Six Unvaccinated Patients Die of Covid-19 In One Day


SAN ANGELO, TX — The coronavirus continues to claim lives in Tom Green County as local health authorities confirm multiple deaths in one day. 

According to a report released Saturday, six local residents died today as a result of the complications from COVID-19. All six were unvaccinated at the time of their death. 

  • Male in his 70s
  • Female in her 60s
  • Male in his 60s
  • Female in her 60s
  • Female in her 80s
  • Male in his 60s

This brings the total COVID-19-related death count in Tom Green County to 356: 231 from Tom Green County and 125 from other counties.

El Departamento de Salud ha confirmado seis muertes adicionales relacionadas con COVID-19 en el condado de Tom Green.

Los seis pacientes eran residentes del condado de Tom Green. Ninguno estaba vacunado contra el Covid-19. 

  • Hombre en sus 70 años
  • Mujer en sus 60 años
  • Hombre en sus 60 años
  • Mujer en sus 60 años
  • Mujer en sus 80 años
  • Hombre en sus 60 años

Esto eleva el recuento total de muertes relacionadas con COVID-19 en el condado de Tom Green a 356: 231 del condado de Tom Green y 125 de otros condados. 

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S n S, Sat, 08/28/2021 - 15:00

that, other than the families, no one really gives a damn about COVID-19 death counts anymore.  Hell, 12 Marines, a Corpsman, and 2 soldiers died the other day.  That's news.  Hate to say it, but old people die everyday.  It's not news.

*Sabes que, aparte de las familias, a nadie le importa mierda el recuento de muertes por COVID-19. Doce infantes de marina, un médico naval y dos soldados fueron asesinados hace unos días. Esa es la noticia. No me gusta pasar, pero los ancianos perecen todos los días. Esa no es la noticia.

(*apologies if my Spanish is a little rusty)


Everyone of these deaths would have made a full recovery and gone home in 2-3 days if the medical facilities weren't intentionally killing them with the hospital protocal treatment of Remdesivir, which is proven to cause organ failure. Instead, if they had been infused with 10,000mg IV vitamin C and IV zinc, along with Ivermectin and/or Hydroxycloriquine, they'd have stayed out of the ICU unit and then out of the hospital in record time. Hospitals across America are killing thousands of Americans needlessly in accordance with the genocide plan that is well underway.

Wow, someone else is aware of the bigger plan as well. When people finally realize this is more than what is shoved down our throats by the media propaganda machine it will actually make sense! Glad to see more people becoming aware.

ME Someone, Sat, 08/28/2021 - 18:29

" in accordance with the genocide plan that is well underway."

Where would I find more information about this? Better yet, where did YOU find this information?

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