Now Is the Time for Professional Local Journalists to Come Clean


SAN ANGELO, TX – The nationwide protests over the murder of George Floyd have exposed the truth about local media; most are followers and fail to report hard news out of fear. 

San Angelo LIVE! has never been afraid to report the news no matter how tough, no matter how disgusting, no matter how uncomfortable because professional journalists have one job; to hold a mirror up to society everyday no matter how ugly the image may be.

Our reporting of the angry protest on Sunday has become a viral lightning rod.  What we did was record what happened.  The protesters' hate and vitriol was captured on video and organizers of the rally have gone ballistic because we showed you the truth through video. 


San Angelo's Peaceful Protest " />


They are livid because we reported the truth and, as happens frequently, we were attacked for showing what happened. 

There are very few more experienced professional journalists working in San Angelo than those at San Angelo LIVE!. 

Where is Nexstar's David Wagner? Where is KLST's Carolyn McEnrue? Where is KKSA-AM's Jeff Rottman? Where is KLST's Ken Grimm?

Their silence is deafening. 

They are affiliated with national news media organizations and likely wait for directives from above as to how to report on the protests.  Where was the local newspaper? Gannett expunged its staff and the paper has no experienced leadership. It is no longer qualified as a local, professional source of news. 

So where does that leave us?

You may hate San Angelo LIVE! You may love San Angelo LIVE! But no matter which, you read San Angelo LIVE! There is no other news source in San Angelo with the staff and connections to report the news in an honest, open, complete, free and comprehensive way.  Every day. 


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"Live is probably the best in the business". "Some say the greatest in US history". What you and anyone else in the organization failed to do, was mention the murder of George Floyd. Only the protesters and foul language get coverage. Some call it hate, others call it anger. Live is very click bait, partisan coverage and agenda reporting. It's y'alls right, being private and not reliant on national media for operating capital. I do read some articles. But if it don't say San Angelo in the title, it ain't getting clicked.

Oh yea, Beto O'Rourke. That'll get ol' Yantis frothing.

If Yantis ever had a clue, he needs to go back in time and try to find and retrieve it. This thing is embarrassing.

Nothing like being preached to about truth from Yantis Green at a site that will block everyone who disagrees.

Some of what Live! reports is click bait, but most if fair. Gannett is ruled by liberal USA Today, or would otherwise be out of business. McEnrue and her ilk basically do what they’re told, without an original perspective among all of them. And profanity laced vitriol from ignorant thugs is today’s Democrat party message.

Who is Ailyn Barbosa? Is she a civil rights expert?? Probably not. She just want's to gripe about anything!! What does she do for a living? Does she have a job? Does she contribute anything to society or does she just collect a government check? I'm just reminded of all the protesters that were bitching about everything as I quietly took my pride off to fight a war in Vietnam to allow them to protest and moan as much as they liked. Those that yell the loudest are mostly ignored. Unless she can come up with something positive to say, she can kiss my Veteran Ass!! We don't need or want your kind in any circumstance. Is that clear? If your are considering some kind of rebuttal? Don't bother!! Ive seen your kind before and I am not impressed!! Unless you have walked in my shoes, fought in a a war we weren't allowed to win. You can't tell me anything!! In the same words you used to describe San Angelo Live, Fuck you Ms. Barbosa, you don't have a clue!!!

CGM5, Thu, 06/04/2020 - 20:19

Thank you San Angelo Live for reporting the good, the bad and the ugly. I lived decades in San Angelo but now live in the Austin area. If it weren't for you guys the alternatives would be pathetic.

Little girl, news outlets who report incidents in which a pending investigation is underway, MUST always use the term "alleged", as no one's been to court yet.

Am I surprised, or do particularly care that some shrill snowflake with the modified Dumbo ears doesn't understand the very basics of journalism or reporting? Not really, but if you're going to stand in front of a crowd of people and rant, it behooves you to know what you're talking about -- then again, everyone there would more than likely continue nodding and shouting in agreement, even if you stood there and barked.

On behalf of myself and everyone who had the misfortune of witnessing your meltdown, I'd like to send that "Fuck you!" right back..though we all know you plain-Jane, militant types could never be as fortunate.

All these so called reporters need to go to a democratic state and live their life under a so called freedom state and suck their free air.

Is she even legal? Bitch have a job? Leave and go back whatever rock you crawled out of. I really want her to answer these posts. See what nuts she has.

Wabo73, Fri, 06/05/2020 - 00:16

I’m shocked they haven’t been shut down by now they just block 60% of people and let wannabe reporters talk back on comments instead of just shutting up and report and look who they hire come on. How aunties green doesn’t get beat every time he’s seen shocks me and still lives in town where he stole 100000s And if you say anything on Hyde your blocked truth or not. That shop you want or tried to buy downtown didn’t work did it ha ha sub standard times has been crap since 2009 when most of people that were local that ran that paper got pushed out klst ksan are same thing just different faces.

She was doing good til she got to the 'allegedly' part. She is wrong, but I also understand what she is trying to say about the term 'alegedly'. It does seem ridiculous to use that term when we saw a man die and clearly saw who killed him, but he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Yes, her ears were gross imo, but they are her ears, she can do what she likes. Dragging physical appearance into an argument is elemntary school playground tactics.

WTF does religion have to do with it? Is this a church publication? Pray all the hell you want, just don't drag it into places it doesn't belong.

We are commanded to forgive. But was it a fit punishment for the crime? Anyone "else" would probably still be incarcerated.

T R, Fri, 06/05/2020 - 11:03

I have watched clickbait, etc get by on this site. Yantis and Joe seem to always slide to the right, yet gripe when others slide to the left. How about just reporting what is going on without sensationalism or fodder? The thing that I am most disappointed in with this site is that you moderate rants when they shouldn't be moderated, and don't moderate when they should. (i.e. Robert White, Lares, David Workman, etc). There should be no profanities.

If you are honest Yantis and Joe, the hard truth is the truth with no bias either way. But you don't make money that way. I don't blame you for wanting to succeed.

Watching a couple of bad cops actually kill a person and others not paying attention or caring that he was actively dying should send a chill down every spine. I watched Selma last night and the actual footage of the brutality that existed then just because they couldn't afford to vote, because they couldn't pay the toll tax or answer questions about who every county judge in the state was. Nothing has changed it seems. Poor people, whites included, that have to drive 90 miles to get their license or ID. This is a reality in Central Texas right now and even then you have to go on certain days because they are only open 2 days a week in the morning or afternoons, some are open all day though. If you don't have a car, you have to bum a ride, if your friend's don't have reliable transporation; what do you do then? I can see why there is frustration, why there is anger. Do I agree with the violence, no, but if you can't see why there is anger, you really need to look at yourself. I would be furious. Things that have been on the burner for 150 years still aren't resolved. Freedom for all, freedom to vote, freedom to be treated fairly and justly....I can see why people are angry.

T R, Fri, 06/05/2020 - 12:50

So my post is abusive behavior? I am a jerk for my post? Wow, you are sensitive. Yet, you allow vitriol aimed at others and take glee in it because it gets you hits. You sir, are nothing but a little man. You allow others to curse out people, call them names, insinuate things. I have never been rude to you. I said I don't blame you for skewing and allowing things, but don't then preach about how bad it is when others do it because you are a "reporter" and they are citizens or protestors. You say you don't broadcast my "abusive" behavior on your dime, yet you let others do it so you can make money. Then, you probably expect others to not moderate because they aren't being fair.

I sometimes wonder why more people don't shut down the stupid comments of others like Lares on here. After all, you can say whatever the heck you want about the dummies who are anonymous. How can you be charged with slandering somebody's name if they aren't even using a name. Call the stupidity out for what it is, the right way and don't talk crap to those who provide the platform, do it to those who make the platform suck, Joe might even appreciate it. People have to grow thicker skin if they want to see society change, you can't bail out on the issues and expect them to get better.

Can and will be used against you Lares.
I have never been convicted of anything, you wouldn't seriously be implying that I have would you? Since we're talking about thick skin, let's remember who called the cops in our little rant section tit for tat. Dang, all Nate did was sit in the same room as you in public.

So forgive me if I feel like your bullcrap does in fact need to be shut down. Not that you shouldn't be able to say anything at all, just that what you do say gets measured between truth and reality.
Most of what you say is negative, disrespectful and borders on the insane. I tend to believe most people who frequent Live would agree.

So, for posterity, I guess someone could call me a convict if you consider petty misdemeanors, i.e. public intoxication, or petty reefer possession something to posture up on somebody with, and that 15 plus years ago, but never have I been convicted of a felony.

Thicker skin would've introduced itself to me, recieved a cordial introduction in return and possibly had a conversation about any issues it had with me. didnt.

Instead, the thin (dare I say, transparent) skin did a bunch of homework on Lares Deces, silently glared at my children's mother in a parenting class and even went as far to announce on a public forum that it knew who I was, what I drive, along with other information that was ultimately determined to be very odd and possibly of some concern, in regards to all who attend said classes.

Nonetheless, the stalking miscreant sat silent, stewing in his rage, in a manner of behavior I've only experienced among jaded, jealous women with an axe to grind in incidents of unrequited love.

I have the utmost respect for Joe Hyde and S.A. LIVE!, as contrary to many unfounded accusations, they realize their mission in a completely unbiased and objective approach. Most of what you "shut 'em down" snowflakes tend to complain about, are either opinion pieces, which are apples and oranges in terms of news vs. editorials, and as evidenced in this article, their unwillingness to break with journalistic integrity, and just haphazardly sling mud and report unfounded claims as FACT.

If I'm still such a thorn in your side, I'd say join a Lares-free forum, if that doesn't suffice, join your delinquent brethren and stage a riot...I mean "protest" -- though we all know you won't do that.

You're a perpetual crybaby who adds very little substance to any of the discussions here, and I'm almost ashamed to consider you a longtime fan of mine.

Z Z, Sat, 06/06/2020 - 15:18

Edith says Archie you should watch the news. I think they captured Pretty Boy Floyd.

Edith you need a hearing aid.

There's a Lares on every forum.

I would have addressed you if it weren't for the fact that you and your lady friend fit the profile of a set of un-stable dope feinds... I wasn't going to approach you and start a conversation about how it was me, the guy who disagrees with you all the time on SAL, because you don't approach deranged meth heads who moonlight as law abiding and sensible citizens. That's not being a snowflake, it's just having common sense

As I remember it, you stared a hole in the back of my wife's head when she showed up to said place, one time when I could not attend, after I called you out... we now go together since she's afraid of how you creeped her out that time because we are all well aware of your sickening world view but I didn't freak out and use cops as a scapegoat for solving problems that only exist in your mind... the tirade you went on after I tried to be cordial, yet address you about some discrepancies, was the kind of overreaction only a true tweaker could summon.
People like you do good pretending online, the real you is very different than what you act like on here and it burns you up to know that, even if it's only you and I who know the truth.

I can only relate to you because I once was a punk who stirred crap up under the cover of anonymity on public forums just like you, though that was 15 years ago. Eventually, you'll go away or grow up, I hope.

If you have any grievances, try the old fashioned ''man to man'' approach. I have no desire to engage some creepy stalker in an online spat who pleasures himself to my online footprints. In addition, I've never touched meth, in fact, I make life a living hell for those around my neighborhood who do, and even contributed an article here about it's dangers to users and communities alike.

The fact remains that you spew all of your vitriolic BS here, for lack of having enough balls to do it in person. I like to think of myself as fairly well read, college educated...oh, and I've never been placed in handcuffs, however, I'm not far removed from the experience of the environment I live in and around, past and present, and would welcome your best shot at any kind of confrontation, should your inner-jailbird move you to act upon your insecurities and obvious envy.

Despite your hobby of creeping around corners to gather a few mundane details to toot your own horn about on here, you don't know me, you never will, as I don't keep company with ex-cons and career internet trolls.

In short, you're beneath me, convict, and I don't give a shit if you like what I write, or particularly care to hear what you think of any of it. If I anger you, convict, be a good little Christian an simply forgive me or turn one of your four cheeks.

Be well, convict.

Nate, you do not know me nor do I know you, but for some reason you keep coming on this public forum to let out some steam. I am sorry you are so miserable. Perhaps you should channel your anger where it really should be, rather than on someone who does not value a single thing about you. If you feel the need to speak to me in person that can be arranged. What I do asks is that you stop coming to these pages and ranting things you are ignorant about. These classes you keep bring up that you supposedly seen my family in is really confidential, yet you want to keep speaking on it. So let me enlighten you on why I took these classes. Number 1, knowledge is power. You can never know enough about parenting. Number 2, I am from out of state I moved here and started with nothing so I took advantage of San Angelo's resources for people in my situation. Which, I am so greatful this place offers. I have since found my place on the job force they have here and have gave back the same kindness and generosity I was given being new here. I am not sure why you are there, or what your situation is, but I will not assume anything negative. I have once reported you for your abusive ways, and it was taken care of. Now hear this, would you like to further discuss this matter, we can talk it out civilly. Now if you chose the other route, well, let's just say....I am not the one. Oh and P.S. I am the so called "tweeker" you keep speaking of. And, if anyone was looking at you in an offensive way perhaps it was because u fit the bill of offensive material. See you around.

Wow, you spent the entire first section of that rant talking crap about how you lust for a confrontation with me.

I'm sure that any attempt at actual, real life involvement with you on my behalf would end as badly as our rants between each other, making a "man to man" meeting about as pointless as all your retorts. Unless this "imaginative encounter" were to somehow open your eyes and change your views on things such as the importance of other people's live's, the value of forgiveness, or not spitting in the face of the very Christian's that you recieve help from.

On the subject of meth... Writing an article on the dangers of drugs doesn't exclude you from being under their influence by proxy.

You said I spew my vitriol here... I guess by that you mean the fact that I openly shared my faith as a Christian and challenged your ideas. Dang, even Joe Hyde, who you highly respect and admire does that here on his own site, that you, Mr. Anonymous, fill with rants demeaning anyone who challenges your godless intellectuallity.

What was the next thing you tried to use to disrespect my character, you publicly unknown coward? Oh, yeah... my background. If you've been reading recently, that kind of crap got smacked down when someone wanted to poke at Yantis for his recently, or aren't you aware? I guess you exist on some morally superior plane to men like us.

Let's settle one thing, while I've been pretty mild during most of our back and forth, do not ever make a sexual reference to or about me again, what I and my wife share in the bond of our marriage should not be disrespected and treated as filth from some guy who is obviously a perv. I know you enjoy making sexually rude comments generally on SAL and all of them are online and can be traced to the actual you.

Since we're talking about creepers, let's again address how you were the last person tallied to be creeping. You became belligerent because I happened upon your true identity and sat there silently... your response to my sitting there and commenting about it later was over the top bro, then you sit at the back of the class when my wife attended alone, and stared at her the whole time. She felt that you were trying to intimidate her after our online disagreement and I can understand that, due to your obsession with confrontation and the turn that your comments took when I called you out on SAL.

To address you and your significant other who's anonymous as well. Forgive me if you guys aren't using meth. I just went off my first impression, that may not be true, even if your manic behavior fits the bill.

You take things too far, and your ideologies are dangerous, so all I can say in response is, do not ever try to approach me or my family, we don't have value to you and you have made that evident. Out of the both of us, you seem to be the one who wants to put us in a situation together. Please, don't ever do that.

I call avoiding stupidity manhood, you call it what you please.

You can continue to say all the off the wall crap you want, we all know what's up now.

Sorry you guys feel like people are beneath you, it's sad really... Isn't America in a giant uproar about people not valuing others lives right now, and here's Lares and his lady continuing that legacy.

Let's just end the personal stuff period, it isn't profitable for either of us. Although, if peace and unity can reign, it will be fun to write comments and sip coffee or whatever while we all do life together, waiting on another mile long rant or crash that SAPD wont allow reporters to report on or whatever other many problems life throws our way. I value you as a person but I hate your evil ideas.

God bless those who laid down their lives and bled for our freedoms to debate, disagree, speak freely, and protect ourselves, America is about so much more than the rights we so frequently take advantage of.

Nate. I have told you once to keep me out of your miserable rage. You keep on and on talking a whole lot of Bullspit. You want to talk about creeps? Lets go back to that day you decided to speak on people you don't know. Remember how your radar vision focused in on my little folder to see my scribbling of how I love my boyfriend? Now you want to talk about looking at someone...well buddy if that isn't stalking, I don't know what is. Here you say we sit at the back of a class and stare forward. Last time i checked we all were looking forward. Usually when you are sat in the back THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU DO. No one wants to stare down anyone. You must be mental. Seriously, you believe your own crap. I am sick of you. I don't know who you out here trying to impress but I promise you it wont be me. What i do suggest is that you find something productive to do with your time. Coming on a forum to rant should not be what you consider as work. Most people do NOT have time for this, including myself. You have spent what a year ranting on here before i decide to speak up. Get a life Nate. Like go outside and breathe. Believe me I will sleep tonight no matter how you feel about me or my spouse. No one has ever made an effort to approach you or your girl. In fact, I have no idea what you or your girl look like. The world does not revolve around NATE. Please get a grip on reality. Since you like to speak about people and their loved ones. Why not take all the time you spend in here and devote it to your girl, before she seeks attention from a real man. LIKE I SAID I AM NOT THE ONE.

I tried to reach out to this man who keeps attacking me on this news feed. He would much rather accumulate his rage on here. Hopeless case, if you ask me. I do not even come to this place to participate other than this once to tell him to put up or shut up. He either does not have a decent bone in his body or he is coward. Either way, really not worth any more of my effort. What i think all of you should do is focus on why this is even brought up on here in the first place. It has nothing to do with the article at all. People need to learn what they are really angry about and do something about it or just shut up. Oh, and you would never catch me at the likes of a bar. Sorry yes, I do feel I am above that. I do not drink or do drugs. But the actions of this nut job says he is either one or both.

Z Z, Sun, 06/07/2020 - 18:10

I have seen Stevie Ray, Joe Cocker, Clapton, and more. I never saw BB King,

But did live in St Louis a couple years and there was a popular local band called Buffalo Bob. He came out in a big hair hat that looked like a buffalo with the horns on the side. The crowd would go wild n say hey it buffalo bob dude. Had to be there I guess

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