More Than 900 Cases Confirmed In One Day In San Angelo


SAN ANGELO, TX –– Cases continue to rise exponentially as Covid-19 testing appears to ramp up in San Angelo.

On Tuesday afternoon, health officials reported 920 new infections in one day.

According to the report, the active case count has now reached 4,806 –– with 41 patients currently hospitalized. The total positive case count has reached 31,629.

In addition to the colossal amount of cases, a new death has also been confirmed.

The patient was identified as a male in his 70s from McCulloch County. The man was unvaccinated at the time of his death.

This brings the total coronavirus death count to 486 –– 308 from Tom Green County and 178 from other counties.

No demographics are available for the new infections.

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I hope no one was trying to get to the dentist next door the Shannon Clinic. All of those jerks trying to get a Covid test are blocking traffic.

ME Someone, Tue, 01/11/2022 - 17:21

"The man was unvaccinated at the time of his death."

In 6-8 weeks we have had over a dozen unvaccinated deaths and only a few vaccinated.


ME Someone, Thu, 01/13/2022 - 08:07

See, that is republicans for you, if they can't prove their positions (they never can) they will post satire or conspiracy theories and say it is true.

ME Someone, Thu, 01/13/2022 - 09:38

What data? It just one guy talking. Even the people commenting on the video are asking where the data is. The only thing I can find is a bunch of right wing websites linking back to this video. 

When you people believe obvious lies and propaganda it only makes you less credible. 

ME Someone, Thu, 01/13/2022 - 10:28

If you can find it so easily post it here so we all can see.

So you said if "DOCTORS" said to take it, then they would ? ?  So when did child molester Mr.brain death and his Skanky whore become DOCTORS to mandate and "TELL" everyone to take it or lose your free liberties ? ? ?
Me Someone, you are more ignorant than your posts lead us to believe !!! Idiot........

ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 18:48

They said to take it because doctor DID say it was safe, which has proven to be correct.

You people are really far gone, just listen to the way you talk about people, it's incredible. Keep it up, it just makes people shy away from you more and more.

"Skanky whore?" You do know trumps wife was a pornstar right?

"child molester" You do know that trump used to touch his daughter right?

For once I am not going to link either one, because I am sure the people here are just itching for a reason to ban me, but it's a simple find for both.

ME Someone, Tue, 01/11/2022 - 23:11

It may have been, sure, they are politicians. But they never said they were against it like the republicans narrative and propaganda tells you they did, I proved you wrong on that part.

Oh really I must have missed that part. The ONLY thing different now is there’s a democrat president…before that plenty of your ilk were talking down the vaccines.

ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 08:22

Really? Provide some evidence of that and I will take a look. But you won't/can't, which is always very telling and does more harm to your position that I ever could.

I still proved you wrong about Biden and Kamala doing it though, will you stop lying about it now? Doubtful, as you will still spout off as many lies as you can since your propaganda masters tell you to.

You do realize there are plenty of people who don’t trust the federal government because of their handling of the virus…but that’s different right?

Hypocrite ;)

ME Someone, Tue, 01/11/2022 - 23:09

I completely agree, trumps handling of covid in the early stages was absolutely horrible. 

Oh, but you were only talking about the democrats right? Republicans get a pass I am guessing?

Oh I forgot…If you dare question little Lord Farrquat (Fauci) then you’re questioning science itself ;)

ME Someone, Tue, 01/11/2022 - 23:12

Have you noticed that I have never quoted Fauci or posted a link to anything with him in it? 

Why do you keep bringing this up? It's not some "gotcha" comment like you believe it is.

Neither is anything you say. It's always the same shit, blaming people for things that are clearly not their fault, saying you're better than everyone (because you're a democrat) else especially republicans...... you basically say the same thing in every comment. It's tiring, old, and petty. But that's you right??? Tired, old, and petty

ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 08:19

Nah, I provide evidence of my positions, if you don't want to believe the truth that is on you.

I bring up Fauci because he’s the main character in this fiasco Joe just says/does what his puppet masters tell him to ;)


ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 08:30

Either way, you are the only one that ever brings him up, you must be either jealous or in love, same as with AOC. Republicans seen to be infatuated with both, and it is great to watch.

Btw consumer prices up 7% in December the worst since 1982.

Oh sorry am I allowed to comment you didn’t bring it up lol.

ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 08:27

What are you talking about? Our whole conversation has been about inflation, but once again you have to inflate every single thing I say because of you and other republicans victim and oppression fetishes/complex.

Anyway, prices are up all over the world, still not one of you has explained how Biden caused prices to go up everywhere in the world if it is his fault, which it isn't. Remember we were in a recession under trump and under bush, the last two republican presidents. 

Haha not Biden’s fault. Biden has the reverse Midas touch literally everything he’s touched has turned to shit ;)

ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 10:20

So you can't explain how inflation and supply issues all over the world is Bidens fault?

Thought so.

More to do with Biden’s inactions than his actions. For example, even to this day, there’s cargo stacked up on docks and on ships floating out in the ocean awaiting their “turn” to be unloaded. If Biden was a leader, which he’s not, he would have done something by now to help alleviate the problem. Someone even handed him a common sense solution and suggested he bring in the National Guard and he responded “well, I guess I could do that” ;)


ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 18:43

"Someone even handed him a common sense solution and suggested he bring in the National Guard and he responded “well, I guess I could do that” ;)"

Prove it or you are once again a liar.

Still doesn't explain how he is at fault for the inflation and supply issues happening all over the world. Lost again, the republican way.

It's not a simple solution like you want it to be;

MeMe: we democrats always hold our leaders accountable.

Haha what a dipstick ;)

ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 10:29

Hold who accountable for what? Biden? What exactly has he done? You can't even prove your own position, as I constantly prove you wrong.

You won't even acknowledge that Trump tried to stop a legal election, even Ted Cruz said January 6th was a terrorist attack. Or the recession we had under Trump and his "leadership" due to his ineptitude at controlling the pandemic, like disbanding the pandemic team for instance. Trump was impeached twice and you just want revenge for it, as other republicans have specifically said so. So you and the people that feed you misinformation want to blame Biden for everything you can, and are losing badly at doing so. It is all really obvious.

ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 11:59

Yet you are the one with nothing but petty attempts at insults. Self aware much?

We’ll see what happens in the midterms. Why do you think democrats are so desperate to unconstitutionally federalize our election laws which would require doing away with the filibuster (which would be a monumentally stupid thing to do) they KNOW full well what’s coming ;)

ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 11:57

Historically the house and/or the senate flips during midterms. It will be a surprise to no one if either happens. 

ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 12:00

Like trumps historical loss by the widest margin in history? 

Not even CLOSE to being true. Ronald Reagan’s 1984 re-election was one of the biggest victories in U.S. history. He carried 49 of 50 states, and won with the highest number of electoral votes EVER received by a presidential candidate (525 to 13).

In the 1980 election he won by a margin of 489 to 49 Biden’s margin of victory was 306 to 232 ;)


ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 18:21

Alright I was talking about number of votes, but you can defend trumps horrible loss if you want.

The popular vote doesn’t amount to BEANS one would think you demo libs would know that following Hillary’s “historical” (lol) loss to Trump in 2016 ;)

ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 18:52

Yeah, but nobody wanted president Hillary.

You say it doesn't matter because he LOST, if he had won you would be talking it up, typical cult mentality.

"typical cult mentality" is decribed much better by the "people" that "voted" for Beijing Biden but now want someone else in office!!! Haha funny you should mention HRC because that's who they pick!!! Biden and his cackling hyena need to GO!

ME Someone, Thu, 01/13/2022 - 08:02

Are you even paying attention? I am not the one who brought her up.

ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 18:34

Yes, largest margin in history by an incumbent president, first one since 92, when another republican Bush Sr. failed to win reelection.

Still such a devastating loss trump tried to stop the election and you people even fell for his lies and grift. 

Van, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 17:15

Biden sinking faster than a lead balloon according to polling today.  Hispanics, blacks and independents becoming dissatisfied with his leadership and the democratic party.

ME Someone, Wed, 01/12/2022 - 18:36

His approval is still higher than trumps, it's odd you fail to mention that. 

"President Joe Biden's approval rating dropped to 33% in a new Quinnipiac University poll"

Half a point is hardly measurable at this stage. And to think he hasn't even been POTUS for a full term yet.

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