Republican Party Chair on COVID-19, George Floyd


SAN ANGELO, TX – While I share the frustration many of you feel with the exaggerated and manipulated events of the last few months, it is simply the case that we must always be diligent in supporting and upholding the rule of law and fairness. While it is true that the left in this country and worldwide attempt to make political use of every tragedy, can we really say that we are free from sin here, on the right? We will gain support only by adhering to a strict set of principles, those promulgated during the founding of this nation. The protection of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” must be of paramount importance. The concerns of the individual can best be addressed by first providing for these protections above all others.

While it is clear there were those who sought political gain from Covid, we cannot forget that tens of thousands of our fellow citizens have died, yes, largely through the failure of the leftist elements in the World Health Organization to pressure China for access and information early on and poor decision making by the Democrat Governors of some of our most populous states(and of course don't forget that communist China intentionally misled and outright lied about the disease itself). It is also clear that the disease is dangerous and must be addressed responsibly. An abundance of caution can only be judged in hindsight and I do not regret it now. It is nevertheless time to make rational and largely individual choices about how we each proceed. The threat is no longer unknown and the Government is no longer required to take emergency measures to protect us going forward. The mechanisms of governance are adequate to the task.
Just as the media and Left’s response to Covid exacerbated a scary and tragic circumstance, It is critical that we withhold judgment on the police who have been charged with crimes in the tragic death of George Floyd, but this withholding of judgment cannot equate to a blind eye as to what we have seen for ourselves. Refusing to jump to judgment does not mean we should pretend that the incident is not deeply troubling or that the justice system should not be monitored and held accountable should it fail. No death occurring while a person is in police custody should pass without severe and strict scrutiny. No person is above the law nor so mean as to be unworthy of dignity and protection.

Finally, as to the call of the Governor and State Party Chair for the resignation of the Bexar County Republican Chair, I will withhold making a public statement about the call for the. I do not like the concept of people outside of a County telling the choice of the voters in that County that they should resign. Nevertheless, when a County Chair fails to represent in a reasonable manner, when they bring it upon themselves, I cannot fault those who complain and call for them to step down. The County Chair was at best unwise to address the Floyd matter in the manner that she did. I myself have sometimes refused to speak on hot topics because I did not feel that I could do so and represent all Republicans in Tom Green fairly. If I have failed to live up to your standards in that regard I hope you will forgive my 'excess' of caution.

Please do not be disheartened. I believe the voters in this country will see through the smoke and chaos and recognize the value of Republican leadership. I feel the voters cannot fail to recognize the acts of those seeking political gain from tragedy. If they do not then I truly fear for our Republic. I nevertheless will not accept that we are beyond recovery and I hope you will join me in supporting those who have consistently placed the protection and preservation of this country and the rights of its citizens of paramount importance.

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