WATCH: The Men in the Bloodstained Suits


SAN ANGELO, TX- On Sunday, The Bloodstained Men were in front of the old HEB in San Angelo, halfway through their 20-city tour.

“American men are born perfect. Just like men and women throughout human history.”

If you drove past the old HEB from lunch time until about 3:30 p.m., you were probably wondering “Who are the people with the bloodstains on their crotch?”.

The Bloodstained Men is an organization based out of California who protest the circumcision of young babies.

The Bloodstained Men's Founder Brother K (LIVE! Photo/Manny Diaz)

The founder and treasurer of The Bloodstained Men, Brother K, said, “We are protesting in cities across the United States to educate American parents and doctors that circumcision is cruel, harmful, destructive, unamerican, unethical, and it’s a $2 Billion scam by the American medical industry.”

San Angelo was the halfway point in this tour. They started in Las Vegas then went to Arizona and Texas. The Bloodstained Men will go through New Mexico and Arizona again on the way back to Las Vegas.

“In the early seventies when I became sexually active, I just noticed certain sensations, after good sex, but certain weird sensations in my penis. I had read a book in college by Gore Vidal called “Myra Breckinridge”. That planted the seed in me that circumcision was not a normal thing and could have destructive effects.” Brother K said.

The act of circumcision is the removal of the foreskin from the penis.

According to the Mayo Clinic, circumcision is done due to religious traditions and make hygiene easier as well as decrease the risks of urinary infections, sexually transmitted infections, and prevention of problems including cancer.


“That’s really not informed consent at all.”

The Bloodstained Men weren’t just men. There were women protesting as well.

Anatasia Rogers, an intersex individual with the group, was protesting as well. Merriam-Webster defines an intersex person as having eight both male and female gonadal tissue in one individual or of having the gonads of one sex and external genitalia that is of the other sex.

“I am an intersex spokesperson and activist with Bloodstained Men,” Rogers said, “What first really drew it just the fact they go to the streets, they speak to the public, and the issue itself feels really personal as a victim of genital mutilation myself.”

Rogers was born female and assigned the female gender at birth and uses they/them pronouns.

‘Intersex is an umbrella term for anything that exists outside the biological sex of male or female. So, any natural variation. It’s about 1.7% of the population,” Rogers said, “For me, I was assigned female at birth. So, I had internal testis that when I was three months old, the doctors decided to remove. They were functional, they produced the hormones I needed, and there was really no reason to be removing them. They weren’t damaged, nothing wrong, other than, from what I understand the doctor came out, told me mom I had them and was like ‘Well, she’s a girl. She doesn’t need them. Let’s just cut them out.”

Rogers now needs to take hormones that replace the hormones they would’ve gotten naturally.

Anastasia Rogers (LIVE! Photo/Manny Diaz)

“Just a little millimeter of useless skin.”

Daniel Bryce, a Bloodstained Man from Colorado, felt so strongly about being circumcised that he had the phrases “victim of circumcision” and “MGM survivor” tattooed on his forearms.

“I’ve always resented that I was circumcised but I believed all the lies that it was just a little snip,” Bryce said, “I don’t like that my wounds are hidden, my scars are hidden. I felt like my abusers, they know that I’m going to keep my scars hidden because you can’t whip it out in public to show people. I decided to get tattoos to drag my scars out in the open for everyone to see.”

Daniel Bryce (LIVE! Photo/Manny Diaz)

According to, from 1979-2010, the national rate of newborn circumcision declined by 10%.

There are risks with circumcision just like any other medical procedure. Bleeding and infection are common, but the foreskin could be cut too short or long. It also might not heal properly and could require surgery to fix. Circumcisions are usually performed within 10 days of the child being born.

Some religious laws require circumcision and is considered by many to be healthier, but it is still a personal choice of the parent.

You can visit website for The Bloodstained Men and Doctors Opposing Circumcision here.

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I say make Eunuchs out of every one of them and then they'll have something to do all their pissing and moaning about.... Turn them into twinks.......

Pissing up the wrong rope there penis heads.

Go home and slap yo moma and daddy. 

Why don't you feel that you deserved the main sensory tissue of your penis?

Do you believe we own our own bodies?  Who owns your penis?

Do parents? Do parents own their daughters genitals too? 

I'm not attacking you just want to understand your outburst. 

What's the average size of the foreskin?  How many nerve endings are found in it as a percentage of the total?  What are the two most sensitive parts of the male gen!tals?

What is the psychological effect of early life trauma?

What disease started circumcision?

Who owns your body?

Do you think parents should repeat harmful cycle or be honest with themselves?

Among advance countries, routine circumcision is only a thing in the United States.

American men deserve to life life with a whole intact body, just like men elsewhere.  American women already have this right by law--are men second-class citizens?

Here’s how the harm of circumcision is described in a leading college anatomy textbook:

“The prepuce [foreskin] is the most densely innervated and sensitive region of the penis, with an abundance of tactile corpuscles and nerves concentrated in ridges on its proximal inner surface. Circumcision thus removes the most sensitive part of the penis. The exposed mucous membrane of the glans then transforms to a thin, drier, and less sensitive epidermis.” Anatomy and Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function, Kenneth Saladin (McGraw-Hill, 8th ed.), p. 1037

Feel free to head on back to Cali anytime, and don't let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out. The other wackadoodles surely must be missing you. If you haven't noticed, there are a lot of much more serious issues we need to deal with first.

I wasn't there, but I do support the idea that a man's genitals shouldn't be subject to partial amputation without his informed adult consent.

That's legally how it works  for women.  Are men second-class citizens?


Foreskin feels really good. Circumcision alters sex dramatically. Informed adults can decide for themselves, unless we fail to protect them as children. Hundreds of thousands of men are non-surgically restoring their foreskins to undo some of the predictable sexual damage of childhood circumcision.

I think the bottom line is, these intruders are anti religious and using the circumcision issue to degrade anything religious. They think the "blood stained" crotch will convince people due to the shock value. The reality is, they look and sound ridiculous, cowboy hat and all, and need to do something productive with their lives rather than live off of 501C3 donations.  

Why do you say they are anti-religious?

The vast majority of circumcisions in the United States have no connection with religion.

In any event, the New Testament explicitly rejects circumcision for Christians, and calls it bodily mutilation.


Thanks, but I'd rather have my thing that looks like a baby arm holding an apple over a smelly aardvark any day of the week. Thanks mom.

ml66uk, Wed, 03/09/2022 - 20:35

If you knew what you were missing, you wouldn't be thanking your mom - you'd be out there protesting with the guys in the article.

ml66uk, Wed, 03/09/2022 - 20:37

Women produce more of that than men, and it's harder for them to keep clean down there, but we don't cut parts off baby girls to make it easier.  Hygiene is about washing, not surgery.

Haha Brother K. More like Buffalo Bob…”it puts the lotion on its skin” ;)

Male version of “penis envy”. Sorry the doctor snipped off too much of your pecker and left you with just a nub ;)

ml66uk, Wed, 03/09/2022 - 20:39

It's 2022, so why are people still cutting parts off babies genitals?  Two thirds of the world's men are intact, and they're doing juuuust fine.

These protestors aren't alone either.  Three national medical organizations (Iceland, Sweden and Germany) have called for elective infant male circumcision to be banned, and two others (Denmark and the Netherlands) have said they'd support a ban if they didn't think it would drive the practice underground.

"Routine" circumcision is banned in public hospitals in Australia (almost all the men responsible for this policy will be circumcised themselves, as the male circumcision rate in Australia in 1950 was about 90%).

If it weren't a religious thing, elective circumcision of boys would have been banned in lots of countries decades ago, same as it was for girls.

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