. They’ve come out as Marxists. And what I see is people not being able to discern between the statement, Black Lives Matter in the same way that all lives matter.

"They can’t distinguish the slogan as a true statement and the organization as Marxist. I believe that the organization itself is using black people to advance a Marxist agenda. And the corporations, the schools, the churches that have gotten behind Black Lives Matter the organization, they think they are helping black people. They think they are showing support for black people but actually its the opposite."


"...Multiculturalism argues that every group needs to identify and celebrate their unique history. What was pointed out by some of the white nationalists is that every group except whites. They felt that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and that the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution that white people were not being protected.

I felt that the way out for America was we needed to move away from identity politics towards the national American identity."

I'm talking and I can't shut up!! A t-shirt with that printed on it would make a perfect Christmas, or anytime, gift for the Verbose Vixen.

I'll let you get back to your investigation, which you do in between ranting incessantly on SAL and looking up more links so that MeMe doesn't appear to get the advantage...... Take care and make sure the D.A. approves indictment for the traitorous bastard.

It is enormously wonderful how everybody started posting a bunch of links after I did. I just like to show that what I am saying is true and not disingenuous.

You keep sitting on the right hand of Dunham, doing as he commands, and we'll be down here on Earth doing what we can, and life will go on as it always has.

Its really funny to see the race baiters get their panties in a wad when true words and actions are provided(:(:(:
TRUMP 2020!!! Make America great for all Americans!!!

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