Mother's Day During the Lockdown: Can You Be With Your Mom?


SAN ANGELO, TX – Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10, 2020 and in this crazy time of Coronavirus restrictions and the threat of illness celebrating the holiday honoring mothers is unprecedented. 

My mother is in ill health and is living in a San Angelo nursing home.  I haven't seen her since the lockdown began. 

She has dementia, is blind and wheel chair bound and is prone to pneumonia and respiratory issues.  

I couldn't see her on her birthday in April and I won't see her on Mother's Day because of the lockdown but also because she was running a temperature on Friday and was isolated and tested for COVID-19.

The first test came back negative.  The nursing home told me they will test her again in 72 hours with the results expected in the middle of next week.

Mom is all alone.  She can't see anyone, and they moved her from her room to isolation. 

She's been in and out of the nursing home for five years due to health issues. 

She's strong and a fighter; she comes from a ranching family and has lived through the death of two husbands, a son and her parents. 

But at the end of the day she's my mom and I need her, I want to see her and I miss her. 

If you have the opportunity, celebrate Mother's day with your mom; you never know if this will be your last opportunity. 

God bless every mother!

Feel free to share your Mother's Day story with us!


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