Keep General Lee's Name on Our Middle School


OPINION — In the wake of all the turmoil going on in our country, be it pandemic, social unrest, rioting, looting, race issues, it’s important that we rise above this. Which I truly believe we will. That’s my hope, my prayer, my goal I work on daily.

Until recently we have just watched horrible things happening to our country, our state and our cities on TV. But now it is trying to affect our city.

I’m talking about the petition proposing a name change to Robert E. Lee Jr High

In a world where we have to sanitize almost everything, let’s not sanitize our history. We learn from history and changing the name will not change that. Robert E. Lee Jr. High was built in 1949 and thousands and thousands of students, faculty and staff have proudly walked the halls and have gone on to live good lives with no adverse effects from sitting in a desk in a school named after a famous Confederate General.

I worked tirelessly in 1999 to put on a wonderful 50th anniversary LJH. I collected so much memorabilia from former students. It made my heart swell that so many kept so much to remember their days at LJH.

Seriously, I was a student at Lee in the late 60’s and early 70’s and was and still am a proud Lee Rebel! Our daughter attended Lee in the late 90’s and we have 2 grandchildren there now. So to say we are proud to be Lee Rebels is an understatement. I know for a fact that our family is not alone in these feelings.

Come on San Angelo we are better than this! We fight for our heritage, our history of our great city. We band together and fight for what’s important. I remember how we fought to keep Goodfellow AFB off the closure list, and we WON!!

I feel if we let this happen it will snow ball and there will be no end. Let us keep San Angelo proud, keep San Angelo a good place to live, learn and grow!

Thank you and May God continue to bless us all

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I agree this is just small minded agitators wanting to erase history all because it hurts their little feelings.
I urge all true Americans in San Angelo to voice your opinion to keep this history alive. Its not a racist thang its a history thang. Americas future has always been built on its history good or bad. WAKE UP MERICA!!

You want to keep a participation trophy of traitors. Thats is unpatriotic and Unamerican of you. Civil War lasted 4 years, slavery lasted decades. You holding on to your antiquated ideas is why we get nothing accomplished in this country.

Jeff L, Tue, 06/23/2020 - 17:34

do you want to change it? Seriously does it affect your daily life??? NO it doesn't. Unpatriotic and Unamerican is crying screaming and basically bitching about EVERYTHING and anything like this crap...... THIS IS WHY nothing gets done because we're too busy cleaning up you crybabies messes... now go clean your room!!!!!!!!!!!!

... and if she is the Debbie Cross that I have met several times ... she's a very nice person and came across to me to be very honest, good hearted and intelligent! I attended Edison Jr. High in the late 60's and early 70's! I had friends that attended Lee Jr. High... and even had a girlfriend's from Lee Jr. High! There was never any mention that the students at Lee Jr. High had any problem about the school being named after a Civil war officer. It was just not an issue! I'm sure that the history of the Civil War was studied and learned about in history classes. I'm sure there were students from different races in that Jr. High as was in Edison. Changing to name of a school that's carried the name for over 70 years... is not going to change the way students feel about students of different skin color or race or gender or religious beliefs. We as a Nation of different races, skin color, religious beliefs and cultures ... "Must" come together ... "On Common Ground " ... respect each other, have compassion for one another... and love each other as brothers and sisters... before true change can be achieved!8

Yes, let's keep old ideas and participation trophies of racist symbols up because it makes you uncomfortable .

Red Blooded American here born and raised in Texas. Can I write an opinion piece to San Angelo Live about why we should change the name of the school?

Would be nice to have a different opinion so your paper appears even remotely non-biased.

You should write it and post it here in the comments, as far as I know there is no character limit, or if there is it is extremely high.

If we give in and allow the name change, it will simply embolden the radical left to attack any and all traditions in our community. Creating chaos is their intent. It has nothing to do with race

Giving in to the radical? SO you are saying the right wants to preserve their racism? Its so important for you hold to those names of traitors? Thats about as unpatriotic as you can get.

Treachery and slavery is NOT a heritage. It's unAmerican. No one wants to change history, that's impossible. Just like we can't go back in time, we can't rewrite history, but we can correct the whitewashing of it.

Keep the name, but do not glorify the horrors these dogs committed.

You're just a chess piece to them, Queen. They'll backstab the black community as soon as the white conservatives are out of their way.

Z Z, Fri, 06/12/2020 - 21:54

To talk about what Grant, Sherman, and Custer did at the battle of wounded knee. Custer was bold and arrogant as they come riding with the 7th cavalry.

So slavery and genocide of black people is your heritage? You do realize the Civil War lasted four years vs decades upon decades of slavery. Nirvana lasted longer than the Civil War. Let's be real, you wanna hold on to legacy of oppression and hate because you are comfortable with it. Do you think Germany has statues of Hitler in the local town's squares? Do you think hospitals are named after Dr. Josef Mengele? You are as antiquated as your ideas of the "Good ole days" They certainly were good for some people but not for people of color. This isn't being sensitive, you are glorifying a traitor, you are glorifying people who committed treason. Is that what you consider a legacy. Im tired of all this "Hee Haw" mentality of fragility. You don't want change because you want to keep participation trophies. If you want keep it, you are unpatriotic.

If we rename the schools let’s go ahead and rename MLK street cause I don’t care for what it stands for let’s change Kentucky “Fried Chicken” let’s rename the Watermelon, quit being babies, let’s all grow up and respect each other for who we are.

And why should we listen to the opinions of privileged white women again? And who are we expected to honor in Lee's place? Marx, perhaps?

It does not matter how many thousands went to Robert E. Lee. We have to move past tradition, sentimental feelings, southern pride, innate entitlement, and ask if a name is offensive to even a handful of people. The name will probably be changed to a name many don't care for, but it won't remind an entire race of people of their tragic past. It is time to change and move forward for all.

... should be changed because of the "past" history of slavery... check out...
" Snopes: Fact Check ... 9 facts about Slavery they don't want you to know !

History: A circulating list of nine historical facts about Slavery accurately details the participation of Non-Whites in slave ownership and trade!

The first legal Slave owner in America was a Black Tobacco Farmer named Anthony Johnson! ..... now this is your own way of fact checking some of you are using to add to your debate of this issue of History! Obviously... I can't do all the work for those of you that are living in the past and bringing up these things that make you or black people uncomfortable. Read it ... think about it... it's there for you to read using the very resources you are using to argue and try to get everyone... " On YOUR common ground! People of color (non-whites) participated in the Slave trade in history. It's the "Past" meaning... that
"Slavery" was abolished a very long time ago. Why ... oh why ... bring it up " Now " ... a time when we all ... every one in America just wants rasim and hatred to be ... a thing of the "Past" ..... " History " ... " Gone " ... "Abolished "!

"The participants in the Atlantic slave system included Arabs, Berbers, scores of African ethnic groups, Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards, Dutch, Jews, Germans, Swedes, French, English, Danes, white Americans, Native Americans, and even thousands of New World blacks who had been emancipated or were descended from freed slaves but who then became slaveholding farmers or planters themselves."
- David Brion Davis,…

"Africa just recorded the highest rate of modern-day enslavement in the world.

"Armed conflict, state-sponsored forced labor, and forced marriages were the main causes behind the estimated 9.2 million Africans who live in servitude without the choice to do so, according to the 2018 Global Slavery Index. And despite these practices being widespread, slavery has remained a largely invisible issue, in part, because it disproportionately affects the most marginalized members of society, such as minorities, women, and children."…

"Slavery may seem like a relic of history. But according to the U.N.’s International Labor Organization (ILO), there are more than three times as many people in forced servitude today as were captured and sold during the 350-year span of the transatlantic slave trade. What the ILO calls 'the new slavery' takes in 25 million people in debt bondage and 15 million in forced marriage. As an illicit industry, it is one of the world’s most lucrative, earning criminal networks $150 billion a year, just behind drug smuggling and weapons trafficking. 'Modern slavery is far and away more profitable now than at any point in human history,' says Siddharth Kara, an economist at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy."

"Throughout Islamic history, slaves served in various social and economic roles, from powerful Emirs to harshly treated workers. Early on in Muslim history they were used in plantation labor similar to that in the Americas, but this was abandoned after harsh treatment led to destructive slave revolts, the most notable being the Zanj Rebellion. Slaves were widely employed in irrigation, mining, pastoralism, but the most common use was as soldiers, guards and domestic workers. Some rulers relied on military and administrative slaves to such a degree that the slaves were sometimes in the position to seize power. Among black slaves, there were roughly two females to every one male."

"I’m not saying to forget things like slavery, the lynch mobs and the Jim Crow laws (passed by Democrats) ever happened, I’m just asking do the American white people need to be punished for slavery Ad Infinitum?"…

"The Arab slave trade typically dealt in the sale of castrated male slaves. Black boys between the age of 8 and 12 had their scrotums and penises completely amputated to prevent them from reproducing. About six of every 10 boys bled to death during the procedure, according to some sources, but the high price brought by eunuchs on the market made the practice profitable."…

"One might think American student activists would be upset about Mauritania, the West African country with the largest population of black slaves in the world – estimates range from 100,000 to more than a half-million. In Mauritania, slaves are used for labor, sex and breeding. The wholly owned property of their masters, they are passed down through generations, given as wedding gifts or exchanged for camels, trucks, guns or money."

"On any given day in 2016, an estimated 520,000 men, women, and children were living in modern slavery in the Arab States. This is a prevalence of 3.3 victims per 1,000 persons. When considering the forms of modern slavery, the largest share of those in modern slavery were victims of forced labour (2.2 victims per 1,000 people), while the rate of forced marriage was 1.1 victims per 1,000 people.

"Over half of all victims of forced labour exploitation (51 percent) were held in debt bondage and this affected a greater share of female victims than male victims. The Arab States accounted for one percent of victims of forced sexual exploitation globally.

"Within the region, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen had both the highest prevalence of modern slavery and the highest absolute number of victims, accounting for 76 percent of the victims in the region."…

"A recent African summit in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, saw one welcome piece of news: the African Union had – for the first time – called on Mauritania to end slavery within its borders. In what was described as a 'landmark ruling', the African Union reprimanded a member state for allowing the widespread practice of hereditary slavery. This is not what is now termed 'modern slavery', but the ancient practice of one person owning another: chattel slavery, as it is known."…

"More than 40 million people were estimated to be victims of modern slavery in 2016 -- and one in four of those were children."…

I didn't read the text, and I sure as hell didn't click on the links, but I can tell one thing, you're missing one.

Any of you comment happy fools ever read the bible?
You should. You would learn that slavery has existed since the beginning of time. We didn’t invent it here in the good ole USA. Prejudice and racism also been around since beginning of time. And it will Never go away. Fact! You can’t legislate or decide a persons thoughts or feelings for them. So the only thing we as individuals can control is our response to these negative actions and beliefs. Look in the mirror. Do I contribute anything to society? Be it raising children that show respect and always try to do the right things or work hard and do everything I can to provide for my family. Or do I blame someone or the government when things don’t go my way? I see many different races and cultures here this great country that have figured out a way to excel. Unfortunately the liberal left has held the black community hostage with talk and promises. The hypocrisy of their propaganda is rearing it’s ugly head. I just hope everyone can now see it for what it is

Changing the name has nothing to do with who began slavery. It has everything to do with the fact that the slave trade was ending around the world. Lee was one of the treacherous dogs who would try and overthrow the government of the United States of America to try and preserve it. Martians could have begun slavery, still would not have made it right..

... if I'm wrong ... I'm wrong ... but the key words to me is ... "Lee was one the treacherous ones of the treacherous dogs that would TRY and overthrow the Government of the United States of America and TRY to preserve it" (Slavery) ... the key words is TRY TO! He did not succeed now did he ... unless you have some inside information known only to you that he succeeded! The point that I am making is ... everyone that's against keeping the school name ... at least the majority of them ... are bringing up "Slavery" as one of the reasons it should be changed. Lee is no longer with the living... he has no one in this year of 2020 that is trying to succeed at what he was trying to preserve. There is no one that the news media has said that someone is trying to achieve what Lee was trying. So, why ... oh why are so many bringing up what was tried in the far distant past?? Can you give anyone a logical answer to the question I just asked?? What I'm saying is ... let's ALL ... whites and non-whites... get on the same page with this issue! Let's "Change" the way we treat others ... let's come to an agreement that George Floyd was murdered by a Bad corrupt Police officer and include all the senseless murders of Non-whites that have happened. Let's ALL put out our absolute Best to accept each other... no matter the race or color of skin or Religious beliefs. Until we ALL Change our thinking and our hearts... and Respect and love all Human Beings... "True Change" will NOT be achieved! I read an article that the Police officer that murdered George Floyd tried to do a plea deal with the prosecutors! It "Fell Through " No Plea Deal! He will be held accountable for the Murder of George Floyd... but a lot of protesters are saying "Its not enough " that he is going to be tried and most likely convicted of the murder... but it seems that people are wanting immediate justice... they want it now ... in fact ... they wanted it the day the murder was committed! It seems that they wanted a "Public linching" that very day! That's not how the justice system was designed to work. I'm not going to explain what and how our justice system was designed because people should know by now that answer! The senseless violence needs to stop and soon... or even innocent people will be killed... in senseless acts of violence!

this is absolute horseshit. Through and through. White people were held and sold in slavery for 1000 years in Africa before America existed and yet the black community still feels the need to bitch and complain about COMMERCE that happened long, long before we realized we shouldn't be buying and selling PEOPLE. The fact of the matter is that if America was racist in ANY capacity, systemically that is, the riots/protests would have been shut down the second dissent was detected. The irony of it all is that the prostests themselves prove that zero racism exists in whole from the white community and exists almost entirely among black/brown Americans. Was that the point all along? You know I can compare this the whole "feminists verses the bra" idea. Who is it that hates bras? Women. Who is it that insists women wear bras? Women. Men don't care, and most never thought twice about it. Put your big boy and girl undies on and GROW UP. While I'm putting my 2 cents in, it must be nice to be SO DAMN OPPRESSED FINANCIALLY that yall can afford to take off work to protest, because I'll be a son of a bitch if I have to go to work miserably sick or they'll cut off my power. Section 8 doesn't have that rule though, I guess.

You do realize that calling black people "commerce" isn't helping your case saying that white people aren't racist right? You say Zero racism from the white community? I believe all of the members of the KKK are white, could be wrong though. How about all those people that fly the confederate flag? Those people are mostly white. Aryan brotherhood? White people. So that argument doesn't hold up. As far as the taking off work to protest, I will leave a link to an article below that you should read. For a short synopsis of the article, basically black people were hit harder and sooner because of the pandemic, so most of these people are out of work right now. And your section 8 comment, I'm guessing that you think all black people are poor, and that they aren't willing to work hard? No, its mostly because of racist bigots like you who constantly keep them down because you think less of them, as is very apparent by your whole rant above. And that point you made about having to go to work sick or you will have your power cut is a really good argument for more robust workers rights and universal healthcare, maybe even universal basic income. So why don't YOU grow up, because you childish attitude isn't only hurting you, I feel really bad for any children you may have, growing up around someone as toxic as you has to take it's toll eventually.……

Slavery was commerce. An extremely large part of human history until very recently. You talk about the KKK, Aryan brotherhood etc AGAIN ILL SAY IT if they seethe with as much racism and hatred as you so claim AGAIN the protests wouldn't be happening. Not only that, you'd hear about them bombing and burning black communities to the ground. Racism implies action by the way because a racist thought, much like any other negative thought, is only that. It needs action to be a problem. It's not a problem. I'll tell you this much though, yall are probably fixin to see some real active racism especially when the story about the man getting raped in front of his wife and kid by the CHAZ inhabitants makes it to the mainstream media. All in the name of reparations mind you. Speaking of, you glazed right over the part of my post that said blacks held whites in slavery in Morocco for nearly 1000 years, as well as the Chinese and Arabs. Where are my reparations for this? As far as work goes, if it meant anything to ANYONE anymore, no one would be out of work. "They lost their jobs" well the number of business that have permanently shut down is less by a third than the number of people unemployed. There is and always will be plenty of jobs. Anddddd yea I mean if what these people are saying is true then they'd all have to be dirt poor because systemic racism would prevent a black man from owning anything correct? So I'm just going by what they say. (That was a stretch but so was your entire post) . You failed to grasp the point of my post. I know this because everything you said had already been debunked in my original comment. Think real hard and I'm sure you'll get it.

"I'll tell you this much though, yall are probably fixin to see some real active racism" - Judge Jury Executioner

This is the irony of the way the protests have been conducted and how they've played out. What's more ironic, and frankly quite sad, is that the White liberals who sit with the leaders of the Black community and support their movements with money, advice, and sometimes actual legwork here and there, understand this better than most and seem to be pushing the issue.

They're using the Black community as a kind of pawn to push their authoritarian Leftist agenda while they stand behind them like they were body-shields. The lack of thorough and accurate understanding of history and political doctrine among America's youth seems to help the "Liberal" elite in recruiting new "useful idiots," as the Communist term goes, to push their agenda without realizing its implications or understanding the absurdity of the positions they take in light of historical facts. When protestors topple a statute of George Washington, a man who turned down a kingship to institute a Republican form of government, they don't understand that the point is to ultimately undermine and remove America's democratic form of government, and that "slavery" is just a convenient excuse that gets "those buffoons" riled up to work against their own collective interests.

The "Liberal" Elite does not give two fried turd nuggets about slavery, inequality, or your problems. They care about power.

As times get more and more "interesting," as the old curse goes, ("may you live in interesting times,") it might do us all well to remember that the same group of rich people at the head of the current Democrat party are the same plantation owners who got their rocks off "breaking bucks" and generally swaggering down from the Big House to screw their "livestock." To top it off, they seem to entertain an almost egalitarian misanthropy about us unwashed masses, which goes a long way in explaining their desire to bring equal opportunity slavery to us all in the form of socialist totalitarianism. They don't care about the conflict they create among average people as they jettison their fecal matter from private jets at 100,000 feet onto "flyover country."

They don't care if we kill each other, either.
(^In light of history, it isn't impossible for these kinds of things to happen here in the US.)

Frankly, I think we'd all be better off if the Black community denounced the effete, manipulatively hypocritical White blowhards pushing them into conflict with the descendants of the same broke crackers those Leftists' White parasite-caste plantation owning ancestors used to kick in 10,000 ways from the pomp of their slavers' mansions. "Woke" Whites are either "useful idiots" or crafty manipulators with aspirations of greater power. The latter sees everyone else as pawns and fodder.

In the end, if we have to hate, we're all better off hating the pompous hipsters misdirecting the people they claim to consider allies and equals while stoking the flames of anger and discontent against their political and ideological enemies. Their deflections, psychological projections, and increasing histrionics tell us all we need to know about how tenuous their hold over things is at this point.

Free rubber bullets, capsaicin, tasing and beanie bags for hipsters, please.

I always thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, RiRi. A few of your comments make me cackle in laughter. Well said! By the way, this joker is in favor of universal income so I'm not sure he will pick up on your nuances since he's *whisper* "impaired". You're right though they don't seem to understand that they are cannon fodder at best. I shiver to speculate what they would be at worst. Keep posting riri. I need your off-brand humor in my life!

... flapping your jaws a writing a ... a comments that would make the book "War & Peace" seem like a quick read comparably! It's been 8 days or longer since this subject came up! Ya'll remind me of a Snapping Turtle that will not let loose of anything! This subject is "Old News".... it's history... it's not going to matter wheater the school name is changed, there's not going to be any students in the school... if people do not start worrying about how we as a community can't stop or at least get the virus under control. At this point it doesn't matter to me if they change the name or "Not" anymore! I have two daughters that went to Lee Jr. High over 10 years ago and both of them have a problem with the name... they just went to class , learned what was taught in the classes there and have not given Lee Jr. High school a second thought! Think about it ... all the time you Jokers & Clowns have spent on a subject that is really... in the great scheme of things... will not be important if there is no one going to school there because of the virus ... and you can't get that time you spent "Back" debating and arguing over it... it's "Old News" ... History man... but if you want to keep it going... go ahead.... I like reading all the nonsense ya'll come with and laughing... it's comical! :-D

Jeff L, Mon, 06/22/2020 - 07:20

If it's not that important why bother with a PETITION to alter the name that " it's not going to matter wheater the school name is changed" (mind the spelling it isn't mine) . You cannot tell someone it doesn't matter or it doesn't effect you when it clearly has. Lemme guess you're also not even black and think that hopping on the bandwagon is what your generation and offspring from your generation gets to do. If I'm wrong about that it would be the only thing wrong. Everything else is well SPOT ON.

... I am not ... let me phrase it the way you did... "even black" and as for the remainder of your comment... you do not know me ( nor do I know you) but since you want to play this that way ... I am not in the habit of taking comments seriously from someone with the mental range of a windshield wiper ... so ... carry on with whatever you do with that short mental range!

Jeff L, Tue, 06/23/2020 - 07:03

Know you. You've explained the type of person you are perfectly well and it all makes perfect sense now. You're entitled or at least think you are.

... and Jeff ... you've explained the type of person you are perfectly well also ... and the only thing that I feel that I'm entitled to is my opinion of you ... since you insist on making assumptions of someone you know absolutely nothing about. So you've commented your opinion of me ... I'm "entitled " to my opinion of you... which is ... you are hilariously bored with your life and upset that you can't manage to widen your mental range further than that of a windshield wiper no matter how hard you try & I have some empathy for you. It must be a terrible feeling going through life with such a short mental range! Now, I have defended myself and commented back and I will not waste anymore time with someone that just wants to play games because you are bored! Good day to you youngman and keep trying to expand that short mental range of yours!

Jeff L, Tue, 06/23/2020 - 17:29

I'm quite happy with my life. Things couldn't be better! Sorry if yours sucks so badly you feel you need to bring everyone else down! But hey you do you or whatever you think you are.....

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