Coronavirus: 255 Cases in One Week


SAN ANGELO, TX -- San Angelo closes out the week with 255 new cases in seven days.

On Sunday, the San Angelo Health Department reported 18 new cases. This is the lowest number of cases reported all week.

  • Monday: 30
  • Tuesday: 36
  • Wednesday: 41
  • Thursday: 35
  • Friday: 54
  • Saturday: 41
  • Sunday: 18

There are currently 36 patients hospitalized and the active case count has reached 311.

Sunday's cases were confirmed using 15 PCR tests and 3 antigen tests.

At least a third of the cases belong to residents of neighboring counties.

Case Demographics

Gender Age Race/ethnicity County of Residence Type of Test
Male 13 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 21 Black Midland PCR
Male 29 White WTGC PCR
Female 31 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 33 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 38 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 40 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 40 Hispanic TGC Antigen
Male 41 Hispanic TGC PCR
Female 47 White TGC Antigen
Female 48 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 48 White TGC PCR
Female 58 White Concho PCR
Female 59 White Runnels Antigen
Male 61 Hispanic Schleicher PCR
Female 69 White Kimble PCR
Male 70 Hispanic TGC PCR
Male 80 White TGC PCR


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