The Coming Illegal Immigrant Teen Boondoggle at Goodfellow Air Force Base


SAN ANGELO, TX—Housing illegal immigrant teens at Goodfellow Air Force Base will cost a fortune according to the Health and Human Services (HHS) Draft Environmental Assessment (draft EA) released earlier this month.  

While it is unclear when or even if the teens will be at Goodfellow AFB, the plan calls for converting 75 acres of rangeland into a tent city that will require 7,000 HHS employees spending six months in hotels within 90 miles of the base.  The HHS employees would be bussed to Goodfellow to work 12 hour shifts everyday.

According to Tom Green County Judge Steve Floyd, base officials are awaiting execution orders before proceeding with the construction of the temporary holding facility. Those orders have not come, although initial reports stated the operations at the camp would be underway by July 31.

[[{"fid":"43403","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. Yantis Green Photo","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. Yantis Green Photo"},"type":"media","field_deltas":{"3":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. Yantis Green Photo","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. Yantis Green Photo"}},"attributes":{"alt":"Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. Yantis Green Photo","title":"Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. Yantis Green Photo","class":"media-element file-default","data-delta":"3"}}]]
Above:  Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. (LIVE! Photo/Yantis Green)

If and when the illegal migrant children are housed here, here is what the EA plans for infrastructure and personnel:

Water and electrical connections would be established to existing utility lines. Water connections would be established immediately. Electrical connections would take up to 60 days, during which time approximately 25 generators will be used temporarily to provide electricity until the connections are completed.

The HHS plans on running 25 gas or diesel powered generators for electricity for up to 60 days.  Any guess on what that’s going to cost?

Up to 3,500 linear feet would be trenched and excavated for water and electrical line connections. Electrical connections would remain after HHS departure and site decommissioning, and water infrastructure would be abandoned in place

Unaccompanied children would be bused in on a weekly basis until the full capacity of approximately 7,500 children is met. Approximately 1,000 children will be bused in each week, using approximately 15 buses per arrival until the full capacity of approximately 7,500 children is met. This would add a total of approximately 120 total bus trips for arrivals, and another 120 total trips to relocate the children after 180 days.

The HHS logic is staggering.  What the EA doesn’t say is how long are those 240 bus trips?  Where are the 13 to 17-year-old illegal immigrants now? And where would they go from here? 

The EA report then addresses federal government employees; the hours they would work and where they would stay.  

[[{"fid":"43402","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. (LIVE! Photo/Yantis Green)","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. (LIVE! Photo/Yantis Green)"},"type":"media","field_deltas":{"2":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. (LIVE! Photo/Yantis Green)","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. (LIVE! Photo/Yantis Green)"}},"attributes":{"alt":"Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. (LIVE! Photo/Yantis Green)","title":"Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. (LIVE! Photo/Yantis Green)","class":"media-element file-default","data-delta":"2"}}]]
Above: Goodfellow AFB Perimeter Where HHS Illegal Immigrants May Be Housed. (LIVE! Photo/Yantis Green)

HHS employees would arrive on-site in 12-hour shifts either via bus or via three-or-more person carpools. Shift changes would not occur during the peak hours for the Jacobson Gate and S. Chadbourne St. of 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Approximately one HHS employee would be required to be on-site for every two unaccompanied children at any given time. During the first week of operation, approximately 500 HHS employees would arrive and approximately 500 would depart via bus or carpool at each 12-hour shift change, using approximately eight busses or 170 carpools per shift.

Again the numbers are staggering.  500 employees working 12-hour shifts would be bused or carpooled to and from GAFB twice a day.  Eight buses or 170 carpools PER SHIFT. Just double the number; sixteen buses or 340 carpools twice a day to and from hotels up to 90 miles away.

No where in the EA does the cost of this project come up.  HHS is a federal government agency and is funded by you. Your federal income tax dollars will pay for this boondoggle.  And no one in the federal government has any idea what housing these 7,500 ‘children’ is going to cost and they don’t care.  

These ‘children’ are illegal immigrants who traversed multiple country’s borders from their homes in Central and South America by themselves over months and months.  The climbed fences, they swam rivers, the lived off the land, the managed to cross lands controlled by drug cartels and gangs like MS13. And they crossed the U.S. Mexican border illegally.  They are savvy travelers. They have managed to find food and shelter and clothing and transportation all without the help of the U.S. government or your tax dollars.

And now the federal government wants you to write a blank check to feed and clothe and house them by carving out 75 acres of unimproved and unused land on Goodfellow AFB.  They are steps away from the homes of men and women and children who are U.S. citizens. The EA says they will not have access to Goodfellow. The report says HHS employees who are staying in hotel rooms 90 miles away are responsible for keeping these travel savvy ‘children’ from jumping the fence and using the knowledge and skills they’ve learned by living off the land to survive among the residents who happen to live near Goodfellow AFB.  

As the number of unaccompanied children at Goodfellow increases, the number of HHS employees arriving and departing via buses or carpools would increase accordingly. At maximum occupancy, approximately 3,750 HHS employees would arrive and approximately 3,750 would depart at each 12- hour shift change, using approximately 55 buses or 1,250 carpools per shift. During the final four months of operation, the Proposed Action would add approximately 110 round trips per day if only buses are used or approximately 2,500 round trips per day if only carpools are used, or any combination of buses and carpools in between for HHS employee shift change.

The EA states the 7,000 HHS employees would stay in hotel rooms in San Angelo, Abilene, Big Spring, Colorado City. Sweetwater, Brownwood, Brady, Junction, Sonora, Ozona, Big Lake and Sterling City.   

If hotel rooms are $50.00 per night and there 7,000 HHS employees with two per room, that’s 3,500 rooms for at least 180 days.  That works out to $31,500,000 just for hotel rooms. And that doesn’t count transportation, or food, or medical needs, or payroll, etc.  To sum it up, it is expensive. Very expensive.

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As angry as it make's people to be hornswoggled by the Gubmint, I'm quite sure that "if" they do get the go ahead, there's nothing we could do to stop the stupidity and save our money for better use elsewhere.

‘’If There Is No Justice For The People, Let There Be No Peace For The Government’’ – Zapata

john a, Sat, 07/21/2018 - 13:00

Makes me think that what has already been spent is something we don't want to think about.

No we do not have the water, but who cares, its the government..... We should get several planes put the kids, parents and who ever wants to join them and take them back to where ever they came from . We do not need or want them. Our children and Vets should come first.

President Stump indicated he was going to run things as though the government were a business. He neglected to say it would be like his businesses that filed for bankruptcy.

GET OVER IT. Trump is trying his best, and hes fighting ever step of the way. I did not like Obama and still don't, but I did not squeal like a pig and carry on like some of the people do, we need to support our president.

Mr. Salon has stunk up forums in this town for going on 20 years.
He called George and Laura Bush every vile name you could possible think of.
We had 8 years of his messiah and he cussed everybody that had anything to say about that.
Of course now he is on the bash Trump train big time.
He even came in on the food trailer move story and slandered our President.
If a story has even a hint of federal government business he is on it like fleas on a dog.
He is in the dictionary under snowflake if you care to look.

James, if you found a way to "rant" directly to the government, their certainly would be no "peace" for them.

Nothing constructive ever from him Nate. Rallying for revolution and glorifying E. Zapata. Depending on which side of the fence you were on, Zapata was either a hero revolutionary or a murderous anarchist. He doesn't want peace, he'd prefer chaos, since he has no other plans.....

“When workers blame other workers for their woes, the ruling class wins every single time. Nationalism, racism, xenophobia—these are all gifts to the richest 1%.” sw

Z Z, Sat, 07/21/2018 - 17:45

One person changing it and two watching. I am no expert here but you could have some decisive people busy working and everyone else standing around twiddling thumbs. I am not sure the ratio but it is a phenomena that happens with any event. Also, it is hot and what is there for entertainment of kids. I lived in a trailer house once and just sitting in it was really boring.

Actually, living in a hotel can be pretty boring.

That was why I bought a fishing boat and did a variety of activities instead of just sitting in the trailer throwing the tennis ball up against the wall. I can't handle big crowds and chaos though because I tend to be a quiet person who sits quietly in the corner.

San Angelo pays $400,000 for a grand piano for the city and planned to spend more with water fountains at the visitor center blasting our water high into the air to evaporate for a decoration. Mean while, the city offers Republic trash company millions of dollars more than they bid, and ignored the other competitor to pick up our trash that would have saved the city millions of dollars. But some kids who look different than you come to town and suddenly money is an issue? Suddenly water is an issue? Go visit any brick house neighborhood like Bentwood. They don't care about saving water. They just don't want brown kids drinking it. Most people don't mean to be racist in life, but take a step back and analyze how much we all really want to save money or water and you'll find we don't do that now anyway.

Not to discount the other examples of municipal pork, but did COSA actually pay $400k for a piano? Must have been Liberace's.

I can't find the article. Found some notes from a November 18, 2014 city meeting "APPROVAL OF THE PURCHASE OF A STEINWAY D CONCERT GRAND PIANO FROM STEINWAY
PIANO GALLERY (BUYBOARD CONTRACT #455-14/EXPIRATION 8/31/17) FOR $130,517.00" but I thought the actual price was much more. Maybe some younger folks here have a better memory. We thought it was closer to 400k

Who said anything about kids looking different... See, that's what upset's me more than anything, when people are honestly not being racist, and somebody has to come along and throw something like that out there. Why can't people just be upset because these are not American's and they've broken our law?

Just remember, it was your bias that got inserted into this thread of "rants", nobody else's.

How can you decry "unfair judgement" when you are perpetrating the selfsame practice?

Sound's like a terrible case of "projection bias". Or maybe just classic projection.

History has shown us time and time again, the whole "breaking the law" thing is not an excuse. Hitler's troops were just following orders rounding up folks and taking them to their death because it was illegal to be Jewish. Authorities in the US would round up escaped slaves and return them to their masters because it was illegal to be a free black man. Just a few years ago, it was illegal to be an interracial couple and married. "Breaking the law" is just a matter of which side of time you are on and if we've stood up for human rights or not. Most white folks in the slave days probably thought they weren't being racist back then... "that's just how things were" or "I was only following orders" but it was a big blind spot in history.

You know what would be fun? what if we had a huge oil boom at the same all this is going on. Oh yeah baby! Now that would be a circus to watch.

Does anyone have a better suggestion? The laws need to be changed, the entire immigration policy overhauled and updated. It is no good cursing at the weeds, you need to rip them out and plant what you want to grow...

Rep. Goodlatt had a decent bill that was voted down by democrats and bought republicans.

Our congress is bought off , or biased and not looking out for our nation.

Becoming northern Latin America will not be good for our country.

We cannot take in the worlds poor , in these numbers and remain the same place.

I guess anyone who's upset about the economic impact of this situation has to be racist all of a sudden, never-mind their personal views on other problem's, never-mind their race, never-mind their's an entire city of people beyond bentwood that are white and don't fit the mold you claim is out there. You should do some research on all the flak that our citizen's gave the city over the republic issue, we did just shoot down a bond for 149 million as well, but these darn white people just can't be satisfied huh?

Z Z, Sun, 07/22/2018 - 12:02

I am at the bottom of the totem pole so most of my decisions are where the rubber meets the road type thinking. I have never worked for Health and Human services and no expert on how a 13-17 year old adolescent might think or what would make them physically and mentally healthy.

I certainly don't understand dollar numbers when they have 5 or 6 zeroes at the end.

Throw in fear , uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) and it gets even more complicated. Without clear guidance , there is bound to be confusion and decisions on the fly.

Someone had the idea that a long term facility that is already established might be a better choice. They could simply find a way to protect all the people and control access while in temporary custody.

Temporary should be a main focus here. What is the long term plan? This requires higher level decision makers. What is the long term well being of these youth? Sustenance, shelter, security, education.

My first inclination is to find their family members and reunite them.

If that is simply not possible, I would maybe incline to moving to a long term plan like a boarding school.

Z Z, Sun, 07/22/2018 - 19:33

There are some places with wide open land and plenty water. nature trails. an outdoor activity. It’s a better match. Than some hot corner in a trailer house. In San ang. You wanted ideas?

It will never end. Where is the tea party? Deficits and spending at alarming rates. This is just a drop compared to the farce that is a wall. Building it is one thing, up keep is another.

Nobody is taking your sandwich out of your fat stupid mouths. These are human. beings. Now shut up and go back to your churches.

If it were, you might have a point, but it is indeed an adjective when used to describe immigrants, or trespassers, who have entered our nation, crossed our border, without doing so through a recognized port of entry. Amazing that slipped past that brilliant mind of yours.

You aren't for "open borders", no matter how much of a "racist" spin you try to put on those who support our law. At least, not completely.

Do you lock your door when you go to sleep at night? How about your car when you shop at Target? Do you have password's on your computer? What about your bank account? Do you protect other vital numbers, like your credit cards and social security number? What about your medical records? Do you think curbs, guardrails, and traffic lines are a good idea, or should people be able to drive anywhere and any way they want? How about security borders at the airport—necessary or optional?

You may not want to secure the border of the United States, but you certainly want to secure the border of your home. The problem is the security of your home is affected by the security on your street, which is affected by the security in your town, which is affected by the security in your state and your country.

Obama wanted healthcare for US citizens. People cried "no, no, we're spending money." Trump wants to give kids water, people cry "no no we're spending money. But the same Republicans who cry that, give hundreds of billions to random countries across the world. So don't spend money on refugees coming across the border, don't spend money on single moms on welfare, don't help out even our own citizens with healthcare. You see, this is not an "illegal I'm not a citizen" problem. This is a class problem. It's a war against the poor. All you middle class entitled folk are scared of losing your social security and other wealth. The Paul Ann neighborhood (not the church) struck down the proposal for low income housing to help out folks a few years back. Why? Because they didn't want their property values to decrease. This is a war against the haves and have nots. "I have something and don't want it taken away". It's all me me me. How about we're prosperous Americans. Let's love each other and help folks. But nobody even wants to help out with welfare, they're not going to help out with immigrants coming from countries that the United States' own policies and subsidies caused their economies to crash.

“Anything that divides workers and pits them against one another is a huge gift to the ruling class. That includes nationalism.” sw

To all you touchy feely, kum ba ya singin, let's open the borders and smother all who enter with love and entitlements proponents, let me offer another hypothetical for ya. You wake up tomorrow morning to discover we no longer have Canada on our northern border, but the North Koreans have occupied that nation and are amassing tanks and infantry just miles from the U.S. Along the ole Rio Grande, Iran is building nuclear enrichment facilities, while Yemen is actively recruiting and training ISIS zealots from El Paso to the Baja peninsula.
How do ya feel about open borders now?
I've plainly shown that your position is hopelessly flawed and idiotic and your thank you's will be graciously acknowledged. You're welcome.......

The reaction on the faces of Leftist Whitebread America will be priceless when all of our major cities turn into El Paso.

Oddly, or conveniently enough, those in favor of open borders do not, or will not ever live among the poor, destitute and/or criminal element they so vehemently defend.

The Leftists remind me of our Jewish-American crowd, who are staunch supporters of multiculturalism -- so long as you don't think of marrying their children.

You nailed several issues firmly dead center.
Apparently all the left is concerned about is how this invasion will vote. They are salavating as we speak.
When we look more like the rich, successful , prosperous nations south of us ( sarcasm inserted) all will be well.
Some want us to be Venuzella, believe it or not. Socialism is openly offered up as a alternative.
Our leaders past and present should be tarred and feathered.

Who cares how much things cost? How much is a human life worth? Let's go back to World War 2. Nobody was screaming "hey it costs $50,000 per person we saved out of the concentration camps." You all are distracted by cost. Next you'll be screaming for death panels when you get over the age of 70 because you're costing tax payers and insurance too much money. Really, how much is a human life worth? Or are only American lives important?

Make it euthanasia at Logan's Run. Of course I'm long dead. And we'll feed the young illegal immigrant masses Soylent Green
(Liberal heads exploding about now.)

Let the snowflakes feast on Corporate America, and all the people whose "white privilege" built and support the institutions their posterchildren thrive off of.

But then without all the alleged "racists" and "fascists", the Nation's daily operations would cease, and all the animals would soon devour each other.

This could be very bad, but so appropriate, at the same time.

What's really going on? When you smash the illusion that "race" is the primary motivation for border security, they turn to "economics", without answering for the first bad assumption?

I maintain that "security", whether at the national border, or your front doorstep, is important. We "naturalize" U.S. citizen's every 79 second's, that's why we get ticked off when people don't want to go through the process properly.

But by all means, call us "racist" and make assumption's about our "class", (I'm probably more poor than you buddy, and I have a family to feed.) that's the way to bring you closer to your fellow man!

Even though you feel justified in all your "ranting" about how the rest of America is the cause of this "evil problem", I sincerely doubt that you're on wifi at the border feeding the hungry, or making any impact whatsoever on the people you are so quick to defend... If your care doesn't cause you to do something, do you really care? IMO, no.

Going through "the process" now is horrible. Good thing the "process" wasn't in place for most of our ancestors or we wouldn't be Americans today. And you'd miss out on having cities like Fredericksburg. Placing restrictions on immigration is relatively new in the history of America.

"Going through the process now is horrible". That's what you said right? If it's so horrible, why would we have an average of one person every 79 seconds becoming a "naturalized" American? That sound's pretty proficient to me. "Borders", have been a part of every nation since... Well, since the first known history of "nation's".

Here's another quote of yours... "Placing restriction's on immigration is relatively new in the history of America." I guess you never heard of the Naturalization Act of 1790 then. 1790 - 1776 = what, 14 years after we declared our independence from Britain... We sure waited a long time to come up with some border laws, just like Jojo said... At least that's what I'm going to post online and tell all my friends about now.

Just because you think you know something because you watch the news or read some story online doesn't mean that you know what you're talking about JoJo....

The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and Alien Contract Labor laws of 1885 and 1887 prohibited certain laborers from immigrating to the United States. People with different shaped eyes. Immagration laws started out of fear of people who didn't look like us. Inmigración started out if racism. If you can't see this, then you can't see it. But you'll never start to see the other side unless you try. Do you want to try? Or are you too worried and fearful that all the people coming over hear are murderers and ready to harm your family? Don't buy into the media lies.

You're not on the border. If so, you might have an ounce of compassion and actually see that these are real folk. This is not just staying at home and getting mad at your TV and mad because government is spending money. These are really poor people. Can you even sympathize with them if you really are struggling to feed your family? Or are you so far removed that only you can struggle to feed your family and forget everyone who isn't born in the USA?

All the government, and sensible, law abiding citizens want, is for them to do so legally by crossing at a US port of entry, then following the difficult but not impossible path to citizenship. Why is that so hard to fathom?
Don't buy into the liberal media lies.

Nothing gets " conservatives" frothy like the phrase " open borders". No one wants open borders, only just policies. trump has said America only wants fair skinned Europeans. Folks from shit holes not need apply. Who knows, it's probably what him and his Daddy Pootin spoke about, alone for hours. A way to get more Russians in the country, oh and how to get his golden shower feature back.

According to trump, we have been stupid, foolish. Weird, his base did not react to him bashing America overseas.

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