8,613 People with Active Covid Infections are Walking Around San Angelo


SAN ANGELO, TX –– High coronavirus infection numbers continue to impact San Angelo as health officials report 565 new infections.

According to Thursday's report, with hundreds of new infections reported every day, the active infection count has reached 8,613.

There are currently seventy-five patients hospitalized in San Angelo with coronavirus-related complications. This brings the hospitalization rate for Trauma Service Area K to 10.36%, a substantial increase over the last few weeks but still the lowest in the state.

Additionally, a new Covid-19 death was reported locally. The patient was identified as a male in his 80s from Tom Green County. He was unvaccinated at the time of his death.

This brings the total Covid-19 deaths in Tom Green County to 492 –– 313 from Tom Green County and 179 from other counties.

Below is the daily COVID-19 report:

  • Jan. 20, 2022, COVID-19 report
  • Total positive cases: 37,191
  • Active cases: 8,613
  • Currently hospitalized: 75
  • New positives: 565
  • New deaths: 1

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I think I saw some earlier. Must have been 500 of them they were traveling in a pack lol.

All wearing red caps! Obviously unvaccinated everyone knows if you’re vaccinated you can’t catch the virus ;)

ME Someone, Thu, 01/20/2022 - 17:48

There will always be breakthrough cases with any vaccine, especially with one that has as many doses taken (by intelligent people) as the covid vaccines, but it will most certainly prevent you from dying. I personally would like you guys to stay alive, so I can prove you wrong more :D


“That is when they’re not drinking their own pee”

None for me thanks trying to cut back lol. Do you have any idea how ignorant you come across apparently not ;)

ME Someone, Thu, 01/20/2022 - 17:45

I love that all you people ever have is poor attempts at insults. Yet I have facts and evidence. Says quite a bit about you, more than I ever could anyway.

Haha “facts and evidence”. Absolutely no data on what percentage of people “walking around” with covid are vaccinated versus unvaccinated because that data is not being collected ;)

You people really need to move on from your tired claim that covid is a “disease of the unvaccinated” anyone with half a brain knows it’s BS ;)

True. If such data is being collected it’s not being shared with the public any of you demo libs know why? 

ME Someone, Fri, 01/21/2022 - 22:45

I'm not a "demo lib" as much as you republicans would like to make everything black and white, BUT, Nope, I would like the data as well, but we all know you would say it was falsified if it didn't support your narrative.

Republicans only support or believe data that they like, if it doesn't then its fake.

“I'm not a "demo lib" as much as you republicans would like to make everything black and white” 

hahaha this statement. says the person who literally connects every issue that comes up and paints anyone who disagrees with him as republicans 

ME Someone, Sat, 01/22/2022 - 17:36

You are all republicans. Just because Republicans are evil, seditionist, hateful and anti-American, and I am against those things, doesn't mean I am automatically Democrat.

So you have no idea then. Ok I’ll explain it to you. If that data was fully known, then it blows a massive hole in the (false) narrative that vaccines are the only answer. At that point their stated goal of vaccinating every man woman and CHILD is essentially over…most definitely their desire to mandate said vaccines for the “common good” of mankind ;)

ME Someone, Sat, 01/22/2022 - 17:39

And if the "data" proved that most people that are being hospitalized and dying from covid are unvaccinated you would call it fake. If things don't go your way you say they were "fraud" or "faked", like the fact that republicans will never admit that they lost an election ever again. Even though republican run investigations have come up with NOTHING.

Besides, omicron is a variant, so the vaccines weren't made for it specifically. There is a reason that there is a new flu shot every year. 

Also…when the virus does run it’s course, and it will, maniacal megalomaniacs like Fauci can’t portray themselves as “savior of the world” and worthy of all our praise, as well as any monetary enrichment they might have received throughout the process ;)

ME Someone, Sat, 01/22/2022 - 17:41

What is it with you and that Fauci guy? it seems you are the only one who ever brings him up. Must be an attraction there or something for you.

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