Coronavirus: Highest Day in Months


SAN ANGELO, TX -- San Angelo closes out the work week with 76 new cases of coronavirus. In just five days the health department confirmed 258 new cases.

According to the city's data, more than 80 percent of Friday's cases belong to Tom Green County residents.

The youngest case is a 5-year-old girl, while the oldest is a 99-year-old man from Tom Green County.

The number of hospitalized remains at 38, while the total positive case count surpasses 4,500.

Case Demographics

Gender Age Race / Ethnicity County of Residence Type of Test
Female 5 White TGC Antigen
Female 5 Hispanic Coke Antigen
Female 6 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 10 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 13 White TGC Antigen
Female 13 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 14 Unknown Reagan Antigen
Female 15 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 16 Unknown TGC Antigen
Female 19 White TGC Antigen
Female 19 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 20 White TGC PCR
Male 20 White TGC Antigen
Male 20 Hispanic Hidalgo Antigen
Male 21 White Ector Antigen
Male 21 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 21 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 21 White TGC Antigen
Female 22 White TGC Antigen
Male 23 White TGC PCR
Female 23 Black TGC Antigen
Male 23 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 26 Hispanic Runnels PCR
Male 26 White TGC Antigen
Male 26 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 27 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 29 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 29 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 29 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 30 White TGC Antigen
Female 31 White TGC Antigen
Female 32 White TGC Antigen
Male 33 White TGC PCR
Female 33 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 34 White TGC Antigen
Female 35 White TGC PCR
Male 35 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 35 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 36 Black TGC PCR
Female 36 White TGC PCR
Male 37 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 38 White TGC PCR
Female 39 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 40 White TGC PCR
Female 40 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 41 Hispanic Sutton Antigen
Male 41 White TGC Antigen
Male 42 Unknown Mason Antigen
Female 42 Hispanic Coke Antigen
Female 46 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 47 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 49 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 49 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 49 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 50 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 51 Hispanic Coke Antigen
Female 51 Unknown TGC Antigen
Male 51 White TGC Antigen
Male 52 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 52 Unknown TGC Antigen
Male 53 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 55 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 60 White TGC Antigen
Female 60 Black TGC Antigen
Female 61 White TGC Antigen
Female 61 Unknown Coke Antigen
Male 65 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Female 67 White TGC PCR
Female 69 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 70 White TGC PCR
Male 72 Unknown TGC Antigen
Male 73 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 83 White Concho Antigen
Female 84 White Runnels PCR
Male 88 White Coke PCR
Male 99 White TGC Antigen

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