Dozens of New Covid Infections Confirmed In San Angelo


SAN ANGELO, TX –– For the third time this week, the San Angelo Health Department is reporting a high number of new COVID-19 infections.

On Wednesday, officials reported 37 new cases and bumping the active case count to 220. According to DSHS, as of Tuesday, there were 3,319 patients hospitalized in Texas with COVID-19 related problems. Today the health department is confirming 18 patients are currently hospitalized in San Angelo.

July 21, 2021 COVID-19 report

  • Total positive cases: 17,233
  • Active cases: 220
  • Currently hospitalized: 18
  • New positives for today: 37 

Informe COVID-19 del 21 de julio de 2021

  • Total de casos positivos: 17233
  • Casos activos: 220
  • Actualmente hospitalizados: 18
  • Nuevos aspectos positivos para hoy: 37
Gender Age Race/ethnicity County of Residence Type of Test
Male 1 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 3 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 10 White TGC Antigen
Male 13 White TGC Antigen
Male 13 White TGC Antigen
Male 14 Hispanic Crockett Antigen
Female 15 White TGC Antigen
Female 15 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 15 White TGC Antigen
Male 16 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 18 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 19 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 20 White TGC Antigen
Female 21 White TGC Antigen
Male 22 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 22 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 23 White TGC Antigen
Female 29 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 31 Unknown TGC Antigen
Female 34 White TGC Antigen
Female 35 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 35 Hispanic Crockett Antigen
Female 35 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 35 Unknown TGC Antigen
Male 36 Black TGC Antigen
Male 40 White TGC Antigen
Male 40 Hispanic Crockett Antigen
Male 50 White TGC Antigen
Female 51 Unknown TGC Antigen
Female 54 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 55 White TGC Antigen
Female 58 White TGC Antigen
Female 66 White TGC PCR
Male 69 White Tom Green County (TGC) PCR
Female 69 White TGC PCR
Female 70 White TGC PCR
Female 72 White Refugio Antigen

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You think because you post "valid" links to all these articles, that makes them fact?  I see nothing but a bunch of left wing nut jobs writing these articles at these left wing media organizations.  

Wrong! The most unvaccinated groups are in fact blacks and hispanics…hardly considered members of “the right” ;)

Just a guess, but could be because Kamala Harris said during the run up to the election “if Trump tells me to take (the vaccine) I’m not taking it”.

Andrew Cuomo took it a step further saying he didn’t trust the Trump administration and his health officials as to the safety of the vaccine.


Trumps not president anymore, Biden's in the (vaccine) hotseat. 

Isn't that what you always tell me? Yet you bring him up just as much as I do?

How did the remarks by Harris and Cuomo, which did the opposite of instilling confidence, get people to take the vaccine? If anything they discouraged them from taking it!

Because if Democrats say not to do something the right wing will usually be jumping out of their seats to do it. Same thing as when Democrats are for something the republicans are almost always against it. Case in point Mitch McConnell filibustering his own bill simply because the democrats supported it.

Ah…so that was just a ploy to get Republicans to take the vaccine. Got it lol

That's what the other guy was trying to say. I think everyone should take the vaccine unless you are immunocompromised or a doctor specifically tells you not too. I also think every one should have a liveable wage and access to healthcare that doesn't cause people to go bankrupt just because they get sick. I also want everyone to be able to vote without jumping through hoops. I also want the government to stay out of everyone's medical decisions. This all includes you and other republicans. But I am the bad guy right?

What about people who have already had covid, and therefore have “natural immunity” due to the antibodies?

As for “access to healthcare that doesn’t cause people to go bankrupt” that’s what insurance is for…or in your case Medicare lol

Jeff L, Sun, 07/25/2021 - 06:03

"I think everyone should take the vaccine unless you are immunocompromised or a doctor specifically tells you not too"

Do you know the vaccine isn't actually a vaccine? It doesn't guarantee that you won't get covid again and doesn't prevent the spread of the "virus" since it doesn't prevent you from getting it. There are three different brands and all of them have different protocols for dosage. This is not a vaccine. It is an experiment and if you want to put your body through that then fine, but DON'T EVER start thinking for other people. We live in a free country not a socialist republic. Thankfully they are trimming the reproduction herd in that vaccine so ppl who think like you won't procreate. Enjoy sterility !!!

Do you have any evidence or proof as to anything you are saying? Or is it all just right wing propaganda like usual? Post some links, prove your position, otherwise you are just making things up, again, as usual.

You do realize that was before Biden/Harris were elected right? Nice spin, but that makes ZERO sense ;)

So Biden/Harris didn't become Democrats until after they were elected? Biden was a democratic vice president and a senator from Delaware for 36 years, and Harris was on the Senate at the time

"Sat. at 5:11"

Now I know for sure you have never been in the military :D do you mean at "15:11" ? which would be 3:11pm?

I read that some anti-vaxers and hoaxers that taking their last breaths are begging them give them the vaccine, The doctors respond I am sorry but it is too late, they get the vaccine then pass on. Some of them stated they they thought it was a hoax, where would they get such an idea? After reading that I thought, who am I to be concerned if they get the vaccine or not, if some fools want to play games with their life and commit a torturous suicide it is not my business.

BTW Abbott may need to push for another voter restriction bill barring those that have gotten vaccinated from voting, his voter base may be dwindling away.

Not true! Although Abbott’s approval rating has slipped some compared to the 60% approval he had prior to the pandemic taking hold, his approval rating as well as that of other Texas republican leaders, has remained steady.

Not about Trump about comments made by the current VP and the current governor of NY ;)

Let’s look at the numbers. 328 million people. 22.3% under 18 that leaves 255 million. 185 million with at least 1 one dose that leaves 70 million. An (estimated) 70 million people who have already had covid that leaves ZERO people folks!

Which is why they’re now pushing the vaccine on kids. Gotta make those numbers look good you know!

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