San Angelo Freedom Defender Fights for His Life Against COVID-19

SAN ANGELO, TX – A San Angelo man, known for his fight against COVID-19 tyranny, is battling for his life after contracting an extremely bad case of the virus.

The following is the statement from Caleb Wallace's wife Jessica.

"Hello, my name is Jessica Wallace. I am Calebs wife. Caleb has unfortunately been intubated due to COVID hitting his lungs hard. Caleb has always worked hard to allow me to be a stay at home mom and now in these difficult times I don’t know where to turn. We have 3 beautiful girls and one more darling that will join us Sept 27. I have had friends and family ask how they can help, and for the longest time bills we’re not on my mind but with Caleb being out for over 2 weeks the bills are approaching and we were not prepared for this to be happening. I need help with mortgage, water, electricity and necessities for the girls. Anything helps at the moment. I’m trying to prepare for this month and the next"

Caleb Wallace is known from around the city as the leader of the San Angelo Freedom Defenders. This group was created in the heat of COVID-19 as officials began mandating masks. San Angelo LIVE! sat down with Caleb in Oct. 2020. Here is that interview.

Most recently Wallace sent a letter to the editor to San Angelo LIVE! To read the piece see: OPINION: SAISD Rescind ALL COVID-Related Policies Immediately

Now Wallace has contracted an extremely bad case of COVID-19. To help him and his family visit the gofundme here.


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A source for truthful information has become really difficult in this world of big tech and social media.  Who is telling the truth?  I can tell you that stifling speech is not the answer.  We have become so separated in world views that it has become impossible to have reasonable or logical discussions on virtually any topic without resorting to name calling or personal attacks on where you get sources of information.  This current Cov-19 crisis in one important enough to put down the gloves and research.  When researchers and doctors are cancelled on these platforms, it only makes me question the information we are given as truth.  When it comes to my health, it should be a personal choice.  If someone is concerned about becoming ill when interacting will other individuals there are avenues to take to prevent that contact.  If I become ill, treatment should be between my doctor and me and not a government agency that seems to be dictating treatment and procedures.  I saw an article on a doctor that stated that the Cov-19 virus has not been isolated stating numerous FOIA requests for proof of the isolate.  I did a search only looking for articles by the CDC.  I only found this article which only states that SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated and offered for research but does not mention an isolate for Cov-19.  SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that causes another virus?  That statement is odd considering what I have read about viruses up to this point.  I have always understood that viruses mutate which would account for variants.  This is troubling.  If the vaccines are being produced from a computer model of the Cov-19 virus rather than the actual virus it makes me wonder why.  Maybe everyone could help answer these questions rather than arguing where to get truthful information.  

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